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Hunchback Of Notre Dame Backdrops We Love 

Based on the famous 1831 novel by Victor Hugo, the Hunchback of Notre Dame originally premiered as a musical in Berlin, Germany in 1999. 

According to our records, the English-language musical The Hunchback of Notre Dame had its debut at La Jolla Playhouse in San Diego, California on October 28, 2014 and ran until December 7, 2014. Subsequently, the show went on to open on March 4, 2015, at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey. The show closed on April 5, 2015, after it was announced that it would not move to Broadway. Despite this, the musical is still beloved for its message of how we should all treat each other with kindness and respect. 

The Story of the Hunchback 

The story of the Hunchback of Notre Dame follows the life of Quasimodo, a disfigured bell ringer of the famed cathedral in Paris, France. Held captive by the cathedral’s caretaker and archdeacon who is  also his uncle – Dom Claude Frollo, Quasimodo longs to be down where the people are. 

Quasimodo eventually escapes the confines of the spires of the cathedral and joins the crowds in the streets only to be treated cruelly by all but a Romanian Gypsy woman, Esmeralda. A warrior, Captain Phoebus, fresh from the battlefront, is also taken by Esmerald’s beauty and vies for her attention. 

As the story plays out, Esmeralda, Quasimodo and the Captain find that they are all outcasts in their own way and must shatter the confines society has trapped them in to save each other. Frollo is set on a mission to destroy the Gypsies and it is up to Quasimodo to save them and himself. 

The Hunchback of Notre Dame contains important messages on how we should treat one another as human beings, especially in this day and age. 

Backdrops to Set the Stage for Hunchback of Notre Dame

Since the story takes place mostly in Paris, France, in the famed cathedral, and along the cobblestoned streets of the city, there are several options to choose from to make your performance feel like it is in a  traditional European city. 

European street backdrop

For scenes depicting the streets of France, this European Village Backdrop #2553 shows Tudor-style buildings in the center of a European town and distant mountains. The classic look and feel of a European city can be gleaned from this backdrop. 

Moonlight serenade

The scenes of the darkened night sky with a full moon would be well served with this Moonlight Serenade Backdrop #2338 with its night sky with stars, moon, and slight cloud cover.  It sets a mood that will help portray the mood of the lyrics and actors on stage. 

Of course, the famous cathedral of Notre Dame must be a part of your performance, so this Church Interior Backdrop #2218 with its stone cathedral interior showing the altar, vaulted arches and beautiful stained glass windows are perfect for any showing of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. 

Explore all 20 of our backdrops designed with this performance in mind. Check out all of our backdrops online and reserve yours today. 


Our Favorite Backdrops for Peter Pan the Musical 

If you had the chance to never grow up and deal with adult problems, would you do it? The mischievous Peter Pan would!

Peter Pan the Musical opened at the Winter Garden Theatre on Broadway on October 20, 1954, and in London more than 50 years prior. The original run on Broadway only opened for 152 shows but has since been adapted to television, movies, and theater groups across the country. In 1955, the production won three Tony Awards for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical, Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Musical, and Best Stage Technician

The Story of Peter Pan 

The beloved story of the boy who never wanted to grow up has enchanted audiences for over 100 years. 

Peter Pan, a young mischievous child, returns to the home of the Darling family from his home of make-believe named Neverland. His return, with his sidekick Tinkerbell, is prompted when Peter realizes that he lost his shadow in the Darling home. 

Peter Pan explains to the children that Neverland is home and that they can join the rest of the Lost Boys if they choose to never grow up. The children learn to fly and go on adventures with Peter to the island that is home to not only the Lost Boys but to pirates who want to capture the children. Captain Hook leads the pirates and is hounded by the crocodile who bit off his leg and an alarm clock ticking is heard as he comes closer to Hook and the children. 

