Rental Information

Rental Information

Find information about renting a backdrop from Charles H. Stewart. Here, you can find rental pricing, renting terms & conditions, as well as payment, shipping, and cancellation policies. If you have questions about your specific show and shipment, reach out to us directly and we can assist you!

Rental Prices

Painted Backdrops and Solids:
$360 first week
$250 second week
$175 each additional week

Scrims and Strips:
$375 first week
$250 second week
$175 each additional week

Seamless White Cyclorama:
$450 first week
$250 second week
$175 each additional week

Legs and Tabs:
$180 per week

$125 per week

Minimum one week rental fee

Ask about custom pricing beyond one week

Prices subject to change without notice and do not include shipping and handling costs or special circumstances


Rental Orders:

  1. A $100 per drop per week non-refundable deposit is due at the time of order. If the order is placed within 14 days of the ship date, then the full amount is due at the time of order. You will receive a confirmation of your rental order. Please check it carefully to be certain that all information including the backdrops rented, show dates, and addresses are correct. Then, return one signed copy to us for final confirmation of your order. Return confirmation immediately.
  2. Total payment must be received at least 14 business days before scheduled shipment date.
  3. Our minimum rental fee is one week. One week equals 7 days. The 8th day starts 2nd week.
  4. Please notify us as soon as possible if you wish to change or cancel your order. Orders canceled two weeks or more prior to the scheduled date of shipment will forfeit the non-refundable deposit. Orders cancelled less than 14 days prior to the scheduled date of shipment are subject to the full rental rate fee. YOUR PER DROP CANCELLATION FEE WILL BE BASED UPON YOUR DATE OF CANCELLATION AS CONFIRMED BY CHARLES H STEWART. Please refer to cancellation policy.
  5. All drops must be returned on time either in person or via UPS (United Parcel Service) under the shipping program specified by Charles H. Stewart. Any deviation must be approved by Charles H. Stewart in order to avoid extra charges.
  6. Orders not returned on the date specified on your confirmation will result in an additional rental/late charge ($40/day).
  7. DO NOT nail, staple, tack, pin,cut, or alter in any way the items on this contract.
  8. You are responsible for damages or unauthorized treatments to any rental item while it is in your possession.
  9. Renter gives Charles H Stewart authorization to charge any late fee, damage fee, additional rental, full payment or deposit to their credit card.

Terms Of Liability:

  1. During the term of the rental and at all times when the equipment is in the custody of the Renter, the Renter shall maintain the equipment in good condition and repair. At the end of the rental term, the Renter shall deliver and return the equipment on time to Charles H. Stewart in good condition and repair.
  2. The Renter hereby assumes full responsibility for the equipment rented and agrees to compensate Charles H. Stewart to the extent of the full value should any item of said equipment not be returned or be returned in a damaged condition, due to any cause whatever. Renter further agrees to compensate Charles H. Stewart in rent for any time lost as a result of replacement or repairs to damaged or lost drops. A Minimum Charge for damage requiring repairs is $100 per drop. Charles H. Stewart will make every effort to discuss all damage assessments with renter before rendering any and all additional charges.
  3. Renter assumes all risk in the use and operation of the rented equipment and shall be responsible for providing proper safety devices and equipment to safeguard users or operators of the equipment herein rented and for installation of the equipment in safe and adequate facilities, in order to comply with Federal, State and Local laws or regulations, and all industry standards.
  4. The acceptance of the return of the rented equipment is not a waiver by Charles H. Stewart of any claims it may have against the Renter, nor a waiver of claims for latent or patent damages to the equipment.
  5. The acceptance of any rent or payment, or any portion thereof, after a default by the Renter shall not be deemed to operate as a waiver of Charles H. Stewart's right to enforce the payment of rent or other payment herein provided for/or to terminate this agreement and recover possession of its equipment. The failure to insist upon strict compliance with the terms and conditions of this agreement, even after a breach of any provision or after default, shall not be construed as a waiver of any of Charles H. Stewart's rights under this agreement.
  6. No terms, representations or warranty, expressed or implied, not herein set forth in writing shall bind Charles H. Stewart.
  7. The Renter expressly agrees to indemnify and hold Charles H. Stewart harmless from any and all claims arising out of any violation of any law, rule, regulation, or order, and from any and all claims or liabilities for loss, damage or injury to persons or property of whatever kind or nature arising from the use or operation of the equipment herein rented, or from the negligence or carelessness of the agents or employees of the Renter
  8. The renter agrees to pay all reasonable attorney's fees and costs incurred by Charles H. Stewart in protecting its rights of property under this agreement, or in any action or proceeding against the Renter.
  9. This agreement contains the entire understanding between the parties, including representation, and may not be modified except by another agreement in writing signed by both parties of this agreement.



