Our Favorite Backdrops for Peter Pan the Musical 

If you had the chance to never grow up and deal with adult problems, would you do it? The mischievous Peter Pan would!

Peter Pan the Musical opened at the Winter Garden Theatre on Broadway on October 20, 1954, and in London more than 50 years prior. The original run on Broadway only opened for 152 shows but has since been adapted to television, movies, and theater groups across the country. In 1955, the production won three Tony Awards for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical, Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Musical, and Best Stage Technician

The Story of Peter Pan 

The beloved story of the boy who never wanted to grow up has enchanted audiences for over 100 years. 

Peter Pan, a young mischievous child, returns to the home of the Darling family from his home of make-believe named Neverland. His return, with his sidekick Tinkerbell, is prompted when Peter realizes that he lost his shadow in the Darling home. 

Peter Pan explains to the children that Neverland is home and that they can join the rest of the Lost Boys if they choose to never grow up. The children learn to fly and go on adventures with Peter to the island that is home to not only the Lost Boys but to pirates who want to capture the children. Captain Hook leads the pirates and is hounded by the crocodile who bit off his leg and an alarm clock ticking is heard as he comes closer to Hook and the children. 

The ensuing sword fights, pirate antics, and flying make for an enchanting and fun production for children and adults alike. In the end, the Darling children choose to return home and leave Tinkerbell and Peter to be forever young in Neverland. 

Backdrops Created With Peter Pan In Mind 

The production, originally composed of three acts, eventually expanded to five to explore Neverland (Peter’s home where he never had to grow up). The expansion of the story allowed for more adventure in Neverland, on a pirate ship, and flying in the sky. It captivates audiences with sword fights, singing pirates, and the world of make-believe. The production starts in the home of the Darlings, specifically in the nursery or children’s bedroom – Wendy, John, and Michael. 

Victorian Interior This backdrop Victorian Interior Backdrop #2555 would be a perfect Darling home bedroom with the blue Victorian aesthetic with stencil wallpaper, ornate curtains, and large windows.

To portray Neverland, Peter Pan’s home with the Lost Boys and Tinkerbell, this specifically designed backdrop Neverland Backdrop #2492 shows the tropical island as well as Captain Hook’s pirate ship. 

Pirate ship For the close interactions with Captain Hook, the alligator, and the pirates, this Pirate Ship Deck Backdrop #2583 shows an old, wooden ship deck with canvas sails, cannons, ropes, and pulleys. 

Scenes, where Peter Pan is teaching the Darling children how to fly over the city to his home, may find that this backdrop European Rooftop Backdrop #2516 is perfect. The backdrop shows a  London rooftop showing Victorian chimneys, St Paul’s Cathedral, and a purple sky.

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