Our Favorite 42nd Street The Musical Backdrops 

We’ve all had proverbial “stars in our eyes” at one point in our life as we chase our future hopes and dreams. The musical 42nd Street tells the story of a small-town girl named Peggy Sawyer who chases her dreams to make it on Broadway. 

This 1980s Broadway musical named after the famed New York City street was based upon the 1932 novel written by Bradford Rope and the subsequent Hollywood adaptation in 1933. This timeless classic is relatable to all who have taken a leap of faith and chased their dreams whether it’s on Broadway or in some other facet of life. 

The Story of 42nd Street 

The story of young Peggy Sawyer begins as she arrives in the Big Apple from her small town of Allentown, Pennsylvania, armed with her tap shoes and big dreams.

Peggy attempts to audition for a musical named Pretty Lady (yes, a musical within a musical) but never makes it to the stage due to her tardiness at the theater. Saddened but not yet giving up, Peggy joins the chorus dancers for tea and ends up showing them her talents in dancing even the most difficult routines. 

Meanwhile, the leading lady, Dorothy Brock, is proving to be a high-maintenance actress who is volatile, unprepared, and embroiled in a love triangle. She makes a mess of dance routines and eyes Peggy as the problem and her competitor in her love woes.

Peggy is eventually cast as a dancer when the showgirls realize they are down one dancer. Unfortunately, during one of the routines, Dorothy trips over Peggy and breaks her ankle. 

Instead of canceling the show, producers and chorus members encourage Peggy, in her amazing rise to fame, to take over the leading role and the show will go on as scheduled. Peggy has exactly 36 hours to learn 25 pages, 6 songs, and 10 dance numbers. When the curtain opens Peggy instantly becomes a Broadway star and sees the fulfillment of her lifelong dream. 

According to StageAgent online, “Peggy’s rise from showgirl to star is the stuff of show business dreams. 42nd Street is full of crowd-pleasing tap dances, popular musical theatre standards, and show-stopping ensemble production numbers.”

Backdrops for 42nd Street 

In order to set the stage for Broadway and the glitz and glam of New York City in the 1930s, you’ll want to explore the many backdrops we offer specifically for 42nd Street The Musical. 

cityscapesNYC Cityscapes 

Show the night skyline of the city with this backdrop aptly named Cityscape Backdrop #2419. This black and white background shows off the skyscrapers and buildings of any major city. 

If you are looking for more color and the lights of Broadway’s Great White Way then this Broadway Marquis Backdrop #2320 may be the right choice for you. This backdrop shows a city street picturing different Broadway theaters.

Stage Scenes 

back stage

As Peggy and Dorothy interact on stage and the show is being choreographed, this backstage backdrop may work for your performance. This Bare Stage Backdrop #2581 shows a brick wall with a theater door, a spiral staircase, a catwalk, and scenery flats leaning against the wall. 

Or if you are looking for more of a Bare Stage Backdrop #2381. This option may work. It is a backstage wall with a ladder, pipes, and scenery sets leaning against the wall.

For a full listing of our 42nd Street options please visit our show suggestions page