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Delve Into the Star-Crossed Love of West Side Story 

Inspired by William Shakespeare’s tragic play about Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story touches on many of the same themes such as forbidden love, defying stereotypes, and tribal barriers/family feuding. Unlike the Shakespearian setting of Verona, Italy, West Side Story takes place in a multi-racial, blue-collar section of the Upper West Side of Manhattan in New York City during a time of gang rivalry in the 1950s. 

The first Broadway performance of this American musical opened at the Winter Garden Theatre on September 26, 1957. Music for this masterpiece was by Leonard Bernstein and the lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. 

While the themes may be similar, the backdrop and style of music are vastly different in West Side Story from its earlier counterpart Romeo and Juliet. Let’s delve into the storyline and backdrops that can help your performance shine. 

The Tragedy of West Side Story

This modern twist on Romeo and Juliet is set in NYC during the 1950s, during a time of great gang upheaval. Two teenage gangs in particular – the Jets and the Sharks – compete for dominance in the New York neighborhood as law enforcement tries to keep control. 

In the middle of the violence, a love blossoms between Tony, former member of the Jets, and Maria, the sister of the leader of the Sharks. The story of the forbidden love follows a similar route as Romeo and Juliet as they find that their gangs can not accept the love match. The performance follows this love affair and is known for its exceptional choreography and lyrics that make the audience understand the tragedy that is unfolding right before their eyes. 

The production was nominated for six Tony Awards, including Best Musical, in 1958, winning two. To make your performance an award-winning, audience-pleasing show, consider some of the more than 25 backdrops that can make your show spring to life. Being set in NYC, many of the backdrops show a classic look of the Big Apple including scenes that are near bridges, at night under the stars, in back alleys, and on the streets of the city that never sleeps. 

Backdrops for West Side Story

New York Street Backdrop
New York Street Backdrop

This New York Street Backdrop #2512 shows the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City featuring an elevated train, the George Washington Bridge and the skyline of New York in the background.

AlleyCreate a gang hideout and hangout with this Alley Backdrop #1801 which shows a back alley with trash strewn about and an old sofa. It also includes a fence and hanging laundry.

Another gang hideout under the bridge is perfectly shown in this Under the Bridge Backdrop #1435. It depicts the underside of an elevated highway or elevated train showing steel supports and buildings. 

Explore the full inventory of West Side Story backdrops on our site and get started planning your stage for your performance. 


Setting the Stage For Cats The Musical 

The musical Cats is one of musical theater’s longest running and successful shows in both the United Kingdom and here in the States. As of 2022, Cats was ranked the fifth-longest-running New York City Broadway show, having played for 18 years and 7,485 performances. It was also the seventh-longest-running London West End show where it played for 21 record-breaking years and almost 9,000 performances. 

Not only was Cats a staple in the theater community for decades, it won many awards here and abroad. The production received eleven Tony Award nominations, out of which it won seven: Best Musical, Best Book of a Musical (T. S. Eliot), Best Original Score (Andrew Lloyd Webber and T. S. Eliot), Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Musical (Betty Buckley), Best Direction of a Musical (Trevor Nunn), Best Costume Design (John Napier), and Best Lighting Design (David Hersey).

Across the pond, the musical also garnered six Laurence Olivier Award nominations, winning two awards: Best New Musical and Outstanding Achievement in a Musical (Gillian Lynne).

Given its popularity and long-standing reputation as a musical mastermind on stage, it is no wonder it has become a favorite of community theaters and private theater groups. If your organization is planning a showing of Cats, here are some of our backdrops that can help you set the stage for a successful run! 

CatsBackground on the Story of Cats 

The story of Cats chronicles the lives of a tribe of cats called the Jellicles. The entire thrust of the performance revolves around the idea that the cats must decide annually which one will ascend to the Heaviside Layer and come back reborn to a new Jellicle life.

Throughout the show, the audience meets several cats who tell their stories and give their best pitches as to why they should be chosen. Some seem as if they don’t need to be reborn while others don’t seem to give a good reason as to why they should be chosen. In the end, the former glamour cat turned disheveled outcast, Grizabella, is chosen by Deuteronomy to receive the prized additional life. Her rendition of Memory makes the other cats who refused to accept her think twice. 

