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Our Latest Backdrop Options 

Looking for something new, modern, unique, or completely out-of-the-ordinary for your next production? Backdrops By Charles H. Stewart is constantly adding to our “New Backdrops” page online. From the abstract to the specified needs of a singular theatrical performance, Charles Stewart has the widest selection and some of the best new backdrop options on the market.

Let’s explore some of our latest backdrop creations that can help your production rise to the next level with setting options. 

Themes and Shows 

The most tangible element of any production is the theatrical backdrop as it frames the performers and gives context to the audience as to where and when the scene takes place. Our backdrops come in a variety of styles and scenes including outdoors, architecture, scenes- and show-specific and everything you can imagine. Searching for your backdrop can be as easy as plugging in what theme or show you are producing this season.

Some of our most popular and new backdrops include; art deco options, abstract art, and the outdoors, such as the ocean, sky, desert, mountains, and stormy skies. We also have options such as pirate ships, soda shops, holiday scenes, Victorian Era scenes, cityscapes, palaces, libraries, schools, streets, and so much more. We invite you to explore all the options on our “Show Suggestion” pages where you can search by production and our “New Backdrop” pages where you can scroll through a variety of our latest options. 

Examples of Our New Backdrops 

Backdrops can make your performance come to life and draw your audience into the action right on the stage. Some of our new backdrops are elements of our traditional backdrops modernized for today’s performances. 

New York City Skyline Backdrop 

This art deco-style NYC Skyline #2580 is perfect for shows such as 42nd Street, Broadway, Crazy For You, The Great Gatsby, and James and the Giant Peach

The backdrop shows darkened buildings with illuminated interior lights set in the Art Deco style. It also has an illuminated purple sky to make the image pop. And it wouldn’t be New York City without the twinkling stars above. 

Forest Backdrop 

If your performance includes a show such as Addams Family, Babes In Toyland, Fantasticks, Into The Woods, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Oklahoma!, Shrek The Musical, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, the Wiz, or the Wizard Of Oz, this Forest Backdrop #2587 is the perfect choice. It shows a dense forest and also can be ordered with matching legs #2588 and matching border #2589.

Victorian Interior Backdrop

There are so many classic musicals that incorporate the aesthetic of a Victorian-era home. These include Annie The Musical, Applause, Calamity Jane, Cinderella, Damn Yankees, Drowsy Chaperone, Kiss Me, Kate, My Fair Lady, the Nutcracker and Unsinkable Molly Brown.

This new Victorian Interior Backdrop #2584 depicts a pink, Victorian palace or mansion interior with a center fireplace and large windows left and right.

 Visit our blog again soon as we will be spotlighting new backdrops regularly and show you what amazing backdrops we offer for theater groups, dance troops, and professional theaters across the country. To view all of our new backdrops visit our “New Backdrops” page today. 


Interior Victorian Home

Best Backdrops for Beauty & the Beast

It’s hard to imagine that anyone has not heard of the timeless story Beauty and the Beast. As the song says, it’s a ‘tale as old as time.’ From school and theater groups, to community theaters and the bright lights of Broadway, everyone can enjoy the magical world of Disney characters and an expertly written score. 

Check out our entire collection of Beauty and the Beast backdrops that are perfect for your next performance. 

If your theater group is planning a spring musical featuring Beauty and the Beast, it may be time to explore the wide assortment of backdrops that we have here at Charles Stewart. Let’s  take a closer look at the backdrop options that your group may be interested in to make your magical French Village and Mysterious Castle of the Beast come to life. 

The Story of Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast tells the tale of two unlikely love interests; a cursed prince doomed to live his days in his castle in the form of a hideous beast, and Belle, a spirited and intelligent young maiden who lives in a nearby village with her father, Maurice. 

The prince, we know as the Beast, was once a spoiled and selfish man who showed great disdain for anyone who did not fit his standard of beauty. His selfishness knew no bounds as he refused a haggardly older woman safe shelter at the castle one cold night in return for a single red rose. The woman was an Enchantress who told the Prince “not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within.”  

She then set a curse on the prince who would be doomed to live as a beastly figure until he could learn to love and be loved. And that is how he lived for years as he waited for each petal of the enchanted rose to fall, which signaled he would remain a beast forever. 

Years later, the volatile prince took Maurice (Belle’s elderly and infirmed father) as his prisoner for trespassing on his castle grounds. When Belle hears of this she offers to take her father’s place as prisoner in the castle. It is during her time with the Beast that she learns to appreciate him and eventually fall deeply in love. She is captivated by the enchanted servants; Mrs. Potts, the tea pot, the magical wardrobe, Madame de la Grande Bouche, Lumiere, the candlesticks, and Cogsworth, the mantle clock. 

