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Broadway sign

How To Get Hamilton Tickets 

Before the pandemic, getting a ticket to see some of the most popular Broadway shows was difficult, but none so challenging as the hit musical Hamilton. Other musicals may bring in more revenue or have had a longer run on Broadway, but Hamilton has inspired our nation and has most of us singing (and rapping) the lyrics to the hit songs, even when we haven’t seen the performance live. 

Now that theaters are beginning to open up again and the world has become energized about life, will it still be as difficult to get theater tickets? The answer remains to be determined, but we all know how popular Hamilton is so let’s review some ways you can get in on the music and shows. 

revolutionary war imageTry The Lottery 

Let’s face it, Hamilton tickets are a bit pricey, and not everyone can afford to splurge for the tickets. That’s where the Hamilton lottery comes into play. 

According to Playbill, “The cheapest way to get a seat to the Broadway smash is through the Ham4Ham Digital Lottery. For seven of the eight shows each week, the lottery takes place digitally through Broadway Direct. Lottery participants can enter to win up to two tickets per entry. For details and official rules and lottery policies, visit the official website, click New York, and then click “Broadway Lottery” in the tickets section.”

Keep in mind that the pandemic has changed things, including how many patrons can enter the theater as well as the cost of tickets. We will keep you updated on the lottery and how things will work as theaters open. 

Try the Ticket Office 

I know, it seems like an obvious choice. Lots of theatergoers assume that all shows will be sold out. This is true (for the most part), but many shows hold tickets for purchase at the box office. For online purchase, stick with official ticketing websites like Ticketmaster.

Keep in mind that these tickets come at a premium and can cost quite a bit and not be in the best seats in the house…but do you care? 

Try the Cancellation Line

This interesting method can sometimes pay off. On a rare occasion, people may have to cancel their tickets to Hamilton. This may happen even more often with the different covid variants floating around and theaters expanding their numbers.

According to Playbill, “There is a designated line outside the Richard Rodgers for hopeful ticket-buyers to wait. It is a first-come, first-serve system—and there is no guarantee that tickets will become available at all, or, if they do, how many. It’s a gamble, but could pay off. Tickets are sold at their original ticketed price.”

Let us know if you have been able to score tickets to Hamilton and how you did it! We’d love to hear from you. 

Victorian Home

Our Favorite Nutcracker Backdrops For Your Show

Can you smell it in the air? Temperatures are dropping, seasons are changing, and we are rushing headlong into the busy holiday season. Christmas is just a couple of months away! That means holiday music will soon begin to play, stores will be decked out in visions of yuletide greetings, and theater performances depicting the magic of the season will be right around the corner. 

The Nutcracker is one such ballet performance that we have always been fond of here at Backdrops by Charles H. Stewart. In fact, we love the Nutcracker ballet so much we have over 130 Nutcracker backdrops to set the scene for your next performance of this famous theatrical event. 

The Story of the Nutcracker

The Nutcracker ballet is based on the story, “The Nutcracker and the King of Mice” written by E.T.A. Hoffman. While the ballet is slightly different from the original storyline, the basic plot remains the same. 

The story opens on Christmas Eve in the late nineteenth century at the Von Stahlbaum home where Clara and her brother Fritz are excitedly preparing for the next day with family, friends, and guests. As last minute preparations are made for Christmas day the brother and sister join Herr Drosselmeyer, Clara’s mysterious godfather for games and stories.

Drosselmeyer keeps the children and guests entertained with magic tricks and mechanical dolls. While Clara would love to have one of these dolls to keep for herself, she is instead presented with a wooden nutcracker soldier. 

Clara is devastated when a struggle causes the nutcracker doll to fall and break. Her godfather mends the pieces and sends his goddaughter off to bed where her dream then becomes what we know as the Nutcracker Suite! 

Nutcracker Backdrops for Every Scene

Each scene of the Nutcracker ballet takes us through the imagery that Clara creates as she dreams about the Nutcracker soldiers and Mouse King coming to life in her Victorian era home.

Interior Victorian Home

Scene I – The Party Scene

It is this Act , known as the “Party Scene”  and eventual “Battle Scene” where Clara and her family gather for the holiday that can be beautifully set by some of our “Palace” backdrop options. The elegant staircase and stately columns set the stage for a grand room that is in the final stages of preparation for Christmas celebrations.