The ensuing sword fights, pirate antics, and flying make for an enchanting and fun production for children and adults alike. In the end, the Darling children choose to return home and leave Tinkerbell and Peter to be forever young in Neverland. 

Backdrops Created With Peter Pan In Mind 

The production, originally composed of three acts, eventually expanded to five to explore Neverland (Peter’s home where he never had to grow up). The expansion of the story allowed for more adventure in Neverland, on a pirate ship, and flying in the sky. It captivates audiences with sword fights, singing pirates, and the world of make-believe. The production starts in the home of the Darlings, specifically in the nursery or children’s bedroom – Wendy, John, and Michael. 

Victorian Interior This backdrop Victorian Interior Backdrop #2555 would be a perfect Darling home bedroom with the blue Victorian aesthetic with stencil wallpaper, ornate curtains, and large windows.

To portray Neverland, Peter Pan’s home with the Lost Boys and Tinkerbell, this specifically designed backdrop Neverland Backdrop #2492 shows the tropical island as well as Captain Hook’s pirate ship. 

Pirate ship For the close interactions with Captain Hook, the alligator, and the pirates, this Pirate Ship Deck Backdrop #2583 shows an old, wooden ship deck with canvas sails, cannons, ropes, and pulleys. 

Scenes, where Peter Pan is teaching the Darling children how to fly over the city to his home, may find that this backdrop European Rooftop Backdrop #2516 is perfect. The backdrop shows a  London rooftop showing Victorian chimneys, St Paul’s Cathedral, and a purple sky.

For a full inventory of our Peter Pan, the Musical backdrops visit our show pages and get started planning your set today. 



Create the World of Cats the Musical 

When it comes to musicals, Cats is one of the most well-known around the globe. It has hit the stage in 30 countries and 20 different languages! According to the Cats the Musical site, the London production of the show ran for 21 years and 8,949 performances, while the American Broadway production ran for 18 years and 7,485 performances. This made Cats the longest-running musical in both theatre districts for a number of years.

Composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, based upon the 1939 poetry collection titled Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by T. S. Eliot, the musical was an immediate hit and held audiences’ attention for decades. It was even revived twice in the West End and once on Broadway to show just how popular the productions were. 

The ground-breaking and one-of-a-kind production was the winner of the Olivier and Evening Standard Awards for Best Musical. In 1983 the Broadway production became the recipient of seven Tony awards including Best Musical. 

The Story of Cats 

One of the most unique storylines on stage, Cats tells the tale of a tribe of felines called the Jellicles. The story follows one night a year when the patriarch of the family, Old Deuteronomy, chooses which cat will ascend to the Heaviside Layer (their version of heaven) and be reborn into a new life. The event is called the Jellicle Ball and is the basis of the entire performance where each contender is introduced and makes their case to the tribe.

Some of our favorite feline characters include Rum Tum Tugger, Mr. Mistoffelees, Macavity, Jennyanydots, Old Deuteronomy, Grizabella, and Skimbleshanks. Each one is spotlighted as they begin to make their case to the tribe’s leader. In the end, the winner of the prized extra life is the former glamour cat turned disheveled outcast, Grizabella. 

Backdrops For Cats the Musical 

Cats the Musical is unique not only because it is a story about cats told by cats, but because it takes place in a junkyard mostly under the full moon and cloudy skies. Backdrops by Charles H. Stewart has more than 23 backdrops that are appropriate for this production that can help your theater group set the stage for this award-winning show. 

Moon backdrops and sky backdrops are among the most popular for the production of Cats. These options are just a few of the backdrops we have for rent to showcase the night sky, moon, and stars that would be seen from the junkyard where the cats congregate. 

night moonThis Night Moon Backdrop #2479 depicts the beautiful night sky with bright stars and the moon. It also shows a silhouette of trees. 

Moonlight serenade Or perhaps you would like this Moonlight Serenade Backdrop #2338 that shows the night sky with the moons and stars but more of a cloud cover. 

