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Into the Woods

Create the Mood and Backdrop of Into the Woods 

Into the Woods is based upon a book by James Lapine and music and lyrics by the late Stephen Sondheim. If you love the whimsical components of traditional fairy tales with heartfelt wishes and quests, a lesson to be learned, and creatures who can talk, then Into the Woods is for you! 

The story of Into the Woods is similar to many fairy tales, like the classic tales of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Rapunzel. In each case, a couple is making a wish, deep in their hearts for something they can not have –- a family, love, or other desire. 

In this particular story, the Baker and his wife wish to begin a family. Due to a family curse from a witch, they are unable to get their wish at least until they find multiple things for the witch. To reverse the evil spell, the Baker and his wife must find a red cape, a strand of golden hair, a golden shoe, and a white cow. This scavenger hunt of sorts takes them on a magical journey through the woods where they meet up with other storybook characters to complete their quest. 

In the end, each of the characters receives a happy ending and the witch reverses the curse. 

The original production won the 1988 New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award and the Drama Desk Award for Best Musical, and the original cast recording won a Grammy Award. The show was nominated for ten Tony Awards and won three: Best Score (Stephen Sondheim), Best Book (James Lapine), and Best Actress in a Musical (Joanna Gleason).

Scenes for Into the Woods 

As expected, Into the Woods is set in heavily forested woods as well as in the settings of the main characters such as Little Red, Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Cinderella. The woods make for a perfect primary backdrop throughout the performance. 


For a densely wooded backdrop try this Deep Woods Backdrop #2477 which shows a dense and lusciously green forest. 

For other woodsy options try this Woods Park Backdrop #N0025 which displays a dense woods with a path and brook leading into the forest.

As the Baker and his wife encounter other characters they also change a bit of the scenery. Try this Beam and Plaster Exterior Cut Tab Backdrop #2097 with a Tudor-style house as well as an exterior tab with a practical door. 

Check out all 155 of our Into the Woods backdrops on our site as well as hundreds of other backdrops for your next performance.

the wizard of oz

Beyond the Yellow Brick Road – Backdrops for the Wizard of Oz 

“We’re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz.” 

If that line has you humming, singing, or reminiscing about your younger years when you couldn’t get enough of Dorothy, her sidekick, Toto, and their three friends, Tin Man, Lion, and Scarecrow, know that you are not alone. The Wizard of Oz is a beloved story that can be found in children’s books, on the stage, and on the big screen. 

Backdrops by Charles H. Stewart has more than 40 different Wizard of Oz backdrops to choose from including the featured backdrops below. 

The Story of Dorothy and The Wizard

Dorothy, a young girl living in Kansas, is swept away when a tornado hits the home of her aunt and uncle. Through the power of the twister, Dorothy and her dog Toto are transported to the magical Land of Oz. 

It’s there that she embarks on a quest to the Emerald City with three new friends to see the Wizard, who can return her to her home and fulfill the others’ wishes. On her way there she meets a Scarecrow who wants a brain, a Tin Man who wants a heart, and a Cowardly Lion who wants courage. The Wizard asks them to bring him the Wicked Witch of the West’s broom to earn his help.

During her trip to the Wizard, she encounters many challenges including Flying Monkeys and hazards set out by the Wicked Witch of the West. 

In the end, Dorothy wakes up in her own bed with Auntie Em and Uncle Henry fussing over her. While they don’t believe her fabulous tale, she doesn’t mind as she is happy to be back in her home once again. 

The Land of Oz and the Emerald City Backdrops 

From the simple state of Kansas to the opulent city of Emerald, Dorothy goes on quite the journey and our backdrops can create an illusion from one scene to the next. 

Starting on the plains of Kansas, this Farm Landscape Backdrop #2379 shows rolling farmlands with a fence, a house, and a blue sky with clouds.

Once Dorothy has set on her way to see the Wizard and meets her three new friends she travels down the famed Yellow Brick Road. Our Wizard of Oz Backdrop BD-1427-FY is a depiction of the story of the Wizard of Oz including Dorothy and Toto and friends.

