Our Favorite Cabaret Backdrops 

Cabaret is an American musical set in 1930s Germany during the Nazi’s fascist rise to power. The musical, which focuses on the seedy underbelly of Berlin nightlife, is based...

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Celebrate Differences with Honk! the Musical! 

Anyone who has journeyed through the chaotic world of middle and high school knows the true angst of being different from one’s peers during a time when conformity is...

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Delve Into the Star-Crossed Love of West Side Story 

Inspired by William Shakespeare’s tragic play about Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story touches on many of the same themes such as forbidden love, defying stereotypes, and tribal barriers/family...

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Celebrate the Magic of Musical Theater with 42nd Street 

Amazing choreography, show-stopping tap routines, and masterful musical lyrics make 42nd Street The Musical a classic and beloved Broadway musical. Musical theater organizations across the country choose this musical...

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Bye Bye Birdie

Backdrops for the Classic – Bye Bye Birdie

The musical Bye Bye Birdie is based on the book by Michael Stewart, lyrics by Lee Adams, and music by Charles Strouse. Originally titled Let’s Go Steady, the musical...

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Backdrops For Sale 

Theater and dance groups work hard all year practicing their craft to perform amazing shows, concerts, and musicals. The stage setup, lighting and sound design are a huge part...

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Setting the Stage For Cats The Musical 

The musical Cats is one of musical theater’s longest running and successful shows in both the United Kingdom and here in the States. As of 2022, Cats was ranked...

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Fantastic Seussical The Musical Backdrops 

Seussical the Musical brings together some of our favorite Dr. Seuss book characters while exploring the themes of friendship, love and loyalty. The popular musical also looks at being...

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Times Square NYC

What’s the Difference Between Broadway & Off Broadway? 

What constitutes a theater being distinguished as Broadway, Off Broadway, or even Off-Off Broadway? Is it the cost? Quality of the show? Location to the famous thoroughfares of Broadway...

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