NYC SkylineFor more of a city backdrop, try this New York at Night Backdrop #2300 which has a more stylized city skyline with a black sky and white city lights. 

Check out our full inventory of Cats the Musical backdrops and choose one that is right for your production style. We offer easy ordering and delivery options. 


Fiddler on the Roof

Our Featured Backdrops for Fiddler on the Roof 

“A fiddler on the roof. Sounds crazy, no? But here, in our little village of Anatevka, you might say every one of us is a fiddler on the roof trying to scratch out a pleasant, simple tune without breaking his neck. It isn’t easy. You may ask ‘Why do we stay up there if it’s so dangerous?’ Well, we stay because Anatevka is our home. And how do we keep our balance? That I can tell you in one word: tradition!” (Fiddler on the Roof

These are the famous first lines of Tevye, the father to three daughters looking to shackle from the traditions of marriage followed by their Jewish Russian parents. Fiddler on the Roof is one of the most cherished and revered productions of all time, Fiddler On The Roof, is known for its unique early-20th-century setting with Tsarist Russia. 

Relatable Themes and Lessons of Life 

First presented at the Imperial Theater in New York City on September 22, 1965, Fiddler follows the story of a family from Anatevka, a village in Russia in 1905, and how their lives are changing as traditions and perspectives are changing in their world and, closer to home, in their family. 

Despite the age of this musical, most viewers can relate to the relationships between Tevye and his wife and Tevye and his maturing daughters. We can all relate to the pull of love and how nothing can keep two people who love each other apart. 

Create a Russian Setting 

In order to create the setting of pre-revolution Tzarist Russia, Backdrops by Charles H. Stewart has many backdrop rentals to complement this historically unique setting. Here are just a few examples of Russian villages, farmland, rolling hills, town streets, and many more.

Russian Villages 

To create the sense of living in the early 1900s, prior to the Russian Revolution, backdrops can show the harsh living conditions faced by many Russians at the time including villages that have been forgotten by the government and a view of the struggle that Tevye has in wanting to marry his daughters off to a man who will not let his dear girls starve to death. 

Distant village This Distant Village Backdrop #2557 shows a view of a distant village through trees and across a meadow with a translucent sky. 

Tavern Interior This Tavern Interior Backdrop #2502 shows a rustic tavern interior with a stone fireplace, tables, wooden barrels, hunting trophies, and wagon wheel chandeliers.

Village tab For settings requiring a broad look at a Russian village this Village Tab Backdrop #2399 shows a rustic, run-down village street. 

For a full list of our Fiddler on the Roof backdrops please visit our website and view our show pages

Our Favorite 42nd Street The Musical Backdrops 

We’ve all had proverbial “stars in our eyes” at one point in our life as we chase our future hopes and dreams. The musical 42nd Street tells the story of a small-town girl named Peggy Sawyer who chases her dreams to make it on Broadway. 

This 1980s Broadway musical named after the famed New York City street was based upon the 1932 novel written by Bradford Rope and the subsequent Hollywood adaptation in 1933. This timeless classic is relatable to all who have taken a leap of faith and chased their dreams whether it’s on Broadway or in some other facet of life. 

The Story of 42nd Street 

The story of young Peggy Sawyer begins as she arrives in the Big Apple from her small town of Allentown, Pennsylvania, armed with her tap shoes and big dreams.

Peggy attempts to audition for a musical named Pretty Lady (yes, a musical within a musical) but never makes it to the stage due to her tardiness at the theater. Saddened but not yet giving up, Peggy joins the chorus dancers for tea and ends up showing them her talents in dancing even the most difficult routines. 

Meanwhile, the leading lady, Dorothy Brock, is proving to be a high-maintenance actress who is volatile, unprepared, and embroiled in a love triangle. She makes a mess of dance routines and eyes Peggy as the problem and her competitor in her love woes.