One of the overarching themes of the musical involves the idea of accepting one another despite our differences in appearance. Audiences see this as the cats, who once judged Grizabella due to her appearance, eventually see her for who she is and choose her as the one to be reborn. 

Backdrops for Cats 

Most of the musical takes place in a London junkyard where the cats congregate both during the day and in the late evenings. Here are some of the most popular backdrops for this performance in our inventory. 

This Night Sky Stars Backdrop #2560 displays a night sky with a gradient purple to black sky and bright and white stars.

night moonThe Night Moon Backdrop #2479 is also a great choice as it shows a night sky with stars and a distant moon flanked by the silhouette of trees. 

To show the city landscape, this Under the Bridge Backdrop # 2434 illustrates the underside of an elevated highway or train with a translucent sky.

To view all 22 of our Cats backdrops visit our site. Explore all of our backdrops in the show suggestion section or view all the options for your performance. 


Fantastic Seussical The Musical Backdrops 

Seussical the Musical brings together some of our favorite Dr. Seuss book characters while exploring the themes of friendship, love and loyalty. The popular musical also looks at being comfortable with our identity and individuality as our characteristics are mirrored in the vibrant Dr. Seuss characters. 

If you love the zany and somewhat eccentric Dr. Seuss books you are in for a treat with a performance of Seussical the Musical. With characters such as The Cat, (from The Cat in the Hat), Horton (from Horton Hears a Who), the Mayor of Whoville (from The Grinch), and Gertrude McFuzz (from The Butter Battle Book), your theater group is sure to be excited about this quirky musical. 

Let’s explore some of the backdrops we have here at Charles Stewart specifically designed for this musical and how they will fit in with your group’s performance. 

seussical the musicalWhat is Seussical The Musical

Seussical The Musical is a much-loved musical stage adaptation based on the books of Dr. Seuss. The play’s story combines the characters we have come to love and the storylines from over 15 Dr. Seuss books. Seussical opened on Broadway at the Richard Rodgers Theatre on November 30, 2000, and was directed by Frank Galati with choreography by Kathleen Marshall. It ran for 198 performances before going on tour across the United States and the United Kingdom. 

The plot of the musical, although not linear by any means, loosely follows Horton the Elephant as he attempts to protect the people of Who-ville. During his journey, he encounters characters from a wide assortment of Dr. Seuss books who cause chaos and turmoil. Against all odds, Horton and Gertrude collaborate to save the Whos, free Horton, and restore peace and unity to the Jungle of Nool.

Seussical Backdrops for Rent 

Backdrops by Charles Stewart has five backdrops designed with this performance in mind. Here are a few of our favorites. 

Seussical Landscape Backdrop 

This unique backdrop is designed with Seussical in mind. The Seussical Landscape Backdrop # 2481 is 18 x 14 and displays a colorful, stylized landscape with rolling hills and a blue sky. 

Or if you are looking for something coordinating but depicting another scene for Seussical, this Seussical Landscape Backdrop #2388 shows a similar backdrop but in a variety of colors in a 14 x 35 size. 

For the scenes requiring a lush, green backdrop, our Jungle Backdrop #2277 is spectacular for Seussical. It shows a rainforest with palm trees and tropical plants. 

To view all of our options for backdrops for Seussical the Musical, visit our site and search through our suggested backdrops. 


Times Square NYC

What’s the Difference Between Broadway & Off Broadway? 

What constitutes a theater being distinguished as Broadway, Off Broadway, or even Off-Off Broadway? Is it the cost? Quality of the show? Location to the famous thoroughfares of Broadway Marquis, and Winter Garden in New York City? 

The answer is actually, none of the above. 

With professional theaters in every major city across our nation, how does one determine whether a show or musical is considered a Broadway or Off Broadway show? It’s surprisingly a simple answer having to do with seating. 

What Determines A Broadway Theater? 

There are about 41 Broadway Theaters in New York City. These theaters include a seating capacity of 500 or more and reside on Broadway Street, West 40th Street to West 54th Street, and Sixth Avenue to Eighth Avenue.

Historically, the classification of being a “Broadway show” was much different when the theater scene began back in the 1700s. In the decades following the Civil War, the theaters of New York moved to Midtown Manhattan where a grouping of ornate buildings were later dubbed the “Great White War” by theatergoers.