The story culminates with the giving and acceptance of love between Belle and the Beast. They also learn the valuable lesson that it’s never too late to change. 

Our Favorite Beauty & The Beast Backdrops 

From the French provincial village where Belle, her father, and the conceited Gaston live, to the cavernous castle that is the Beast’s home for years, Backdrops by Charles Stewart has a wide assortment of backdrops that can make your performance come alive for your characters and audiences alike. 

European street backdropVillage Scenes: The French Village Outside the Beast’s Castle 

Create that quaint village feel with our European Village Backdrop # 2360. This whimsical European village features Tudor style buildings in the center of a European town and distant mountains. You can almost envision Belle as she happily sings while stopping at the shops and visiting with villagers. 

Castle in the Clouds

Forest Scenes 

Discover an enchanted forest right at the doorstep of the Beast’s castle with this Castle in the Clouds Backdrop #2485 with its winding dirt road to an elusive castle in the clouds. 

Palace Ballroom Backdrop

Castle Scenes 

Can you picture Belle as she makes her dramatic entrance down the grand staircase or how Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, or Cogsworth look on as she begins to fall in love with the Beast? This Palace Ballroom Backdrop #3263 is perfect for those moments when Belle and the Beast begin their romance. 

The interior and exterior backdrops for the castle scenes can help make your performance come to life and create a sense of magic as Belle and Beast have their first dance under the twinkling lights of the crystal chandelier. (Palace Ballroom Backdrop #2525)



A Spotlight on our “Grease the Musical” Backdrops

Is your school or theater group going nostalgic this year in your choice for a spring musical? If your group is itching to do the “Hand Jive,” or sing “Grease Lightning,” then we have the musical for you – the 1950’s lyrically catchy world of Grease the Musical! 

Despite being an ode to the “good old days” when things seemed simpler, Grease the Musical seems to also be timeless in its depiction of teenage romance, peer pressure, sexual evolution, and gang violence. 

Backdrops by Charles Stewart has a wide range of options for your theater group to choose from including: a 1950’s Soda Shoppe, a high school gymnasium, an outdoor carnival, and a 1950’s drive up diner/movie theater. 

Let’s explore the possibilities as we take your audience back to Rydell High of yesteryear. 

soda shoppe

The Story of Grease 

Originally written in 1972 by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey, Grease tells the story of a group of young men known as “greasers” and young women known as the Pink Ladies. 

Greasers were a  youth subculture that emerged in the 1950s and early 1960s from predominantly working class and lower class teenagers and young adults in the United States. They often worked with their hands in the automotive industry and used hair grease that also lent itself to their apt naming. 

The story of Grease begins with the opening of the school year where Danny Zuko, Rydell High’s coolest greaser, returns to school after a secret summer romance with the new girl Sandy Dumbrowski. 

While the romance was sweet and innocent during the quiet summer months without the pressure of peers, Danny and Sandy must learn to navigate the blossoming relationship in front of the friends who expect a different, cooler Danny. 

High School

Rydell High School

The musical begins at the rebellious and gang-filled Rydell High School, where Danny and Sandy meet again after their romantic summer together. 

Danny impresses his Burger Palace friends with the physical aspects of the new relationship, while Sandy meets the Pink Ladies and woos them with the emotional aspects of the young love she experienced. 

“Summer Nights” is one of those songs that will stay with audiences long after the show has ended and our backdrop of the gymnasium and bleachers along with the exterior setting of the high school can transport viewers into the be-bop sensation known as Grease! 

Check out our exterior high school backdrop #2224 with columns and brick exterior and our interior gym backdrop #2352 with stairs, Americana bunting, and an old fashioned 1950’s feel. 


Burger Palace & Soda Shoppe

Much of the musical happens in places where teens like to hangout such as the Burger Palace, Soda Shoppe, or Drive-In Movie theater. 

Check out our Soda Shoppe backdrop #1925 or the Bleacher Backdrop #1914 to set the stage for the rumbles between the boys or the auto shop performance of “Grease Lightning.” These locations are where the girls fawn over the boys, gang rumbles nearly occur, and one of the Pink Ladies discovers a potential pregnancy.

amusement park/carnival

The Finale

In the end, Danny and Sandy discover that they are willing to change for each other and the culmination of this high school angst plays out at the end of the year spring carnival. Our Amusement Park backdrop #1978 is perfect to end your performance on a high note and create lasting memories for your audience. 