Interior Victorian Home

More of our Victorian home backdrops include: The Drawing Room #1910, Victorian Interior #1943, Victorian Interior #2251, Victorian Interior (with center fireplace) #2264, Christmas Interior #2460, Palace Interior with French doors #2538, Blue Drapery Interior Victorian #2541, and Christmas Interior with cozy fireplace #3148

Snow Forest

Scene II – The Snow Forest 

In addition to the beautifully adorned palace in this act, Clara also travels through an enchanted snow forest where the Snow King and Queen, as well as Snow Maidens dance for Clara. Some of our backdrops are perfect to set the stage such as the Winter Wonderland shown below or: the Snow Forest #2474, Snow Landscape #2240, and Snow Forest Backdrop #1863.


Scene III – The Sweets 

During this act, Clara celebrates the defeat of the Mouse King with the Sugar Plum Fairy as highlighted by many noteworthy dances such as Waltz of the Flowers, Dance of the Dew Drop Fairy and, of course, the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. 

Candy Land

We have several backdrops for rent that would make the perfect setting for this “Palace of Sweets” portion of the ballet. 

Here are links to several others that would be appropriate for Act II of the Nutcracker: Palace of Sweets #2274, Land of Sweets #1853, and Palace of Sweets (with rotunda) #1946

No matter what version of the Nutcracker your organization is performing, we can help you find the perfect backdrop to set the stage for your holiday performance. 


mRNA vaccine

4 Ways The Pandemic May Transform Theater 

It’s been more than a year since the lights on Broadway went out due to the coronavirus pandemic. Thankfully, the announcement of reopenings starting this fall have given hope to the thousands who work in the industry and those who have businesses that rely on the entertainment industry for work. 

With the increasing amount of vaccines available and theater workers preparing for reopening, what might be different come the fall? How will things look and feel for thespians and those who love musicals and plays? Let’s explore how this pandemic may transform our theater experience. 


Theater Offerings May Shift 

According to the Broadway League, the trade organization that represents theater owners and producers, a typical Broadway audience pre-pandemic was made up of 35% local residents and 65% tourists. 

While these statistics may seem hopeful, the prospect that more than half of the audiences were once made up of tourists is frightening, especially since full tourist audiences are not expected back until 2025. 

This shift in the demographics of the audiences could consequently mean a shift in the program offerings. Fortune online predicts that, “Broadway will need to develop and produce content tailored more towards the 35% of audiences that hail from New York City and its suburbs and rely less on the international tourists (19%) and domestic tourists (46%) that made up the majority of its pre-pandemic audience.”

As a result, show creators and theater owners may need to adjust the offerings that are less tourist-popular and more interesting to the local and regional residents in the Tri-State region. This could include limited-run performances or special concert programming. 

Times Square NY

New Venues Outside of NY and London

Travel to and from many countries remains highly restricted due to the coronavirus. This may mean that since tourists still need to get their theater fix, they may do it at Off-Broadway venues rather than larger more populous venues. 

As a result, smaller venues and nonprofits around the country may (in no small part) lead the comeback of theater. The same is true of regional theaters in Europe that may bypass a trip to London in order to remain in a semi-dafe bubble of their own country. 

Creativity Will Expand 

It doesn’t take the end of the pandemic to see that creativity is even stronger than ever before in the theater industry. Think about all of the out-of-the-box thinking that went into outdoor performances, Zoom dance classes, and collaboration through video conferencing when creating a perfectly harmonized duet.  

Rest assured that this creativity of how to perform and continue to grow in their craft will continue now that the curtains are going up in theaters across the country. 

Alladin's magic lamp

Crossovers Between Theater & Movies 

As we saw during the pandemic, where there is a will there’s a way. Theater goers were starved for live performances and were stuck at home on the couch. As a result, collaboration between Disney and Hamilton producers brought about something that we never thought we would see, a recorded performance of Hamilton on Disney+. 

These types of crossovers are most likely going to continue as well as movie versions of fan favorites like Dear Evan Hansen. Fans love the idea of having access to a show even from the comfort of their own home. 