Broadway Theaters and shows have strict guidelines, including being located in the theater district and abiding by the Actors’ Equity’s Broadway production contracts. According to Broadway Direct, “Broadway productions are required to employ union members unless special arrangements are made, usually requiring the stamp of approval from the specific union that addresses that particular area of expertise.”

Broadway theaterThe cost of ticket prices are generally higher in a Broadway production and the cost of producing the shows are greater as well. According to Tours By Foot, “Musicals on Broadway typically have an average initial cost of $9.6 million and for Off-Broadway musicals $1 million.” However, their prime location and luxurious productions often attract many tourists.

Where Can I See Broadway Shows?

With 41 Broadway Theaters in New York City, there are many places to see a professional Broadway show. Some of these theaters include Al Hirschfeld Theater, Belasco Theater, Gershwin Theater, Lena Horne Theater, and the Richard Rodgers Theater.

You’ll find all of these 41 theaters between 41st Street and 54th between Sixth Avenue and Ninth Avenue in Manhattan. Lincoln Center’s Vivan Beaumont Theater is the only exception, located on 65th Street.

From plays to musicals, each Broadway Theater has its own selection of shows. Check out the popular musical Hamilton at the Richard Rodgers Theater or the sing-along to Moulin Rouge! The Musical at the Al Hirschfeld Theater. If you’re interested in seeing a play, head to Circle in the Square Theater for An Enemy of the People or catch Mother Play at Helen Hayes Theater. With the variety of plays and musicals in these Broadway Theaters, you’ll find a show that is perfect for you.

What Determines Off Broadway Theaters?

There are about 60 Off-Broadway Theaters in New York City. They typically hold seating for 99-499 people

Historically, the Off-Broadway movement began in the 1950s when theatergoers were disturbed by the high price of a ticket to see a show or musical. Theater lovers were looking for a less expensive venue to see shows. As a result, some of these Off-Broadway venues have become the birthplace of some wonderfully experimental shows that have delighted audiences for years.

Compared to Broadway, Off-Broadway Theaters have a mix of commercial and non-profit spaces. Only Broadway shows are eligible for Tony Awards while both can be nominated for Drama Desk Awards. However, only Off-Broadway can be nominated for Obie Awards, which celebrate the best in only Off-Broadway plays and musicals. In special instances, shows that begin Off-Broadway eventually move onto Broadway, with Hamilton and The Band’s Visit as examples.

Broadway vs off-broadway seatings

Where Can I see Off-Broadway Shows?

You’ll find many of the 60 Off-Broadway theaters in Greenwich Village in New York City. Some of the theaters include 30 Wall Street, Cherry Lane Theater, Classic Stage Company, and New World Stages.

There’s a variety of shows to choose from like musicals and plays. Enjoy classic fun musicals like Little Shop of Horrors at Westside Theater or Titanique at the Daryl Roth Theater. If you’re looking for a play, check out The Effect located at The Shed, or The Play That Goes Wrong at New World Stages. Off-Broadway theater has many unique types of shows for you to enjoy!

What Determines an Off-Off-Broadway Theater?

Off-Off-Broadway Theaters hold under 99 people. There are around 120 Off-Off Broadway Theaters all around New York City. These kinds of shows will have cheaper ticket prices, and you’ll have more chances to see the actors after the show ends. They are often avant-garde and experimental pieces that don’t fit the traditional play or musical genre.

Where Can I see Off-Off-Broadway Shows?

Choose between 120 Off-Off-Broadway shows in New York City alone! Like Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, you’ll find a variety of selections around the theater district.

With Off-Off-Broadway, you’ll face a lot of original works that may be a little out of the ordinary. Yet, they are sure to make an impact on you regardless of the subject material. Some Off-Off-Broadway theaters include Actor’s Temple Theatre, Connelly Theater, Ars Nova, New Ohio Theater, and Latea Theater. Enjoy comedy shows, rising talents, festivals, music, dance, and deep-subject matter.

Our Latest Backdrop Options 

Looking for something new, modern, unique, or completely out-of-the-ordinary for your next production? Backdrops By Charles H. Stewart is constantly adding to our “New Backdrops” page online. From the abstract to the specified needs of a singular theatrical performance, Charles Stewart has the widest selection and some of the best new backdrop options on the market.

Let’s explore some of our latest backdrop creations that can help your production rise to the next level with setting options. 