Take a closer look at all of our Grease backdrops and how they can make your performance a success this year. 


Snow Forest

Looking to Buy Backdrops? We’re Having a Sale! 

It’s so great to see theaters opening up and performances come roaring back to life again! If your theater is preparing for a performance in the near future and have started planning the setting pieces and backdrops, you may be interested to know that Charles H. Stewart has a sale on a wide variety of backdrops for your school, theater group, or dance recital. 

Backdrops can have an enormous impact on any performance. A professional backdrop can transport audience members into the world created by the show, including the time and location the performance is meant to be set. Additionally, backdrops are that final element that tie together the characters, set pieces, music, and dialog to form one cohesive look for the performance. 

Backdrops For Sale 

We always have backdrops in inventory that are for sale, waiting to find a home in a drama club or theater group. This is especially cost effective if your theater has annual shows of the same variety that allow you to invest, reuse, and recycle set designs for less than it would cost to rent one outright. 

Our sale includes: 

  • Buy One, Get the Second 1/2 off
  • Buy Two, Get the Third Free

There are some exclusions however including: new Cycloramas and Scrims. Taxes and shipping and handling are also not included in the prices we have listed on our site. 

Add to your club’s backdrop collection with one of these high-quality backdrops. 



In the theater world, a cyclorama is a background device employed to cover the back and sometimes the sides of the stage and used with special lighting to create the illusion of sky, open space, or great distance at the rear of the stage setting.

We have several Cycloramas for sale that can help your theater group create the images and aesthetics you are hoping for with your performance. We have a size 17.5×42 standard light blue color #1974 and a size 18×42 white (Blank Muslin) Backdrop #1938. 



Another theater term, “scrim” means a theater drop that appears opaque when a scene in front is lighted and transparent or translucent when a scene in back is lighted. We have these for sale as well!

Some of our scrims include: Big River Show Scrim Backdrop #1675, My Fair Lady Show Scrim Traveler Backdrop #1298, The Wiz Show Traveler Scrim Backdrop #1212, and Vintage Television Scrim Backdrop #1519. 

specialty backdrop

Speciality Backdrops 

In addition to our Cycloramas and scrims, we also have a number of specialty or show specific backdrops for sale including: tropical backdrops #1180, city skyline backdrops #1000, and stylized backdrops that look like an icecream land #0290

Check out our entire collection of backdrops for sale and invest in a design piece that you can reuse year after year. 


London Streets

Our Favorite Christmas Carol Backdrops

The sound of holiday music, the piney scent of a freshly cut Christmas tree, and the sight of cheerful seasonal decorations, are just some of the iconic things we all come to expect to see and hear when the holiday season rolls around every year.

Along with each of these quintessential holiday moments, comes the showing of one of our favorite seasonal performances – A Christmas Carol. There is something about watching a performance that exudes the true meaning of the holiday season to put us all in the holiday spirit.

The Story of the Christmas Carol

While there are many adaptations of a Christmas Carol, they all tell the story of a mean-spirited, miserly old man named Ebenezer Scrooge and his evolution from greed and avarice to joy and selflessness.

Based on a novella written by Charles Dickens and published in 1843, the story recounts one very odd evening for Ebenezer Scrooge. Set in London, Scrooge is visited in a dream by his former business partner Jacob Marley, who explains to Scrooge that he has been living a life of greed and selfishness. He also explains that Scrooge will be visited by three ghosts: Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come.

Each ghostly visit teaches Scrooge the errors of his ways and invites him to change, not only for his eternal future, but for the good that he can still do during his remaining years. Specifically, the ghosts show Scrooge how his generosity could make a difference in the life of his clerk, Bob Cratchit’s family.

After the three visits, Scrooge wakes up on Christmas morning with excitement and a new lease on life where he will be generous, loving, and filled with the spirit of Christmas.

Backdrops by Charles Stewart enjoys the Christmas Carol so much we have numerous backgrounds to choose from for your next theatrical performance.

Streets of London
The Streets of London

The opening scenes and scenes throughout the play show the streets of London where Scrooge spends his time living and working. We have a wide assortment of street scenes including tudor style buildings, English taverns, and snow covered streets. Dickens Street Backdrop #2310 and Dickens Backdrop #2453 or #1838 are excellent choices for these scenes.