Wizard of Oz

As Dorothy and friends close in on the Emerald City, the towering buildings made of the gem can be seen in the distance. This Emerald City Backdrop #2507 is a perfect illustration of the Land of Oz with a yellow brick road winding through poppy fields up to Emerald City!

As they enter the inner chambers of the city they meet with the Wizard of Oz who considers granting their wishes, with some requests of his own. This Wizard of Oz Chamber Backdrop #2508 shows an Emerald Green palace chamber where the man behind the curtain hides. It comes complete with arches, flames, and light sconces.

For a complete view of our Wizard of Oz, backdrops visit our show suggestion page on our main website. 

The Lion King

Popular Backdrops for Lion King – the Musical 

The Lion King is a beloved musical based on the 1994 Disney animated film of the same name with music by Elton John and lyrics by Tim Rice. This award-winning “Best Musical” follows the story and adventures of the young lion, Simba who is heir to the throne of the jungle kingdom. 

One of Broadway’s longest-running shows, The Lion King is beloved by children and adults alike as they follow the “Circle of Life” with awe-inspiring costumes, settings, lighting, and music. 

The Lion King Storyline 

The Lion King opens with the birth of King Mufasa’s lion cub, Simba, who is heir to the throne. Simba has an innocent youth growing up as a carefree cub until his evil uncle, Scar, plots to take over the jungle kingdom and murders Mufasa while simultaneously making Simba take the blame for the death. 

Simba flees Pride Rock to the jungle where he grieves and makes new friends Timon and Pumba. Scar assumes the throne and wants to make Nala, Simba’s young friend, his queen. Nala flees to the jungle as well to seek help against Scar and the evil hyenas. 

Simba is encouraged to return to Pride Rock when he hears of the famine and cruel rule of his uncle. Upon his return he challenges Scar and faces his guilt of his father’s death, only to hear Scar admit that he killed Mufasa. 

The story ends with Simba rightfully taking the throne and the kingdom coming back to life with food enough for everyone including his new jungle friends. 

Lion King Backdrop Options 

The Lion King is set in several outdoor environments including a desert, jungle, and tropical forest. Here are a few of the backdrops popular for the production of Lion King the Musical

DesertDesert Backdrops 

Our Serengeti Backdrop #2486 shows an ​​African landscape with a setting sun, red sky, and Acacia trees.

Additionally, we also have the option of a setting sun over the ocean on the coast of Africa that could show the contrasts of climates and environments typical of the Lion King set. This backdrop is called Sunset Backdrop #2405

The Jungle or Tropical Rainforest 

Simba meets two of his closest friends and does his best soul searching in the jungles adjacent to the desert. Here’s one of the potential backdrops you may want to use during this portion of the musical. 

Jungle Backdrop #2211 shows a rainforest with palm trees and large tropical plants.

forestYou’ll find lush green vegetation and colorful plants in this Forest Backdrop # 2501. The green grass and foliage create the perfect place for Simba to meet his friends and learn what courage really means in the “Circle of Life.” 


Experience the Magic of Aladdin

Haven’t we all longed for the opportunity to rub a magic lamp and be given three wishes to make our lives easier, happier, and more fulfilled at some point? The story of a poor street urchin, Aladdin, and his monkey Abu, follows just such a tale of magic wishes set in a Middle Eastern city where Sultans rule and the magic of a genie can help true love flourish. 

The story of Aladdin may sound exotic, but it plays out through history over and over. The power struggle between good and evil, the challenges of those with wealth and those without, and the desire to find true love that will last a lifetime are all themes found in this popular musical. 

A Little Background on Aladdin the Musical

The musical Aladdin has all the hallmarks of an amazing show – a magical genie, the power of true love, and of course a comedic genie! 

The story of Aladdin starts by introducing a young boy who must live by his street smarts and wit. He steals from street vendors in the Middle Eastern city of Agrabah to survive but always cares for his faithful friend, a monkey named Abu. 

During one of his visits to the streets, he happens to meet a beautiful Princess named Jasmine who is being forced to marry a man she does not love, the Sultan’s evil assistant Jafar. 

Aladdin falls in love at first sight and uses his three wishes from a genie bottle he found in the Cave of Wonders to help him become a man worthy of her love. 

