Scenic Design Ideas

Whether you are looking for a simple scenic design, or a complex, changeable stage design, Charles H. Stewart offers a wide variety of backdrops designed to accommodate most high quality productions for theatres, schools, dance recitals, and corporate events. We feature a rapidly growing selection of stage curtains that have been directly inspired not only by Broadway, National Tours, and London’s West End productions, but also by a wide variety of popular, world-class entertainment venues, such as Las Vegas, Branson, world-renowned nightclubs and film/television productions.


While our primary products are large format backdrops, we also offer a growing selection of valances (or borders) and legs. Browse our website to see our new inventory. We are constantly growing our already wide selection of scenic backdrops.


Here are just a few of the ways we can help you with your set design and organize our website for your set design needs:


  • By Show – Visit our website to see how we match certain productions to the backdrops we already have in our inventory. We list a large number of shows and match the backdrops that would be appropriate for that production. The work is done for you and frees your set designer from pouring through hundred of backdrops.


  • By Category – If your theater group is considering a show that we do not have listed on our inventory, you may want to search by category, such as: barns, beaches, zoos, circus, streets, or skylines. If your production is an original or one that you are unsure of what may be needed for the backdrop, talk to our team who can steer you in the right direction.


  • New Backdrops – As productions come out on Broadway and in smaller theaters around the globe, we keep up with the times by adding new backdrops constantly. Check back on our website regularly to see our latest additions.


  • For Sale – Who doesn’t love a good sale? We offer several backdrops that you may want to purchase, which can be used as a permanent backdrop or to grace your stage throughout the year.


Backdrops by Charles H. Stewart can help you start your production on the right foot. Call us or visit our website today! Phone: (978) 682-5757 –