Top Scary Musicals: Part 2

As promised, here are the rest of the 5 creepiest musicals to get you into the Halloween spirit for this month.

Carrie The Musical

This musical follows high school outcast Carrie who has telekinetic powers. In the musical she is bullied until she ends up engulfing everyone around her in flames.

The Addams Family

This follows the Addams Family’s Princess of Darkness, Wednesday Addams, as she falls in love with a young boy from a “normal”  and respectful family. After the Addams family decides to hold a dinner party for Wednesday’s “normal” boyfriend and his family, everything changes!


For those of you who may have already watched this before, you probably don’t think this is very creepy, at all. This musical simply tells the story about a misunderstood witch who develops a friendship with another witch named Glinda, which later backfires. Maybe not so creepy, but definitely a good musical to watch for Halloween spirit.

Dracula: The Musical

This is a suspenseful gothic romance musical about Dracula, who while on a quest for new blood ends up falling in love with unrequited love, Mina.

Jekyll and Hyde

While searching for a cure to help his father’s mental illness, Dr. Jekyll unleashes his dark side, committing murders as Dr. Hyde. Creepy, right?

Are there anymore musicals we haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the comments below!

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