Themes and Shows 

The most tangible element of any production is the theatrical backdrop as it frames the performers and gives context to the audience as to where and when the scene takes place. Our backdrops come in a variety of styles and scenes including outdoors, architecture, scenes- and show-specific and everything you can imagine. Searching for your backdrop can be as easy as plugging in what theme or show you are producing this season.

Some of our most popular and new backdrops include; art deco options, abstract art, and the outdoors, such as the ocean, sky, desert, mountains, and stormy skies. We also have options such as pirate ships, soda shops, holiday scenes, Victorian Era scenes, cityscapes, palaces, libraries, schools, streets, and so much more. We invite you to explore all the options on our “Show Suggestion” pages where you can search by production and our “New Backdrop” pages where you can scroll through a variety of our latest options. 

Examples of Our New Backdrops 

Backdrops can make your performance come to life and draw your audience into the action right on the stage. Some of our new backdrops are elements of our traditional backdrops modernized for today’s performances. 

New York City Skyline Backdrop 

This art deco-style NYC Skyline #2580 is perfect for shows such as 42nd Street, Broadway, Crazy For You, The Great Gatsby, and James and the Giant Peach

The backdrop shows darkened buildings with illuminated interior lights set in the Art Deco style. It also has an illuminated purple sky to make the image pop. And it wouldn’t be New York City without the twinkling stars above. 

Forest Backdrop 

If your performance includes a show such as Addams Family, Babes In Toyland, Fantasticks, Into The Woods, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Oklahoma!, Shrek The Musical, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, the Wiz, or the Wizard Of Oz, this Forest Backdrop #2587 is the perfect choice. It shows a dense forest and also can be ordered with matching legs #2588 and matching border #2589.

Victorian Interior Backdrop

There are so many classic musicals that incorporate the aesthetic of a Victorian-era home. These include Annie The Musical, Applause, Calamity Jane, Cinderella, Damn Yankees, Drowsy Chaperone, Kiss Me, Kate, My Fair Lady, the Nutcracker and Unsinkable Molly Brown.

This new Victorian Interior Backdrop #2584 depicts a pink, Victorian palace or mansion interior with a center fireplace and large windows left and right.

 Visit our blog again soon as we will be spotlighting new backdrops regularly and show you what amazing backdrops we offer for theater groups, dance troops, and professional theaters across the country. To view all of our new backdrops visit our “New Backdrops” page today. 


Explore Neverland with a Peter Pan Performance 

If you’ve ever grown weary of the responsibilities of adult life, you will be able to relate to the story of Peter Pan and his friends, the Lost Boys. 

The musical adaptation of this play was made possible by J. M. Barrie’s 1904 play of the same name and Barrie’s novelization of it, Peter and Wendy. The story chronicles the adventures of the Darling children of London, England – Wendy, Michael and John – as well as the mischievous and mysterious boy, Peter Pan, who lives in a magical land called Neverland. When their paths cross, they travel to faraway places, learn the joys of childhood, the evils of pirates like Captain Hook and the yearning to never grow up. 

The Story Behind Peter Pan 

The story of Peter Pan is a classic tale of the innocence of youth and the desire to never grow up or take on the responsibilities of adulthood. The story explores the world of fairies, pirates, and orphans while giving the audience robust main characters to fall in love with as they navigate childhood into young adulthood. 

Peter Pan is a magical young boy who lives a carefree life but without a mother to care for him. He lives in a special place called Neverland with other orphaned children called the Lost Boys. While he may avoid the responsibilities of the real world and enjoy the wonder of childhood, he is also void of a family to love him. 

When he meets the Darling children in their nursery room one evening, he plans to take them to Neverland where Wendy can be their surrogate mother and care for him and all the Lost Boys. The Darlings initially enjoy their time with Peter and the Lost Boys flying and playing on the island and in the underground hideout, ventually, they find that the scary pirates and Captain Hook may be too much for them to take. After all, Captain Hook is out for revenge as Peter is the one responsible for cutting off his hand and feeding it to an alligator who follows the Captain around. 

In the end, the Darlings and the Lost Boys decide to return to London where the Darling parents adopt all the children and enjoy talking about their adventures. Meanwhile, Peter decides to remain in Neverland and refuses to ever grow old.