Frozen soap bubble

Frozen Fans Delight in Our Backdrops 

Are you or your children super fans of Disney’s Frozen movie? If so, you may spend your days turning normal conversations into songs from the wildly popular 2013 movie. If your kids can’t just “Let It Go” you may need to find an outlet for their obsession in the form of a Frozen themed birthday party or summer get together with friends. Here are a few ideas on how to use our Frozen themed backdrops for your next gathering. 

deer in snowy woods

You May Be A Frozen Super Fan If…

Sure, we all loved Frozen! Who doesn’t love a story about resilience, sisterhood, true love, and, of course, a movie with a singing snowman named Olaf? 

Some of us go a little beyond just loving the movie and step over into being a superfan. You may be a Frozen super fan if: 

  • Knocking on a door without saying “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?” is difficult.
  • You want to be both Elsa and Anna. 
  • You find it difficult to say “Okay, bye” without adding in the next lines from the movie. 
  • You name your winter snowman Olaf. 
  • You create castles out of ice in your free time. 
  • The idea of a reindeer as a pet sounds like a good idea. 
  • Your search for signs of Frozen in other Disney Movies. 
  • Kristoff is your dream guy. 
  • You recognize the voices of Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, Josh Gad, and Santino Fontana anywhere.

ice palace

Backdrops for Your Frozen Party, Dance Performance or Cosplay

If you’re planning a party centered around Queen Elsa’s Ice Castle or Anna dancing around the streets of Arendelle, our backdrops can help you set the stage for the perfect snowy scene. 

From the cobblestoned streets of a European village, to the snowy backdrop of the hills above Arendelle to the famous Ice Palace that Elsa retreats to, we have the perfect backdrops for your next Frozen party or local musical. Not only are our backdrops easy to set up and take down, but they make the perfect addition to parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, theater groups, and dance performances alike. 

Add your own costumes to our breathtaking backdrops and the children and adults will be amazed how a theater or backyard can be transformed into a place of magic and wonderment! 

Frozen, the movie, is considered by some critics as Disney’s best animated film since the studio’s Renaissance Era. If you or your children love Frozen as much as we do, check out our backdrops of a European city street, our snowy tree backdrops, the Ice Palace and more on our backdrops page. 


How to Hang a Backdrop

One of the most asked questions when a customer calls me is “How do you hang the backdrops?”  It’s a simple question.  And like most simple questions, there isn’t always a simple answer.  But in this case, it is rather simple 90% of the time.  However, there are a few different ways to hang our backdrops.  It’s the other 10% that can be complicated.

Across the top of all of our backdrops, there are tie lines for hanging.  The easiest way to hang a backdrop is to simply tie the backdrop on to one of the stage battens.  The center of each backdrop is marked near the tie lines on the back.  My suggestion is to start from the center of the stage and work your way out.  That way, if there is any extra backdrop leftover (ie if the backdrop is wider than the stage), you can fold the ends behind and tie it off in the back keeping the backdrop centered on stage.

About 80% of our backdrops have the tie lines looped through grommets.  So, you can also hook these backdrops onto hardware through the grommets.  Not too many people do this, but it is an option.  The other 20% have cloth ties that are sewn into the top of the backdrop.  These backdrops do not have grommets.  Again, every backdrop has ties, but not every backdrop has the grommets.

About 33% of our backdrops have a sleeve across the top as well.  It is located below the ties (see photo below).  So, you can slide a pipe through the sleeve without having to tie the backdrop.  Usually, this method is used with pipe and drape systems.  The pipe and drape systems are typically used at trade shows or ballroom events and not with traditional theater stage rigging.

