Setting the Stage for A Christmas Carol 

The holiday season is fast approaching and that means shopping, songs of the season, and (of course) the most famous transformation of miserly Ebenezer Scrooge from a penny-pinching mean-spirited man to one who embodies the ideals of the season. It’s not quite Christmas without the classic performance of A Christmas Carol

The story of A Christmas Carol is one that many theater groups and professional thespians perform on an annual basis. Having the right backdrops, lighting, and sound accompaniment can make all the difference in creating the illusion of the Victorian Era in London. 

Let Backdrops by Charles H. Stewart create some magic for your stage in our selections appropriate for the time period and storyline. Our backdrop rentals include sleepy, winter London streets inspired by the works of Dickens himself, snow-covered forests, desolate graveyards, and Victorian-inspired interiors. Adding these beautiful backdrops to your production will bring an unforgettable and unmatched feeling of authenticity to your guests, allowing them to get swept up in the magic.

The Story of Scrooge

By now we are all very familiar with the story of miserly Ebenezer Scrooge and possibly use his life as a roadmap of how to change our ways when necessary. 

The unkind and uncharitable Scrooge begins his transformation on Christmas Eve when he refuses to donate to a worthy cause and is unkind to his employees. Upon arriving home for the evening and heading to bed, Scrooge is visited by the ghost of his old business partner Jacob Marley – and then by three ghosts! They are the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Future.

Each ghost shows Scrooge the errors of his ways and how his eternity in the afterlife may play out should he not change course. After an evening of learning about the needs of others and how he can save himself, he wakes up on Christmas Day full of excitement and buys the biggest turkey in the shop for the Cratchit family before spending the day with his nephew, full of the joys of Christmas.

Featured Backdrops for A Christmas Carol 

With nearly 60 backdrops specific to shows featuring A Christmas Carol, our expansive warehouse is set to ship for your performance. There are so many options to choose from. Here are just a few to get you started. 

A Traditional Dickens Street 

There are so many to choose from to create the scene of a Victorian Era street in London. Here are two of our favorites. The Dickens Street Backdrop #2543 includes a snow-covered English street with a tavern and a distant church.

Or, should you like a different view, we have the Dickens Street Backdrop #2299 which depicts a snow-covered London street with Tudor-style buildings.

Winter Wonderland Scene

Set in the snowy scenes of winter, A Christmas Carol would not be complete without winter wonderland scenery. The Snow Forest Backdrop #2531 shows fir trees covered in heavy snow against a gray sky. 

Graveyard Scene 

As Ebenezer’s night continues on, he visits a graveyard to witness the cruelty of the world and how Tiny Tim’s life may end up should he not intervene with help. This backdrop called Graveyard Backdrop #2415 depicts a creepy graveyard where the kay and moon are translucent, but the hills, gravestones, and trees are opaque. 

headstones along cemetery fence

Explore all of our backdrop options for A Christmas Carol and get started setting your stage for a holiday season performance.