Scenes & Backdrops for Peter Pan

The story of Peter Pan begins in London in the Darling family home where the children play and sleep. Peter begins his relationship with the Darlings by showing them how he flies and introducing Tinker Bell to the children. 


This Nursery Backdrop #0243 depicts a child or infant’s bedroom with toys on the floor, a chandelier, an open window, and an ornate ceiling. It is the perfect backdrop for the Darling children’s bedroom right down to the windows in which Peter Pan first appears. 

The London rooftops are a main focus as the Darling children take their first flight with Peter Pan and travel from London to Neverland. This backdrop, European Rooftop Backdrop #2516 shows a London rooftop with Victorian chimneys, St Paul’s Cathedral and a purple sky.

This Neverland Backdrop #2590 shows the island of Neverland with Captain Hook’s ship, waterfalls, mountains and a blue sky. This backdrop would be suitable for the time that the Darlings visit with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. 

The scenes with Captain Hook, the alligator with the ticking clock and the pirate ship would do well with this Pirate Ship Deck Backdrop # 2583. It depicts an old wooden ship deck with canvas sails, cannons, ropes and pulleys, and Captain’s quarters showing pink and purple sky, sunset and ocean.

To view all 27 Peter Pan backdrops please visit our site and get started setting the stage for your performance. 


the wizard of oz

Follow The Yellow Brick Road in The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz is an iconic musical conceived and written by Lyman Frank Baum in 1900. For over a hundred years, this classic and modern fairy tale has taken theaters by storm as a beloved choice for professionals and amateur theater groups across the nation. 

With songs such as “Follow The Yellow Brick Road,” “Ding Dong The Witch is Dead” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” it is no wonder that the Wizard of Oz is a timeless classic. Our more than 40 backdrops can help your organization create the mood and setting for your production. 

The Chronicle of Dorothy’s Trip To The Wizard

The Wizard of Oz follows the story of Dorothy, a young Kansas girl who lives with her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry. Unfortunately, Dorothy and her loyal dog, Toto, get swept up in a tornado and find themselves transported to a strange land called Oz. 

Upon crash landing her home on top of a witch, Dorothy meets the Witch of the North who thanks her for killing her sister, the Witch of the East. She also meets the inhabitants of Oz called Munchkins who advise her to follow the yellow brick road to the Wizard who may be able to get her back to Kansas. 

As she begins her trip to see the Wizard, she encounters three characters who join her on the journey – a cowardly Lion, a Scarecrow who longs for brains, and a Tinman who yearns for a heart. The group sets off to see the Wizard as they navigate their own challenges along the route. 

Upon finding the Emerald City, where the Wizard resides, they realize that even without his help, they are able to use their own strengths to help each other. This strength of friendship and kindness is a common theme as the new-found friends fight off Flying Monkeys and other trials along the way. 

Set the Stage For The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz has a certain whimsical flair and the backdrops should portray that as well. Here are a few of our favorites from the cornfields of Kansas to the castle in the Emerald City. 

This Farm Landscape Backdrop #2379 shows a rolling hill farm with corn fields, a fence and blue skies. This backdrop would be perfect for the opening act of the musical as Dorothy, unable to seek shelter in the storm cellar, gets swept up into the tornado that brings her to Oz. 

This Wizard of Oz Backdrop #3098 is an ideal depiction of the story of the Wizard of Oz including Dorothy, Toto and friends. The yellow brick road is clearly seen and the road to the Emerald City is visible in the background. 

Once the friends arrive at the Emerald City, this Emerald City Backdrop #2507 shows the land of Oz with the yellow brick road winding through poppy fields up to the Emerald City!

To view all 40 of the amazing backdrops we offer for the Wizard of Oz, please visit our website and start planning your performance today. 


My fair lady

Exquisite My Fair Lady Backdrops 

The musical My Fair Lady chronicles the lessons of Professor Henry Higgins as he attempts to educate and culturally transform Eliza Doolittle into a proper-speaking lady of England. Their lessons allow us to explore social themes that are still important in our society today. These themes include social discrimination and linguistic profiling. 

The Story of My Fair Lady

Eliza Doolittle, a young woman who hails from East London and possesses a dialect that is described as cockney, finds herself in speech lessons with an overconfident and somewhat pompous Professor Henry Higgins. He makes it his goal to rid her of the cockney dialect that is common to working-class or middle-class Londoners during the 1950s. 

