The Sun Will Come Out for Annie Performances 

Based on the comic strip Little Orphan Annie, the Broadway musical Annie is a fan favorite for the message that life can be difficult, but to hold on to hope. Our backdrops here at Backdrops By Charles H. Stewart can help transform your stage into the Warbucks Mansion, the streets of NYC or the run-down orphanage that Annie called home. 

Let’s take a closer look at the plot and setting of Annie the Musical and see how our backdrops can help your production come to life. 

The Story of Annie 

The story of Annie chronicles the “hard knock life” of an eleven-year-old orphan girl living in a dilapidated and cruelly managed orphanage in New York City. Despite the mean antics of the home’s alcoholic operator, Miss Hannigan, Annie stays positive, upbeat, and feisty in her belief that someday she will be reunited with her parents. 

One day, Annie decides to escape and search for her parents, whom she has never met but dreams about constantly. During her time on the outside, she befriends a dog she names Sandy and is eventually apprehended by the police, who subsequently return her to the municipal orphanage. 

At the same time, Oliver Warbucks, a local millionaire, is looking for a young boy to bring to his mansion for the Christmas holiday as a treat, even if just for a short while. Warbucks’ secretary does not find a young boy to “rescue” for the holidays but instead finds Annie at the orphanage and chooses her for the visit. 

Although the cold-hearted Warbucks is slow to warm to Annie, he eventually finds her positive spirit catchy and endearing. While he is mulling over the idea of adopting Annie, Miss Hannigan hatches a plot to take her back to the orphanage with the help of her brother, Rooster. Annie recognizes Rooster from her time at home and realizes it is a plot to take her away from Warbucks.

In the end, it is discovered that Annie’s real parents died years earlier and Miss Hannigan’s plot is uncovered. Warbucks adopts Annie and takes home all of her friends from the orphanage. 

Setting The Stage For Annie 

Annie the Musical takes place in several locations throughout New York City. The locations include the Warbucks Mansion, Miss Hannigan’s orphanage, the streets of NYC, and eventually the White House, in Washington D.C., where Annie meets the President. 

Times Square Backdrop

For scenes on the street of NYC, try this Times Square Backdrop # 1503 which depicts a vintage Times Square at street level using neutral tones showing the skyline, buildings, subway stops, lamp posts, and a marquis.

New York Street Backdrop
New York Street Backdrop

Or, if you are looking for a different view of the streets of NYC, this New York Street Backdrop #2512 shows the Washington Heights neighborhood featuring an elevated train, the George Washington Bridge and the skyline of New York in the background.

wooden paneling and blue curtainsFor scenes within the Warbucks’ Mansion, this Panel Interior Backdrop #2540 shows a luxurious wood panel living room with a fireplace, two windows, and a mantle clock.

tenementThe orphanage run by Miss Hannigan is worlds away from the mansion of Warbucks and should show the “other” side of NYC. This NYC Tenements Backdrop #2366 depicts the city during the daytime with tenements in the background. 

Explore all 73 backdrops in our comprehensive inventory designed with your performance of Annie in mind. See which ones work best for your group and get started making your production come to life.