Peggy is eventually cast as a dancer when the showgirls realize they are down one dancer. Unfortunately, during one of the routines, Dorothy trips over Peggy and breaks her ankle. 

Instead of canceling the show, producers and chorus members encourage Peggy, in her amazing rise to fame, to take over the leading role and the show will go on as scheduled. Peggy has exactly 36 hours to learn 25 pages, 6 songs, and 10 dance numbers. When the curtain opens Peggy instantly becomes a Broadway star and sees the fulfillment of her lifelong dream. 

According to StageAgent online, “Peggy’s rise from showgirl to star is the stuff of show business dreams. 42nd Street is full of crowd-pleasing tap dances, popular musical theatre standards, and show-stopping ensemble production numbers.”

Backdrops for 42nd Street 

In order to set the stage for Broadway and the glitz and glam of New York City in the 1930s, you’ll want to explore the many backdrops we offer specifically for 42nd Street The Musical. 

cityscapesNYC Cityscapes 

Show the night skyline of the city with this backdrop aptly named Cityscape Backdrop #2419. This black and white background shows off the skyscrapers and buildings of any major city. 

If you are looking for more color and the lights of Broadway’s Great White Way then this Broadway Marquis Backdrop #2320 may be the right choice for you. This backdrop shows a city street picturing different Broadway theaters.

Stage Scenes 

back stage

As Peggy and Dorothy interact on stage and the show is being choreographed, this backstage backdrop may work for your performance. This Bare Stage Backdrop #2581 shows a brick wall with a theater door, a spiral staircase, a catwalk, and scenery flats leaning against the wall. 

Or if you are looking for more of a Bare Stage Backdrop #2381. This option may work. It is a backstage wall with a ladder, pipes, and scenery sets leaning against the wall.

For a full listing of our 42nd Street options please visit our show suggestions page

The 411 on Backdrop Rentals at Charles Stewart 

For over 100 years Backdrops By Charles Stewart has been a leading-edge scenic design and backdrop rental company. Many theater groups, production companies, dance productions, and Broadway shows have featured some of our high-quality backdrops. 

Many of our clients choose to buy our backdrops and reuse them for annual performances of shows such as the Nutcracker, or a Christmas Story. Other clients take advantage of our rental options to use a backdrop for a specified amount of time during their performance schedule. 

For those clients wondering about our rental options here is the 411 on how this works for our loyal customers. 


Rental Prices 

Our rental prices are affordable. For our painted backdrops, stripes and solids, the rate is based on how long you will need the backdrop. The current rate is $330 for the first week, $245 for the second week, and $175 for each additional week. 

For scrims, our rates go as follows: $425 for the first week, $245 for the second week, and $175 for each additional week. Our legs and tabs rent at $180 per week and our borders are priced at $125 per week. 

We ask that backdrops be rented for a minimum of one week and if you have any custom requests, talk to our team for custom pricing or special request pricing. 

Rental Terms 

In order to rent one of our scrims, backdrops, legs, tables, or borders, we ask that a $100 per drop per week non-refundable deposit is due at the time of order. A confirmation invoice form will be e-mailed on the day you order. The full payment must be received 14  days prior to shipping. If by chance you are ordering the backdrop within that 14-day time window, full payment should be received at the time of ordering. 

Please make sure that your order is accurate, including the name of the show, dates of the show, backdrop numbers, and shipping address. The timeframe of a one-week rental is 7 days. The eighth day begins the second week of rental. All drops must be returned on time either in person or via UPS (United Parcel Service) under the shipping program specified by Charles H. Stewart. 

Care of the backdrops should be paramount while they are in your possession. Please do not nail, staple, tack, pin, cut, or alter in any way the items on this contract.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our team if this is your first time renting or if you have questions or concerns about care, shipping, or returning the items on your order. We look forward to working closely with your group! 