The social experiment to teach the “proper” way to pronounce words takes her out of her middle-class lifestyle and has her attending horse races and balls that the upper class or London elite attend. 

Sadly, Professor Higgins and his trusty side-kick, Colonel Pickering, end up making Eliza feel less than human as they make strides toward transforming her. Eventually, she flees from the Professor who begins to understand that he is, indeed, in love with Eliza. 

Some of the more popular musical numbers in My Fair Lady include “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly,” “The Rain in Spain,” and “I Could Have Danced All Night.” This beloved musical is based upon George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion and with book and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner and music by Frederick Loewe.

Backdrops for My Fair Lady 

London is the main setting of the musical and the specific locations within the city include the East London streets and tenements, Professor Higgins’ study, the Opera set, and the garden. Here are some of the backdrops we offer that can help set your performance of My Fair Lady

The Streets of London

To set the stage for scenes that include the streets of London, this backdrop titled Street Legs–My Fair Lady Backdrop #2053 displays brick storefronts and a pub with a Guinness sign in the window. 

We also offer this Street Legs–My Fair Lady Backdrop #2039 in coordination with the above backdrop. It shows brick storefronts selling cigarettes and looking for players. 

The Professor’s Study 

To set the stage for the scenes that take place in Professor Higgins’ study the following backdrops would be perfect with walls of books, staircases, and large windows. This option, called Higgins Study with Backing Backdrop #0382 provides specifications for a staircase that can be built in the back of the two backdrops. 

The Ballroom Backdrop 

During the scene where Professor Higgins exposes Eliza to a ball, the Conservatory Backdrop #NO549 would be appropriate. This backdrop shows a neutral Victorian interior with center stairs leading up to a conservatory.

For all 50 backdrops in our collection designed for My Fair Lady, please visit our show suggestion page. 


Legally Blonde Backdrops for Rent 

Based on both the novel and 2001 film of the same name, Legally Blonde the Musical follows the journey of a sorority girl and forever optimist, Elle Woods as she travels to Harvard Law School in the footsteps of her ex-boyfriend in hopes of winning him back.

Nominated for seven Tony Awards and ten Drama Desk Awards as well as a three-time Laurence Olivier Award winner, Legally Blonde the Musical is a fan favorite for the depth of characters, storyline, choreography, and music! 

Let’s take a look at this beloved musical and the more than 26 backdrops that Charles Stewart has in our inventory geared toward this show. 

The Story of Elle Woods 

Legally Blonde the Musical tells the story of fashionista and sorority girl, Elle Woods as she suffers a devastating college sweetheart breakup as her ex-boyfriend heads off to law school at the famed Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

Elle is determined to show her blue-blooded boyfriend and his family that she is more than just superficial blonde hair, a perky attitude, and gorgeous clothes. She applies to Harvard Law and (to the shock of many) charms her way in. 

The musical shows her journey to understanding her self-worth as well as a deep understanding of how the law can help others. During her time at Harvard, Elle befriends some very unlikely characters including a manicurist named Paulette and an accused murderer, Brooke Windham, whom Elle is determined to prove innocent. 

This heartwarming story is filled with poignant moments, fantastic dance scenes, and music that you will want to sing along with throughout the performance. 

Legally Blonde Backdrops 

While we have over 26 backdrops perfect for your performance of this award-winning show, here are a few of our favorites including her time at the sorority house, in the classrooms, at Harvard Law, and in the hair salon with her new Bostonian friends. 

This Covent Garden Exterior Backdrop #2423 shows the exterior of a stone theater with large columns and translucent windows perfect for Elle’s time at the sorority house in Los Angeles, California where she spends her time lounging by the pool and visiting with her sorority sisters. 

For scenes at Harvard Law school, these two backdrops for both exterior and interior settings will set the stage for the Ivy League appearance of Harvard. This Building Exterior Backdrop #2224 depicts the brick building of a college exterior with white columns indicative of Harvard University. 

Additionally, for interior classroom scenes, this School Corridor Backdrop #2351 will help show the classroom setting at Harvard Law. 

For more backdrops designed with Legally Blonde in mind check out our show suggestions page where you can find more backdrops for hundreds of shows.