Legally Blonde Backdrops for Rent 

Based on both the novel and 2001 film of the same name, Legally Blonde the Musical follows the journey of a sorority girl and forever optimist, Elle Woods as she travels to Harvard Law School in the footsteps of her ex-boyfriend in hopes of winning him back.

Nominated for seven Tony Awards and ten Drama Desk Awards as well as a three-time Laurence Olivier Award winner, Legally Blonde the Musical is a fan favorite for the depth of characters, storyline, choreography, and music! 

Let’s take a look at this beloved musical and the more than 26 backdrops that Charles Stewart has in our inventory geared toward this show. 

The Story of Elle Woods 

Legally Blonde the Musical tells the story of fashionista and sorority girl, Elle Woods as she suffers a devastating college sweetheart breakup as her ex-boyfriend heads off to law school at the famed Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

Elle is determined to show her blue-blooded boyfriend and his family that she is more than just superficial blonde hair, a perky attitude, and gorgeous clothes. She applies to Harvard Law and (to the shock of many) charms her way in. 

The musical shows her journey to understanding her self-worth as well as a deep understanding of how the law can help others. During her time at Harvard, Elle befriends some very unlikely characters including a manicurist named Paulette and an accused murderer, Brooke Windham, whom Elle is determined to prove innocent. 

This heartwarming story is filled with poignant moments, fantastic dance scenes, and music that you will want to sing along with throughout the performance. 

Legally Blonde Backdrops 

While we have over 26 backdrops perfect for your performance of this award-winning show, here are a few of our favorites including her time at the sorority house, in the classrooms, at Harvard Law, and in the hair salon with her new Bostonian friends. 

This Covent Garden Exterior Backdrop #2423 shows the exterior of a stone theater with large columns and translucent windows perfect for Elle’s time at the sorority house in Los Angeles, California where she spends her time lounging by the pool and visiting with her sorority sisters. 

For scenes at Harvard Law school, these two backdrops for both exterior and interior settings will set the stage for the Ivy League appearance of Harvard. This Building Exterior Backdrop #2224 depicts the brick building of a college exterior with white columns indicative of Harvard University. 

Additionally, for interior classroom scenes, this School Corridor Backdrop #2351 will help show the classroom setting at Harvard Law. 

For more backdrops designed with Legally Blonde in mind check out our show suggestions page where you can find more backdrops for hundreds of shows.