Another aspect of hanging a backdrop occurs before you even rent a backdrop.  You really should know what size backdrop would be effective on your stage.  You do not want to get one that is too small or too big, obviously.  But sometimes, you are not going to get the perfect size.  Sometimes when a backdrop is just a little too big, you can fold the extra backdrop under the scene letting it rest on the stage.  For instance, if you have a 15 foot tall stage but really want the 18 foot tall backdrop, you have to look at the picture to see if you can “fold out” the bottom part of the backdrop without losing the effectiveness of the scene.  If the backdrop is simply a blue sky with clouds, folding out any portion of the backdrop is easy, and you will not “lose” any of the scene.  But if you have a city street scene, you might be folding out half of a doorway or half of a window, and that will not look clean.  You can theoretically fold out the top of the backdrop using heavy clamps.  You would tie the backdrop as usual, but instead of folding the backdrop under, you would “lift” the backdrop up and clamp it to the batten.  This is more time consuming, but it has been done.  However, if you do this, it is very important to protect the backdrop from the clamps since the clamps can leave creases in the backdrop.

There are some instances where the stage is bigger than the backdrop and where the battens are dead hung meaning they don’t move.  When this happens you will have to look into adding rope extensions so that the backdrop will hang lower.  So, the size of your stage is part of how you are going to hang a backdrop.

The last part of hanging a backdrop is weighting it down so that the wrinkles are lessened and so that it does not sway in the wind.  Across the bottom of the backdrops is a pipe pocket.  Some of the pipe pockets already have a light chain sewn into the bottom.  But most have the empty pocket.  You can slide in pvc pipe, wood, metal rods, or a chain into the pocket.  If you have to fold out any part of the backdrop, you’ll have to deal with the weight in the pocket.  You do not HAVE to use a weight in the pocket.  But if you do not have to fold out any part of the backdrop, I highly recommend using one to help with the wrinkles and stability.

Disney castle

Backdrops for Children’s Theaters 

Does your local or community theater love producing children’s theater?. Well, now that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for this global pandemic in the way of a vaccine, it is time to start preparing for your productions in 2021. From the Wizard of Oz to Aladdin, Pinnochio to Little Mermaid, Charles Stewart Backdrops offers a wide variety of backdrops to make your performance look professional and polished. 

Nutcracker scene on stage

Theaters Are Getting Creative 

Theaters across our nation are getting very creative in the ways that they are keeping theater going even in the midst of this COVID-19 outbreak. Some productions are taking place outdoors in parking lots with theater-goers hunkered down in the cars, while other theaters are going forward with virtual productions. It is vital to social and emotional growth that youngsters are able to be a part of a production no matter how it is produced. 

Top Children’s Shows 

According to Children’s Theater Plays online, some of the most popular plays and musicals currently are the traditional shows that we all grew up loving such as: The Wizard of Oz, Finding Nemo, Grease, the Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, and of course the Disney fan favorites. Maybe we are all craving a bit of the familiar and the comfort of a storyline that we can follow along with easily or have songs that we can sing along with. 

forest with dirt path and streamBackdrop Options for Children’s Shows 

Under the Sea Backdrops 

One of our most popular backdrops that can be used in a variety of shows is the “Under the Sea” backdrop. From Little Mermaid, to Finding Nemo, to SpongeBob Squarepants, our under the ocean themed backdrop can bring the audience right into the action by making it appear as though the action is happening beneath the water. Add to that the expertise of lighting professionals and the stage can seemingly be under the sea! 

Storefront Themed Backdrops 

Mom and Pop shops seem to be the setting for many plays and musicals, and Charles Stewart has a few options for backdrops to set the scene for each of these. Whether you are staging Geppetto’s wood carving shop in Pinnochio, or the famous flower shop seen in Little Shop of Horrors, Charles Stewart has the backdrops that can transport audience members into the action in each show. 

Tropical Backdrops 

Who doesn’t love the beach and a tropical destination? Broadway shows that have been adapted for children’s theater have produced some fan favorites such as Tarzan, Mamma Mia, and Treasure Island. Charles Stewart can create a tropical paradise at your location using high- quality backdrops to set the scene on a beach with palm trees and beautiful blue skies. 

Check out our categories on our website that can get your imagination going and your creative juices flowing for your next children’s performance. 


Times Square NYC

Broadway Reopening Delayed a Little Longer 

According to a New York Associated Press report on the PBS site, fans of Broadway theater will have to wait a little longer for shows to resume. Theater enthusiasts will need to wait until at least late May 2021. Read on to find out more about this safety precaution as the coronavirus rages on across the country. 

