Proudly renting theatrical backdrops to the United States and Canada for over 100 years.

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Are you looking for the perfect backdrop for your next theatrical production or special event? Well, look no further. Charles H. Stewart has well over 1500 backdrops available for rent, featuring iconic scenery that turns any production or event into a Broadway-like extravaganza! 

We pride ourselves in creating theatrical backdrops that take audiences and guests to far off lands of fantasy, snowy village streets, or neon-lit downtown city blocks. So, if you’re directing a theatrical production, hosting a themed party, showcasing your business at a trade show, or putting on a photo booth at a wedding, Backdrops by Charles H. Stewart can help add a little extra magic to your event.

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Our backdrop rentals are categorized and organized. This makes it easy for you to find precisely the custom backdrop that you are looking for based on show, theme, color, decade, and design. Scroll through our backdrop categories to find the best backdrop rental for your needs. We also offer custom backdrops and many backdrops for sale if you would like to keep and reuse your backdrop.

Please be sure to visit our show suggestions page to find backdrop rentals organized and curated based on the most iconic shows to hit the stage.