Setting the Stage for A Christmas Carol 

The holiday season is fast approaching and that means shopping, songs of the season, and (of course) the most famous transformation of miserly Ebenezer Scrooge from a penny-pinching mean-spirited man to one who embodies the ideals of the season. It’s not quite Christmas without the classic performance of A Christmas Carol

The story of A Christmas Carol is one that many theater groups and professional thespians perform on an annual basis. Having the right backdrops, lighting, and sound accompaniment can make all the difference in creating the illusion of the Victorian Era in London. 

Let Backdrops by Charles H. Stewart create some magic for your stage in our selections appropriate for the time period and storyline. Our backdrop rentals include sleepy, winter London streets inspired by the works of Dickens himself, snow-covered forests, desolate graveyards, and Victorian-inspired interiors. Adding these beautiful backdrops to your production will bring an unforgettable and unmatched feeling of authenticity to your guests, allowing them to get swept up in the magic.

The Story of Scrooge

By now we are all very familiar with the story of miserly Ebenezer Scrooge and possibly use his life as a roadmap of how to change our ways when necessary. 

The unkind and uncharitable Scrooge begins his transformation on Christmas Eve when he refuses to donate to a worthy cause and is unkind to his employees. Upon arriving home for the evening and heading to bed, Scrooge is visited by the ghost of his old business partner Jacob Marley – and then by three ghosts! They are the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Future.

Each ghost shows Scrooge the errors of his ways and how his eternity in the afterlife may play out should he not change course. After an evening of learning about the needs of others and how he can save himself, he wakes up on Christmas Day full of excitement and buys the biggest turkey in the shop for the Cratchit family before spending the day with his nephew, full of the joys of Christmas.

Featured Backdrops for A Christmas Carol 

With nearly 60 backdrops specific to shows featuring A Christmas Carol, our expansive warehouse is set to ship for your performance. There are so many options to choose from. Here are just a few to get you started. 

A Traditional Dickens Street 

There are so many to choose from to create the scene of a Victorian Era street in London. Here are two of our favorites. The Dickens Street Backdrop #2543 includes a snow-covered English street with a tavern and a distant church.

Or, should you like a different view, we have the Dickens Street Backdrop #2299 which depicts a snow-covered London street with Tudor-style buildings.

Winter Wonderland Scene

Set in the snowy scenes of winter, A Christmas Carol would not be complete without winter wonderland scenery. The Snow Forest Backdrop #2531 shows fir trees covered in heavy snow against a gray sky. 

Graveyard Scene 

As Ebenezer’s night continues on, he visits a graveyard to witness the cruelty of the world and how Tiny Tim’s life may end up should he not intervene with help. This backdrop called Graveyard Backdrop #2415 depicts a creepy graveyard where the kay and moon are translucent, but the hills, gravestones, and trees are opaque. 

headstones along cemetery fence

Explore all of our backdrop options for A Christmas Carol and get started setting your stage for a holiday season performance. 


Spotlight on Midsummer Night’s Dream 

The complete works of Shakespeare include 38 plays and over 150 short and long poems. Many of these writings are considered to be some of the best ever written in English. His works have been translated into every major living language and even 400 years after his death they continue to be performed in theaters around the globe. 

From the tragedies of Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet to the comedies of Much Ado About Nothing and the Merry Wives of Windsor, Shakespeare had the ability to capture the attention and hearts of his readers and audiences with his well-developed characters and his ultimate command of the English language. 

A Little About Midsummer Night’s Dream 

One of our favorite plays over the years continues to be Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. This comedy follows four young Athenians who find themselves in a romantic tangle. 

The play centers around the events happening at the marriage of Theseus, the Duke of Athens, to Hippolyta, the former queen of the Amazons. Our four young lovers, Hermia and Lysander, who are attempting to elope, and Demetrius and Helena. Their stories are paralleled by the story of Titania and Oberon, monarchs of the forest, who are embroiled in their own fight.

When fairy, Robin “Puck” Goodfellow, gets involved and uses a love potion to manipulate the four, the hilarity ensues. We won’t reveal any spoilers, but some very interesting love matches occur due to Puck’s interference! 