The sad announcement about the reopening delay came this Fall from the Broadway League, the national trade association for the Broadway industry. The 700-plus members of the League include theatre owners and operators, producers, presenters, and general managers in North American cities, as well as suppliers of goods and services to the commercial theatre industry. 

The decision was not an easy one. 

guitar case open on the ground

The Specifics of Reopening & Refunding 

While there actually is no specific date as of right now for reopening, May 2021 is the current timeframe being looked at. The League, in coordination with Broadway producers are now offering refunds and exchanges for tickets purchased for shows through May 30. Adjustments can be made to your credit card or funds can be taken as a donation to the theater industry.

This new timeframe may complicate a long list of shows that had planned to open in the spring, including “The Music Man,” “Flying Over Sunset,” “Caroline, or Change,” “Plaza Suite,” “American Buffalo,” and “The Minutes.” Within hours of the announcement, the musical based on Michael Jackson, called “MJ,” pushed back its performances to September 2021.

Times Square NY

Reactions and Reflection 

This most recent delay in opening of theaters was endorsed by the Actors’ Equity Association, which represents 51,000 theater actors and stage managers. Sadly, it is understood by most in the industry as well as theater-goers that the safety of the actors, crew, and vendors is the most important thing at this point. 

Mary McColl, the executive director for Actors’ Equity Association said this about the decision. “It was a difficult but responsible decision to put the safety and health of their workers and audience first. This is a deeply painful time for everyone who depends on the arts for their livelihood.”

The coronavirus has shuttered Broadway, Off-Broadway and community theaters across the country since mid March. This industry helps to power the United States entertainment economy, making an approximated $1.8 billion dollars last year alone. 

Actors, directors, and producers continue to encourage Americans to wear masks, practice good hand hygiene, stay socially distant, and take the advice of the scientific community in order to protect yourself, others, and get our economy open sooner rather than later. 


walkway backdrop

Backdrops for Your Business 

When people hear about our nationally known backdrops, they often immediately envision a theater, stage, or a Broadway show. While this is an accurate vision, we also want our readers to know that we can also provide backdrops for businesses that could take your presentations up a notch. 

trees and tall bushes garden backdropHow Businesses Can Use Backdrops 

Backdrops can create a setting for many different types of businesses. Dance studios, corporate functions, weddings, photo studios, photo booths, storefront product scenes, virtual job fairs, and the list goes on and on. Any one of these scenarios can look more professional, polished, and engaging with a Backdrop from Charles Stewart. 

For example, many dance studios have moved their performances outdoors to accommodate as many audience members as is safe, due to social distancing during this outbreak of the coronavirus. Another example would be seasonal backdrops such as some of our holiday backdrops for photo shoots or photo booths during wedding receptions or for families during this season of holiday picture taking. 

Yet another example of how businesses are thinking outside the box and using backdrops is in the digital world. Many businesses have needed to shift gears toward virtual events such as job fairs, presentations, and performances. These events can be made to look so much better with a setting … thus a backdrop. Not all businesses have access to a green screen studio, so a professionally designed backdrop can create the scene you are hoping to portray. Each backdrop can be delivered directly to the client and set up is easy with our easy to use grommets and tie lines spaced approximately 12-14 inches apart.

Benefits of Backdrops 

Theaters have known for years that the setting of a show can be created wonderfully with a series of backdrops, props, lighting, and amazing costumes. The same can go for your presentation, mini-show, wedding ceremony, photoshoot, or other event that your business may need to pull off during these challenging times. Create the scene you are hoping for with one of our backdrops. 

Backdrops can also create a professional look to any business or performance. If your company is trying to impress clients, this could very well be the way to do so. 

Backdrops, while always associated with Broadway and Off Broadway performances, are also used in so many business settings. Consider our wide selection of backdrops for all of your business needs. 

inside old stone caves

The Impact of Backdrops & Scenery 

Have you ever been to a performance and been absolutely drawn into the world that the characters and scenery have created for the audience? That’s the power of a good show. It can sweep you up and transport you to the time and place as set by the performance. Part of that is the scenery and backdrops utilized by the production crew. Part of it is the acting, blocking, and score performed by the orchestra. Let’s take a closer look at the impact that backdrops and scenery can have on any performance. 

trees and tall bushes garden backdrop

In one of our previous blogs, we examined the role of the backdrop in the overall success of a performance, whether it is done on a high school stage, at a community theater, Off-Broadway or under the bright lights of the Great White Way. “Backdrops provide the perfect and final element that ties the theatrical production together. From dance recitals to events and to the perfect scenery. Backdrops allow you to set the stage and enhance the decoration with the visual impact that makes a presentation unforgettable.” 