During many comedic adventures, Aladdin and his sidekick the genie must woo the princess, save the kingdom, and expose Jafar for the evil that he is. The musical is fun, exciting, and filled with laughs for the audience members, both old and young. 

Backdrop & Setting Options for Aladdin 

The backdrops needed to make this popular theater production come to life include components of a Middle Eastern city, a palace, and a busy street market. Here are a few of the options Charles Stewart has for your next production of Aladdin the Musical

An Arabian Street Market 

This backdrop is aptly named Arabian Market Backdrop #2462. It provides the typical appearance of a Middle Eastern street with bazaar tents, turrets, and landscape fitting this region of the world.

Arabian StreetWe also have other options such as this Arabian Market Backdrop# 2311 which provides a desert look with tents and regional architecture.

Desert Landscapes 

The setting of this musical requires a belief that Aladdin and his genie live in the city of Agrabah along the desert and near a palatial palace owned by the Sultan. We have several backdrops to help cultivate this setting including Arabian Desert Palace Backdrop #2546 which shows sands, palm trees, and a palace in the distance. 

Additionally, we also have a lush setting showing palm trees, flowers, and stucco buildings with a pink sky. This backdrop is called Moroccan Oasis Backdrop # N0059. 

Check out our comprehensive list of backdrops for Aladdin on our site and talk to our team about our easy shipping and setup procedures. 


The Magical Story & Backdrops For Your Next Performance of Cinderella 

The classic struggle of good versus evil is clearly evident in the storyline of this time-honored production of Cinderella. With nearly fifty backdrops to choose from, including castles, ballrooms, European villages, and woodland scenes you will have no problems creating the world of Cinderella for your theater production. 

Scenery and backdrops are integral to bringing the audience into the world that is being portrayed on stage. Our backdrop and setting options for Cinderella do just that no matter your performance. 

The Story of Cinderella 

The story of Cinderella was originally a French fairy tale called Cendrillon, ou la petite pantoufle de verre (Cinderella or the Little Glass Slipper). The story was first passed down as a form of oral history and later published in a book written in 1697 by Charles Perrault. 

Hundreds of years later, Disney took this story and created what we now recognize as the story of Cinderella, the young girl who is tormented by her stepmother and stepsisters. Stage versions began to appear in U.S. theatres by 1961. 

The classic fairytale story of Cinderella focuses on the young girl who lives with her stepfamily after the death of her father. The mother and stepsisters make Cinderella perform menial tasks for them such as making her work all day cleaning, sewing, and cooking. She works hard to make them happy but makes no inroads into their cold demeanor. 

One day, big news came to town and the small world that Cinderella lived in. The King and Queen were going to have a ball to find a bride for their son, the prince. Instead of attending the ball, Cinderella was faced with helping her stepsisters dress and ready themselves to meet the prince. She was left at home to toil away the evening. 

That is until her Fairy Godmother stepped in to make Cinderella’s dreams come true. Using the magic that only a Fair Godmother has, she created a dress, carriage, and horses to carry Cinderella off to the castle to enjoy an evening of dancing. 

While at the ball, Cinderella enjoys a magical dance with the prince and he is enchanted by her. The evening passes by as they enjoy talking and laughing until the clock strikes midnight, the time when all the magic would disappear. Cinderella dashes from the palace and returns to her previous life only to find that the prince is looking for the maiden who lost her slipper dashing out of the ball. That maiden was Cinderella. 

As in many fairy tales, once the prince finds his lost maiden, they marry and live happily ever after. 

Backdrops & Settings for Cinderella 

Currently, Charles Stewart had 50 backdrops with the story of Cinderella in mind including those that focus around the ballroom, where she meets the prince, some in the castle where she toils away her days working for her stepfamily, and still more within the woodlands around her home where she makes friends with the woodland creatures. 

Cinderella’s Village 

We always picture Cinderella living and working in a quaint village and here is an opportunity to introduce your main character. The European Village Backdrop #2553 shows Tudor-style buildings in the center of a European town and distant mountains. 

Palace Ballroom 

The room where Cinderella meets her prince is a magical place. This Palace Ballroom Backdrop #3057 shows an ornate ballroom with gold leaf, a blue ceiling, and large windows.