Confirmation Policy:
A confirmation invoice form will be e-mailed on the day you order. This form must be signed and returned immediately to Charles H. Stewart Co. Ltd. Your order is NOT confirmed until we receive this SIGNED form.

Payment Policy:
$100 non-refundable deposit per drop per week is due as a reservation fee. This fee may be made by credit card (preferred) at the time of order or by check within 10 days after the order (at Charles H Stewart’s discretion). Full payment is due at least 14 days prior to shipping.
Any orders placed within 14 days of the ship date must be paid in full via credit card at the time of order.

If renter has a credit card on file with us, they agree that Charles H Stewart is authorized to charge any non-refundable deposit, full payment, balance, extended rental, damage charges or late fees to their credit card.

Cancellation Policy:
Orders cancelled two weeks or more prior to the scheduled date of shipment will forfeit the non-refundable deposit. Orders cancelled less than 14 days prior to the scheduled date of shipment are subject to the full rental fee.

If we ship any backdrops to you and you do not use them, then we must be notified PRIOR to your show, AND we must have proof of the return shipping date for you to receive any credit. In this instance, there would be a restocking fee of $100 per drop applied (at CHS’ discretion). During peak seasons *, there are NO refunds if the backdrops have already been shipped.

* Peak seasons are for any shows that are performed either fully or partially from March 1-June 30 and November 1-December 31.

Shipping Policy:
We ship our backdrops through UPS. The shipping charges BOTH WAYS will be included on the confirmation invoice form. You will receive your backdrops on the Monday prior to your show whenever possible. When you receive your backdrops, the return shipping labels will be affixed to one of the boxes in a pouch. The return labels will also be through UPS. DO NOT return ship the backdrops using any other carrier other than UPS unless pre-arranged with Charles H Stewart Co Ltd at the time of order. In order to avoid any additional fees, DO NOT return ship any backdrop under ANY circumstance through the United States Postal Service.

You must return ship the backdrops on the Monday after your show or on the date confirmed with Charles H Stewart Co Ltd, so as not to interfere with someone else's production or to incur any additional charges/late fees (the 8th day starts the new week). When you return ship the backdrops to Charles H. Stewart Co Ltd or to any other destination supplied by Charles H. Stewart Co Ltd., simply place the corresponding labels on the respective boxes (each label will include the backdrop identification number so that you can match the label with the correct backdrop). If you should happen to lose any of the return labels, contact us immediately and new labels will be e-mailed to you right away. If you send any backdrop to the wrong address or by using any carrier other than UPS without Charles H Stewart Co Ltd’s consent, then you are responsible for any shipping charges and/or any other fees to correct the error.

To return ship the backdrops, you can drop them off with the prepaid labels attached to a UPS customer counter (highly recommended) or UPS Store (not highly recommended, but OK). You can also arrange for UPS to pick up the backdrops from you. In this case, call UPS at least one business day prior to the date you want the pickup made (for a Monday pickup, you must make arrangements by the Friday before). Let UPS know that the packages are prepaid and that you just need a pick up. You may incur a pick up fee from UPS for this service, which you would pay to UPS directly. Also, if your company has a UPS account, just bring the packages with the prepaid labels attached to your shipping and receiving so that they can be placed in the daily, outgoing shipment. Remember that the pre-paid return labels are NOT call tags. You must still arrange for a pick up or drop them off at a UPS location.


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"Due to power outage in Visalia CA, our dance recital had to be postponed a day. Thank you Charles for letting us keep our backdrops until tomorrow. They make our show extra special!!"

Susan Pallas, Sierra Perf Arts Center January 28, 2016

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"The mansion backdrop arrived this afternoon for our "Annie Jr" play next weekend. Thanks for the GREAT looks fantastic and is sure to add to the drama and excitement of a fun production! Many thanks"

Jamie Santa Maria Osbourne, King Philip Middle School January 28, 2016

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"I was introduced to Charles H. Stewart company last year for my high school production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Great selection, great customer service, great price! Currently hoping they have my drops for Hello Dolly!"

Jeff Leinen, Stratford High School January 28, 2016

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"Just sent you guys some pics of your backdrops we are renting for Little Mermaid Junior. Love all of them!!! You guys rock!!"

Juna Broome, Dance Etcetera January 28, 2016