What is a Backdrop? 

According to ShowTex, the word backdrop refers to a large plain, printed or painted curtain hanging at the back of a stage or set. Originally used as a scenic element for theatres, backdrops now appear in all kinds of settings ranging from performances on stage to events, conferences, trade shows and more. Backdrop curtains are typically made from flame-retardant materials and sewn without fullness. They add depth to a stage and can turn a plain background into a lively scene when needed.

walkway backdrop

How Backdrops Can Change a Performance

Backdrops truly set the stage for every performance or presentation. The effect is that a backdrop can create a mood that ranges from a dark, scary tone to a bright, happy one and everything in between. For many performances, backdrops can be changed as the mood changes in the storyline. For some plays or musicals, the backdrop remains the same throughout. Those usually tell the story of a particular setting that remains constant or only slightly changes with set design. 

In concert with the music, lighting, and acting, a backdrop can become a part of the illusion of what is happening on stage. Backdrops often set more than just the mood, but can also set the time of day and season of the year depending upon the needs of each performance. Painted, printed and special design backdrops can create a season and time of day with the images they portray. 

Check out our custom and new backdrops that can set the stage and mood for your next performance. We have a wide array of options for rental and purchase, as well as special options for designing a truly unique backdrop for your performance. 


Broadway sign

What Hamilton Has Taught Us

Most people who experience a live theater production leave with a sense that they learned something, either about themselves or possibly the world around them. The characters, music, and dialog can add up to a moment of epiphany or understanding that few of life’s events can equal. 

One such production that has taken the United States by storm and is rich in life lessons, is the unlikely story of an American hero, politician, and statesman, Alexander Hamilton. In August of 2015, the hit show Hamilton premiered on Broadway. It has experienced an amazing run with productions in New York, Chicago, and London, with a traveling company that toured the U.S. 

Not only is the show wildly popular, but it is nearing the top 10 of highest grossing musicals of all time, and investors have seen returns of over 600%. These are not numbers that would be lost on our financially savvy Alexander Hamilton. 

revolutionary war image

Learn From the Past 

The story of Alexander Hamilton is filled with life lessons even though it is set in the late 1700s and early 1800s. One of the biggest lessons of the production is that we can still learn from what happened long ago. Our young country is still grappling with many of the same issues today. 

Take for example, the many instances in the production that makes references to the inequalities among immigrants, women, and people of color. The same theme of disenfranchisement and inequities can be seen in our nation today, as we struggle with how this pandemic is impacting people of color at a higher rate and how our nation has become divided in the protesting of brutality against men and women of color. 

theaterCombine the Old With the New 

Less than a decade ago, if someone had said they were going to write a musical meant for Broadway that would be set during the American Revolutionary War era, but set to contemporary rap and hip-hop-style music, they would have been laughed at. Lin-Manuel Miranda actually was laughed at as he described the production that was yet to be released. 

Yet, just five years after this production hit the stage, no one can imagine that this show would be anything other than spectacular! In fact, adults and children alike are singing the songs of Hamilton word-for-word. 

The lesson here is that by combining the old (historic lessons of the revolution) with the new (musical styles) one can learn deeply about an age that set the tone for our country. Forbes Magazine online stated that, “In Hamilton, a familiar story and an old theatrical genre gets a new perspective with a multi-cultural cast and contemporary music performed at a rapid-fire pace (if Hamilton was sung at the pace of a typical musical, the show would be almost six hours long). On stage, the cast is dressed in period costumes from the neck down, but their hair, their attitudes, and their vocal tone, are very much now.”

No matter what lesson you walked away from Hamilton with, you can probably bet that each theatergoer learned a little about how they feel about our country’s history, immigration, race relations, and the role that women play in all of this. Let us know what you took away from Hamilton in the comments or on our social media page.