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Beauty and the Beast Backdrops For Rent

A theatrical adaptation of a tale as old as time, Beauty and the Beast brilliantly captures both the magical world of Disney and the enchanting world of fairy tales all in one.

Check out our curated list of the best backdrops for Beauty and the Beast.

Backdrop Rentals That Bring Beauty and the Beast to Life

If your childrens’, school, drama club, or community theater are planning to put on a production of Beautiful and the Beast, then you’ll want to make sure that you have the perfect backdrop rental to compliment the show’s unique and magical setting.

Beauty and the Beast backdrop rentals should capture the magical essence of fairy tales and the majestic elegance of 16th century France. Bringing these aspects into your production ensures that you capture your audience’s minds and imaginations, engrossing them to sing, dance, laugh, and cry alongside these classic characters.From quaint French Village backdrops to a vast library and even magical castle backdrops, Charles H. Stewart has all the backdrop rentals needed to put on a fantastic Beauty and the Beast show. We even have a palace ballroom backdrop for rent, dedicated to the production’s most famous romantic scene!

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More About Beauty And The Beast The Musical

Beauty and the Beast is a musical with music by Alan Menken, lyrics by Howard Ashman and Tim Rice and a book by Linda Woolverton, based on the 1991 Disney film of the same name. Seven new songs were written for the stage musical. Beauty ran on Broadway for 5,464 performances between 1994 and 2007, becoming Broadway’s sixth-longest running production in history. There were some differences between the movie and musical based on costume design difficulties (ie Lumiere, Cogsworth and Mrs Potts) and timeline. Certain characters were expanded (Madame de la Grande Bouche, Monsieur D’Arque and Babette) while some were reduced (Chip).

Belle is a girl who is dissatisfied with life in a small provincial French town, trying to fend off the misplaced “affections” of conceited Gaston. The Beast is a prince who was placed under a spell because he could not love. A wrong turn taken by Maurice, Belle’s father, leads him to the Beast’s castle seeking shelter. The Beast imprisons him for trespassing. Belle finds him trapped in the castle and offers her place in his stead. The Beast accepts with a promise she’ll remain in the castle forever. In the beginning, Belle views him as nothing more than a monster while he views her as difficult and stubborn. The two soon taste the bitter-sweetness of finding you can change and learning you were wrong.