Woodland Scenes 

Follow Cinderella as she wanders in the woodlands to escape her evil stepsisters with this Forest Swamp Backdrop # 2509. In the backdrop, you will see large tree trunks and ferns decorate the landscape.


Best Backdrops for Legally Blonde: the Musical 

Fourteen years ago in 2007, Legally Blonde: the Musical premiered at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Theatre. The show, based on the hit movie of the same name, quickly became popular and transferred over to Broadway just two months after opening. 

The show became a fan favorite and one that theater groups continue to adore even though the show received mixed reviews. During its time on Broadway, it was nominated for seven Tony Awards, including Best Original Score and Best Leading Actress in a Musical. However, it did not win any of those nominations. 

A Little Background on Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde tells the story of Elle Woods, a sorority girl from UCLA who enrolls at Harvard Law School after being dumped by her college boyfriend, Warner. In order to win him back, she must suffer through being mocked by her snobby law school classmates and dealing with the sneaky antics of Warner’s current girlfriend Vivienne. 

While at law school, Elle discovers how her knowledge of the law can help others, and eventually successfully defends exercise queen Brooke Wyndham in a murder trial much to the chagrin of her professor.

Setting & Backdrop Options 

Legally Blonde has several settings which follow Elle from the campus and sorority house of UCLA to Harvard Law School and courtrooms in Massachusetts. Here are a few of our suggestions on how to use our backdrops during your group’s performance of this popular show.

Sorority House & UCLA Campus

High School

To set the stage at UCLA and the sorority house where Elle lives this Building Exterior Backdrop #2224 with a brick building with white columns would serve as an excellent traditional Delta Nu House. 

Additionally, our Campus Backdrop #1636 could be used for either Harvard Law school’s campus or scenes from UCLA.

Beauty Salon

beauty salon

Once Elle heads to Boston and Cambridge, she befriends a hairdresser where she pours out her heart and tells her woes to. The Salon Interior Backdrop #0007 is a beautiful interior done in pink tones (Elle’s favorite color) with intricate detail showing the city street through the windows.

Law School & Courtroom 


Once Elle moves to Boston and begins her new life as a law student and lawyer, the backdrops can shift to more traditional classroom and courtroom settings. This Courtroom Interior Cut backdrop # 0509 would paint the scene as one of tradition and the scales of justice in play.

Law Office 

law office

Brooke Wyndham, a former sorority sister to Elle and a fitness queen is accused of the murder of her husband. Elle uses her intuition and smart thinking to save her client from a guilty verdict. The Law Office backdrop # 0236, shows row after row of law books in a law office with city buildings outside the window.


Dance recital

Backdrops Perfect for Dance Recitals 

Spring and summer are full of special events such as graduations and the annual dance recital. Whether you are looking to add a little more sparkle to your event or portray a specific setting, decade, scene, or location for your dance recital, look no further than our extensive backdrops available to rent. 

From toddlers in pink fluffy tutus to teens displaying their emerging talent in hip hop, ballet, or tap, dance recitals are a much-anticipated event every year. It’s where dreams become reality and young dancers come into their own right in front of our eyes on stage. 

Backdrops By Charles Stewart has over 1,500 backdrops available for rent. For a full listing by show, style, and theme, check out our custom backdrop listings as well as our backdrops listed by category and show on our site. But for now, here are some of our favorite backdrops that we find to be perfect for your unique dance recital. 


gold stars

Some of our most popular backdrops for dance recitals include the category we call “Abstract.” They are great for a wide variety of performances that can incorporate younger dancers and older, more experienced dancers. 

The Gold Sparkle Backdrop  #2551 features a black background with shiny gold falling sparkles. This is a painted backdrop with no metallic material. It is perfect for dances, disco themes events, and general background for stars in the making. 


The Abstract Circles Backdrop #3158 is perfect for adding some excitement to a dance recital with large colorful circles. The contrasting background colors with large circles can be used for a variety of purposes such as a retro feel, psychedelic mood, fantasy, or a dream world theme. 

points of light

The Points of Light Backdrop # 2525 is another of our favorites for dance recitals. This smoky purple background has points of light shining above dancers. The colors can change with lighting. This particular backdrop is great for hip hop or more modern dance styles and themes. If you are looking for a vibrant color and a little spark of flair in your dance recital we have the backdrops for you. 

