A Spotlight on our “Grease the Musical” Backdrops

Is your school or theater group going nostalgic this year in your choice for a spring musical? If your group is itching to do the “Hand Jive,” or sing “Grease Lightning,” then we have the musical for you – the 1950’s lyrically catchy world of Grease the Musical! 

Despite being an ode to the “good old days” when things seemed simpler, Grease the Musical seems to also be timeless in its depiction of teenage romance, peer pressure, sexual evolution, and gang violence. 

Backdrops by Charles Stewart has a wide range of options for your theater group to choose from including: a 1950’s Soda Shoppe, a high school gymnasium, an outdoor carnival, and a 1950’s drive up diner/movie theater. 

Let’s explore the possibilities as we take your audience back to Rydell High of yesteryear. 

soda shoppe

The Story of Grease 

Originally written in 1972 by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey, Grease tells the story of a group of young men known as “greasers” and young women known as the Pink Ladies. 

Greasers were a  youth subculture that emerged in the 1950s and early 1960s from predominantly working class and lower class teenagers and young adults in the United States. They often worked with their hands in the automotive industry and used hair grease that also lent itself to their apt naming. 

The story of Grease begins with the opening of the school year where Danny Zuko, Rydell High’s coolest greaser, returns to school after a secret summer romance with the new girl Sandy Dumbrowski. 

While the romance was sweet and innocent during the quiet summer months without the pressure of peers, Danny and Sandy must learn to navigate the blossoming relationship in front of the friends who expect a different, cooler Danny. 

High School

Rydell High School

The musical begins at the rebellious and gang-filled Rydell High School, where Danny and Sandy meet again after their romantic summer together. 

Danny impresses his Burger Palace friends with the physical aspects of the new relationship, while Sandy meets the Pink Ladies and woos them with the emotional aspects of the young love she experienced. 

“Summer Nights” is one of those songs that will stay with audiences long after the show has ended and our backdrop of the gymnasium and bleachers along with the exterior setting of the high school can transport viewers into the be-bop sensation known as Grease! 

Check out our exterior high school backdrop #2224 with columns and brick exterior and our interior gym backdrop #2352 with stairs, Americana bunting, and an old fashioned 1950’s feel. 


Burger Palace & Soda Shoppe

Much of the musical happens in places where teens like to hangout such as the Burger Palace, Soda Shoppe, or Drive-In Movie theater. 

Check out our Soda Shoppe backdrop #1925 or the Bleacher Backdrop #1914 to set the stage for the rumbles between the boys or the auto shop performance of “Grease Lightning.” These locations are where the girls fawn over the boys, gang rumbles nearly occur, and one of the Pink Ladies discovers a potential pregnancy.

amusement park/carnival

The Finale

In the end, Danny and Sandy discover that they are willing to change for each other and the culmination of this high school angst plays out at the end of the year spring carnival. Our Amusement Park backdrop #1978 is perfect to end your performance on a high note and create lasting memories for your audience. 

Take a closer look at all of our Grease backdrops and how they can make your performance a success this year.