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Broadway Shows To Reopen This Year! 

Starting in this fall, the lights of Broadway will begin to flicker back on. First one show, then another, then a slew of Broadway performances are slated to reopen by the end of the year! 

The news can not come soon enough to the struggling entertainment industry both in New York and across the country. The closing due to the pandemic hit the industry hard as well as all of the associated businesses and vendors that rely on their presence in the Big Apple entertainment industry to keep their business thriving. 

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The Impact on New York City & Beyond

By the time Broadway begins to reopen in September 2021, the theaters along the Great White Way will have been closed for nearly 19 months. It’s been a long wait. 

Broadway is the core of New York City’s identity as a cultural and performance hub of the nation. The entertainment industry drives tourism in the region, helps sustain the economy, and employs thousands of actors, performers, crew, and show creators. Visitors from across the globe once flocked to the city to catch a show and enjoy a weekend of touring the bright lights of the city that never sleeps.

According to ABC News, “Prior to the pandemic, almost 250,000 people were seeing a Broadway show every week. Broadway supports nearly 97,000 local jobs and contributes about $14.7 billion every year to the New York City economy.”

Without the industry the culture, economy, and “feel” of New York has been a bit off. Thankfully, that is all about to change in just a couple of months. 

Not only was NY struggling but every major city that is home to Off-Broadway performances, community theater, and local theater groups. Most in the theater industry hope that the comeback is epic in that people feel confident in coming back to the shows and enjoying a sense of normalcy once again. 


What Shows Are Opening This Year? 

While not all shows will be reopening as soon as this fall, many have already announced their opening nights through theater guides and online Broadway newsletters. 

For a full listing of specific dates and times of showings check out the New York City Theater Guide online

We can tell you that the first few shows that are making their comeback are: Hadestown, Chicago, Hamilton, Lion King, and Wicked. You will have your choice of musical perfection and finely choreographed pieces to enjoy soon enough. 

Staggered roll outs of other shows throughout the fall and winter months include other fan favorites like: Aladdin, Come From Away, Six, Moulin Rouge, Mrs. Doubtfire, Phantom of the Opera, and Dear Evan Hansen

In order to support these performances in NYC, “the Fiscal Year 2022 enacted budget included $1 billion in Small Business and Arts Relief and Recovery Assistance, which includes the New York City Musical and Theatrical Production Tax Credit Program that provides up to $100 million in tax credits to jumpstart the industry and revitalize tourism in New York City.” (ABC News) 

I know we have all been waiting so long and the light at the end of the tunnel is finally here. Tell us what shows you will be attending in the comments or on our social media platforms.