Novelty & Dance Backdrops 

Check out our novelty and dance backdrops that span many categories including foreign lands, patriotic, schools, music notes, and much much more. Here are two of our favorite novelty backdrops for your child’s dance recital. 


The Gala Awards Backdrop #3271 embraces an awards night theme with its red curtains framing the stage with purple background and spotlights.

danceIf you’re looking to go a little more bold try this ​​Dance Backdrop #3236 with silhouettes of dancers in front of a kaleidoscope background. We love how the dancers featured show classic ballroom dancing and more modern free-flowing dancers! 

Check out all of our amazing backdrops on our site for your next dance recital. With our wide selection, we are sure to have the option you are looking for this year. 


Times Square

Capture The Excitement of Guys & Dolls with Our Backdrops 

Some of the best storylines in history involve the most unlikely of pairings of characters. Guys and Dolls does just that with its combining of the ultimate characters of a high-rolling gambler and a puritanical missionary, a showgirl dreaming of the straight-and-narrow and a crap game manager. 

From NYC skyline backdrops to Broadway and Broadway marquis to 1950s nightclubs and the renowned Times Square, we have precisely the backdrop(s) that you’re looking for when developing a live production of Guys And Dolls. 

The Story of Guys & Dolls 

Set in the Depression-era, in the heart of Times Square, New York City, Guys and Dolls is about a couple of big city gamblers and the women who love them. 

Nathan Detroit, a famous craps gambler, needs a new location for his next craps game after the police discover his last location. Without the cash to secure the next location he looks to swindle the money from big city gambler Sky Masterson. He bets Masterson that he cannot secure a date with a woman of his choosing. He just so happens to choose Salvation Army missionary Sarah Brown. 

Masterson sets out to seduce Brown and get her to agree to a date in Havana, Cuba. At the same time, Detroit is dealing with his own 14 year relationship and the pressure to finally propose to Adelaide. 

Time Square, NYC Scenes 

Times Square

Gangsters, gamblers, missionary dolls, and scantily clad showgirls will all feel right at home in front of our beautifully designed backdrop rentals.

Set the scene for this New York City plot with our vintage Times Square backdrop # 1503. It portrays this famous intersection at street level using neutral tones showing skyline, buildings, subway, lamp posts, and (of course) a marquis. 

New York City Tenements Scenes 

NYC Skyline

For daytime scenes set in the tenements and seedier side of New York City use our New York City Tenement backdrop # 2368. It portrays the skyline and tenements from the roof of a building perfect for gamblers and gangsters. 

Havana, Cuba Scenes 

Havana, Cuba

When the scenes shift to the island of Cuba with its Spanish influenced architecture and buildings, bring the audience right along with your with our Spanish Street Backdrop #N0678. These stucco buildings complete with stone balconies and ornate churches will help create the illusion of transporting your audience to the distant city of Havana in the Mediterranean. 

Our backdrops for rent and some for purchase. They are made from the best materials available, meaning that they are durable, easy to set up, and last throughout your production schedule, even through heavy use. Add one of our backdrop rentals to your production today to capture the excitement that is Guys And Dolls.

Small Town Street

Cue the Music for Your Production of Music Man

“We’ve got trouble! Right here in River City.” Can you hear the music? Feel the beat? If so, then you are as big a fan as we are of the Broadway classic – The Music Man.  

Does your school or theater group have the perfect fast-talking salesman to portray Harold Hill? If you’re putting on a production of the Music Man, you may be interested in the many backdrops we offer specific to this production. From Midwest town backdrops, to parks and quiet streets, Backdrops by Charles H Stewart is nationally recognized for its incredible design, high-quality durability, and ease of use.

River City from the Music Man

A Little Background on Music Man 

Set in rural Midwest America in the 20th Century, the Music Man follows the story of traveling salesman Harold Hill, who targets the innocent and naïve residents of a small midwest town in the 1910s. 

Hill turns out to be a con artist who travels from town to town pretending to be a professor of music from the Gary (Indiana) Conservatory of Music, class of ’05. His plan is to convince the townspeople that they need a boys marching band that will solve all of their problems. 

