Explore Neverland with a Peter Pan Performance 

If you’ve ever grown weary of the responsibilities of adult life, you will be able to relate to the story of Peter Pan and his friends, the Lost Boys. 

The musical adaptation of this play was made possible by J. M. Barrie’s 1904 play of the same name and Barrie’s novelization of it, Peter and Wendy. The story chronicles the adventures of the Darling children of London, England – Wendy, Michael and John – as well as the mischievous and mysterious boy, Peter Pan, who lives in a magical land called Neverland. When their paths cross, they travel to faraway places, learn the joys of childhood, the evils of pirates like Captain Hook and the yearning to never grow up. 

The Story Behind Peter Pan 

The story of Peter Pan is a classic tale of the innocence of youth and the desire to never grow up or take on the responsibilities of adulthood. The story explores the world of fairies, pirates, and orphans while giving the audience robust main characters to fall in love with as they navigate childhood into young adulthood. 

Peter Pan is a magical young boy who lives a carefree life but without a mother to care for him. He lives in a special place called Neverland with other orphaned children called the Lost Boys. While he may avoid the responsibilities of the real world and enjoy the wonder of childhood, he is also void of a family to love him. 

When he meets the Darling children in their nursery room one evening, he plans to take them to Neverland where Wendy can be their surrogate mother and care for him and all the Lost Boys. The Darlings initially enjoy their time with Peter and the Lost Boys flying and playing on the island and in the underground hideout, ventually, they find that the scary pirates and Captain Hook may be too much for them to take. After all, Captain Hook is out for revenge as Peter is the one responsible for cutting off his hand and feeding it to an alligator who follows the Captain around. 

In the end, the Darlings and the Lost Boys decide to return to London where the Darling parents adopt all the children and enjoy talking about their adventures. Meanwhile, Peter decides to remain in Neverland and refuses to ever grow old.

Scenes & Backdrops for Peter Pan

The story of Peter Pan begins in London in the Darling family home where the children play and sleep. Peter begins his relationship with the Darlings by showing them how he flies and introducing Tinker Bell to the children. 


This Nursery Backdrop #0243 depicts a child or infant’s bedroom with toys on the floor, a chandelier, an open window, and an ornate ceiling. It is the perfect backdrop for the Darling children’s bedroom right down to the windows in which Peter Pan first appears. 

The London rooftops are a main focus as the Darling children take their first flight with Peter Pan and travel from London to Neverland. This backdrop, European Rooftop Backdrop #2516 shows a London rooftop with Victorian chimneys, St Paul’s Cathedral and a purple sky.

This Neverland Backdrop #2590 shows the island of Neverland with Captain Hook’s ship, waterfalls, mountains and a blue sky. This backdrop would be suitable for the time that the Darlings visit with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. 

The scenes with Captain Hook, the alligator with the ticking clock and the pirate ship would do well with this Pirate Ship Deck Backdrop # 2583. It depicts an old wooden ship deck with canvas sails, cannons, ropes and pulleys, and Captain’s quarters showing pink and purple sky, sunset and ocean.

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