Scrooge’s Bedroom Parlor

Ebenezer spends part of his evening whilst being visited by the three ghostly apparitions cowering in his bedroom parlor. Our Beam & Plaster House Interior (Cut Window) Backdrop #0099 with its exposed wood beams and bare walls make for an exceptional home of the miserly Scrooge.

graveyard scene

The Graveyard Scene

During Scrooge’s evening with the ghosts, they make a trip to a Christmas Yet To Come where Ebenezer sees his future if he does not change his selfish ways. The Graveyard Backdrop #2415 is perfect for this scene.

snow forest

The Snow Forest

If your school or theater group is considering choosing A Christmas Carol as your next production, talk to our team today about how we can set the stage and re-create the London of the mid 1800s on your stage.

walkway backdrop

How Backdrops Add to Any Performance or Presentation

While we wait for the theater industry to reopen across the globe, we thought it might be a good chance for us to highlight how our backdrops can add to every performance, whether you are a small community theater, one of the famed theaters in New York Cities Broadway district, or one of the many businesses that use our backdrops for your professional presentations. 

desert backdrop

What are Backdrops? 

Backdrops are a large plain, printed, or painted curtain hanging at the back of a stage or set. Historically, these parts of the stage dressings are used as scenic elements of any theater production. Now backdrops appear in all kinds of settings ranging from performances on stage to events, conferences, trade shows, and more. 

Backdrop curtains are typically made from flame-retardant materials and sewn without fullness. They add depth to a stage and can turn a plain background into a lively scene when needed.

Our clients are generally theaters across the country, but we also do business with trade shows, business presentations, dance recitals, night clubs, photography, and television performances. While our primary products are large format backdrops, we also offer a growing selection of valances (or borders) and legs.

hall backdrop

The Benefits of Backdrops 

Theatrical backdrops can set the perfect tone, setting, and atmosphere for any performance. A properly chosen backdrop can create the illusion of another reality depending upon the setting needed for a performance. Audiences can be taken into an entirely new reality when they hear the music, see the backdrop, and follow the storyline. 

Backdrops used in professional business settings can add to any presentation by allowing for the continuation of a brand, creating a professional look to a presentation area, and by drawing the attention of the audience to the key speakers. Backdrops can not only engage the audience but also contribute to the theme you are promoting at a particular function. 

Backdrops also play an important role in professional photography. It can make the difference between a memorable photo and one that is merely one-dimensional. They help to make a photo memorable. A backdrop can add dimension and depth to a photo. Some of the popular backdrops used in photography include; painted canvas, paper backdrops, muslin backdrops, and textural backdrop. 

Overall backdrops are similar to a supporting actor or actress. They help make any performance or presentation rise to a better level. They add depth and dimension, as well as create the illusion of whatever scene you are trying to set. Check out our backdrops by color, category, show, or for those that are new to our collection for your next event.  


broadway show

Don’t Miss These Late Fall Broadway Shows

Broadway is a beautiful place all year long. But something magical begins to take place during the late fall weeks that peek into the upcoming winter. The New York City streets begin to show signs of the holidays and the hustle and bustle seem more, shall we say, jolly. That’s why it is such a special time of year to head to the Big Apple and take in a show or two. 

There are so many great shows to choose from, and choosing one or more can be difficult. Here are a few that Playbill has noted as up-and-coming shows not to miss. So gather up your fall attire, make reservations at your favorite NYC dining spot, and get ready for a few months of theater. 

The Crucible 

The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, is playing at the Connelly Theatre with the first preview on November 8, 2019, and opening on November 21, 2019. Under the direction of Eric Tucker, The Crucible is a 1953 play by American playwright Arthur Miller. It is the dramatized and partially fictionalized story of the Salem Witch Trials that took place in Massachusetts Bay Colony from 1692–93. Miller wrote the play as an allegory for McCarthyism, when the United States government persecuted people accused of being communists. The cast includes Shirine Babb, Rajesh Bose, Truett Felt, Caroline Grogan, Paul Lazar, Susannah Millonzi, Arash Mokhtar, Ryan Quinn, Randolph Curtis Rand, Zuzanna Szadkowski, Shaun Taylor-Corbett, John Terry, and Eric Tucker. 


Evita, by author Tim Rice and music by the acclaimed Andrew Lloyd Webber, begins its first review on November 13, 2019, with opening night on November 14, 2019. The musical examines the rapid and controversial ascent of Eva Perón, the First Lady of Argentina, until her untimely death at age 33. On the one-hundredth anniversary of Eva Perón’s birth, this presentation deepens your understanding of one of Argentina’s most adored and reviled figures. The director is Sammi Cannold and the cast includes Solea Pfeiffer, Maia Reficco, Enrique Acevedo, and Philip Hernandez. 