The play is one of Shakespeare’s most popular works on the stage and is widely performed across the world.

Setting & Backdrop Options 

A Midsummer Night’s Dream takes place partly in the city of Athens, and partly in the forest that lies beyond the city’s walls. Therefore it makes sense to have two set changes which include scenes of Athens and Greek architecture as well as forests where the fairies play and live. 

The City of Athens

The epitome of law and order, the City of Athens is where the play begins and we find our four Athenians. 


The Acropolis Backdrop # 2376 is the perfect place to start to set the scene and timeframe of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This backdrop shows the ​​Greek landmark with rubble and blue sky. 

AcropolisFor a closer look at the Parthenon and its ruins, this Athens Backdrop # 3167 would be appropriate. 

The Forest of Fairies 

The forest is ruled by wildly funny fairy mischief and in stark contrast to the lawfulness of the streets of Athens. 


For a Deep Woods Backdrop #2487, this dense forest with rich green colors can set the stage for the land of fairies and sprites. 

forestAnother option for the woods where the fairies play and Puck starts his antics would be the Forest Backdrop #2510 This backdrop offers the appearance of deep woods with lush green vegetation and foliage.


Times Square NYC

Broadway Shows To Reopen This Year! 

Starting in this fall, the lights of Broadway will begin to flicker back on. First one show, then another, then a slew of Broadway performances are slated to reopen by the end of the year! 

The news can not come soon enough to the struggling entertainment industry both in New York and across the country. The closing due to the pandemic hit the industry hard as well as all of the associated businesses and vendors that rely on their presence in the Big Apple entertainment industry to keep their business thriving. 

street sign for Broadway

The Impact on New York City & Beyond

By the time Broadway begins to reopen in September 2021, the theaters along the Great White Way will have been closed for nearly 19 months. It’s been a long wait. 

Broadway is the core of New York City’s identity as a cultural and performance hub of the nation. The entertainment industry drives tourism in the region, helps sustain the economy, and employs thousands of actors, performers, crew, and show creators. Visitors from across the globe once flocked to the city to catch a show and enjoy a weekend of touring the bright lights of the city that never sleeps.

According to ABC News, “Prior to the pandemic, almost 250,000 people were seeing a Broadway show every week. Broadway supports nearly 97,000 local jobs and contributes about $14.7 billion every year to the New York City economy.”

Without the industry the culture, economy, and “feel” of New York has been a bit off. Thankfully, that is all about to change in just a couple of months. 

Not only was NY struggling but every major city that is home to Off-Broadway performances, community theater, and local theater groups. Most in the theater industry hope that the comeback is epic in that people feel confident in coming back to the shows and enjoying a sense of normalcy once again. 


What Shows Are Opening This Year? 

While not all shows will be reopening as soon as this fall, many have already announced their opening nights through theater guides and online Broadway newsletters. 

For a full listing of specific dates and times of showings check out the New York City Theater Guide online

We can tell you that the first few shows that are making their comeback are: Hadestown, Chicago, Hamilton, Lion King, and Wicked. You will have your choice of musical perfection and finely choreographed pieces to enjoy soon enough. 

Staggered roll outs of other shows throughout the fall and winter months include other fan favorites like: Aladdin, Come From Away, Six, Moulin Rouge, Mrs. Doubtfire, Phantom of the Opera, and Dear Evan Hansen

In order to support these performances in NYC, “the Fiscal Year 2022 enacted budget included $1 billion in Small Business and Arts Relief and Recovery Assistance, which includes the New York City Musical and Theatrical Production Tax Credit Program that provides up to $100 million in tax credits to jumpstart the industry and revitalize tourism in New York City.” (ABC News) 

I know we have all been waiting so long and the light at the end of the tunnel is finally here. Tell us what shows you will be attending in the comments or on our social media platforms.