He takes money from the townsfolk to buy instruments, music, instructional materials, and uniforms for their young sons. However, in reality, he has no degree and knows nothing about music, and after all the materials arrive and are distributed, he absconds with all the money, never to be seen again.

Harold inadvertently falls for the town’s music teacher and faces the difficult decision to remain in town where he enriches the townsfolk with music. 

Small Town StreetAct I – River City, Iowa

Act I of Music Man is set mainly in the Town Square of River City, Iowa, where swindler Harold Hill begins his duplicitous journey to bilk the townspeople of their hard earned savings. It also takes place outside the town’s library and on the quiet streets of this tranquil midwest city. 

This River City Backdrop #2380 shows a quaint midwestern town with Victorian buildings lining the streets.  

RAdditionally, the River City Traveler Backdrop # 1260 shows the Barber Shop, Billiard Hall, and Bank of a typical American town. 

For scenes both inside and outside the town library, there are several backdrops to choose from including this backdrop with books, shelves, and beautiful windows. Library Backdrop #0351B

Library Backdrop

Act II River City High School Gym

Our meticulously-designed Music Man backdrop eloquently captures the midwest setting, transporting audiences through time.

Gymnasium backdropCheck out these school gymnasium backdrops and along the Small Town Streets #1014


Wizard of Oz

Making the Wizard of Oz Come to Life

Well-developed characters, props, and lighting sure can make any performance come to life. You know what else can? Our show-specific backdrops can transform a theater into an enchanted yellow brick road, the Emerald City of Oz, or the tornado ravaged fields of Kansas. 

Our Wizard of Oz themed backdrops can take audience members from a simple theater, into the world of  ‘lions and tigers, and bears… oh my!’ 

Let’s take a closer look at this fan favorite musical and how Backdrops by Charles Stewart can make your spring performance come to life. 

The Story of the Wizard of Oz 

While every theater group or community theater may perform different adaptations of this time-honored favorite, the story remains basically the same in each. 

The traditional story of the Wizard of Oz chronicles the adventures of a young Kansas farm girl, Dorothy, and her beloved dog, Toto, as they are swept up in a tornado that destroys her house and carries them to the mysterious Land of Oz. 

Upon her arrival, she is shocked to find out that she must travel to the Emerald City to seek the help of the great and powerful Wizard of Oz in order to return to her beloved aunt and uncle and her prairie home. 

During her trip along the yellow brick road she is joined by Glenda, the Good Witch, and three unlikely friends: the Scarecrow, the Lion, and the Tinman. Dorothy, along with the Munchkin people encourage them to join her on her journey to see the Wizard, in the hopes that they can find the things they desire the most: the Scarecrow wants a brain, the Tinman wants a heart, and the Lion wants courage. 

The four travelers are met with challenges from the Wicked Witch of the West and some flying monkeys, as well as help from Glinda, the Good Witch. Upon meeting the Wizard, they are shocked to find out that he is not as he appears. 

Wizard of Oz Farm Scrim

Kansas Prairie Scene 

The musical both starts and finishes at the farm on which Dorothy lives with her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry. We have several options for which to choose the depict these scenes including a Black and White Farm Scrim Backdrop #2370

Or, if you should prefer to remain in color, we offer several Cornfield Backdrops #2315 and a more traditional Farm Backdrop #1541

Wizard of Oz

Land of Oz Scene

The Land of Oz is made up of whimsical creatures who speak including a Lion, Scarecrow, and Tinman. It is also surrounded by a well-known trail called the yellow brick road. We offer several different Yellow Brick Road backdrops #3098 including this colorful path to the Wizard. 

Emerald City

Emerald City Scene

They are “off to see the Wizard” and finally reach their destination when the storyline reaches its conclusion in the Emerald City. The climax of the story takes the audience to the famous Wizard at the heart of the city where they find out he is not all he is made out to be. Our Emerald City backdrops transport the audience right into this sparkling world with one of our most popular backdrops: The Emerald City #2507

Do you have a Wizard of Oz performance scheduled for this spring? Check out our full menu of Wizard backdrops on our site.