We Will Rock You

We Will Rock You opens November 14, 2019, at the Hulu Theatre at Madison Square Garden. The musical tells the tale of a group of Bohemians who struggle to restore the free exchange of thought, fashion, and live music in a distant future where everyone dresses, thinks and acts the same. Musical instruments and composers are forbidden, and rock music is all but unknown. The musical is based upon the songs of British rock band Queen with a book by Ben Elton.

Do you have a show you are dying to see? Comment on our Facebook page or in the comments below. Check out our Backdrops that will help make any show come to life. 


Using Backdrops

There are many ways to enhance the appearance of a scenic production such as a video shoot, stage play, theater production, or party event. Backdrops help add the ambience for the mood that you are trying to set. Because of their size, they serve the purpose of continuing the theme you are going for without being too over the top where the scenery seems out of place.

Choosing a backdrop rental company that has several different sceneries to choose from can be a difficult task, which is why you should go straight to Backdrops by Charles H Stewart!  Needless to say, one thing that you should ask about the backdrop that you have in mind would be how heavy they are and the material it is made of.  Ideally, the best backdrop should not be too heavy for convenience reasons as you will most likely be hanging and packaging the backdrops yourself.  The best material when choosing a realistic backdrop would be one that is 100% polyester cotton fabric, which is what our DreamWorld Collection is painted on, or ones painted on muslin, which is what our Stewart Collection is painted on.  These are lightweight fabrics that are easy to handle.

One type of event that would welcome a backdrop would be in an environment in which a lot of photography is going to take place in. Dances, charities, or galas are examples of events that a nice formal backdrop would be more than welcomed in pictures. For example, if you are hosting a dance that has a Hawaiian theme, there are several backdrops that you can browse such as tropical or beach scenes that would supplement your Hawaiian environment. We do have many smaller photography size backdrops in our DreamWorld Collection labelled DreamWorld Small.

As mentioned, there are many ways that you can improve or modify an area to fit your event. There are many different backdrop rentals to choose from and a few different sizes that can assure proper placement as well as appropriate background setting. Aside from party events, most backdrops from Charles H Stewart are used by production companies that are setting up a stage performance whether it’s a Broadway Musical or dance recital or play. Because of the flexibility of backdrops, they can be replaced and switched in a matter of minutes.  So using multiple backdrops can make your life a whole lot easier.  Full stage backdrops are obviously larger than photography backdrops since the area needed to cover is larger.  But with the lightweight fabric they are made with, this is not an issue.

Backdrops are easy to use, and they are the easiest way to transform your stage or event into whatever setting necessary to transport your audience to where they need to be.

Are you Planning Your HS Fall Production?

The school year may be over and the classrooms all empty, but your mind is reeling about a potential fall production at your school. You sing show tunes in the shower and choreography is never far from your mind. You show all the signs of being a drama coach or theater teacher!

Now that the stage lights are off and the props have been cleared, drama teachers are already in full swing even though most of us are spending our days at the beach. A die-hard drama fan will be plotting and planning what might work for a fall production at your school. Here are some of the questions they will be sorting through.

What Show?

The biggest question on the minds of theater teachers is what production can we do? Choosing a script is not an easy thing to do. One needs to take into account how many students there will be in the program, especially now that the seniors have flown the coop. It is also a time to evaluate what skills and talents the potential future cast may have.

Picking a musical that’s right for your program can depend on many factors, including the size of your cast, the interest of your students and, of course, availability of performance rights. In addition, you will want to consider what the school’s current budget is and the size of the venue for the production you are considering. Also, keep in mind your access to sets, props, and costumes. Weighing each of these things can help you in determining which show will be the right fit this fall.

What is Your Population of Actors?

As we mentioned previously, how many actors are in your program can help determine whether you can have a performance with a large cast, medium-sized cast, or small cast. You should also consider who are your actors not just how many. Do you have more girls than boys? Do you have a handful of serious talent or just one or two brilliant actors in your group? If you are considering a musical, what is the range of voices that you will be dealing with?


What is Your Budget?

Before you choose your play, consider your budget. A straight play vs. a musical is more budget friendly. Consider what costumes, scenery, and backdrops you will need. Do you need to buy the royalties to the play or will you choose one in the public domain?


What About the Space?

What does your theater look like? Can you handle a larger production or will you need to relocate to a community theater? Will you have access to practice times or will that impact your budget as well?

These are all great questions to consider as you dream of your next production. If you are searching for inspiration, check out Theater World’s list of High School Musicals. When it comes time to consider backdrops, check out our wide assortment of options here at Backdrops by Charles H. Stewart.