Mamma Mia Fans Will Love Our Backdrops 

If you love music by the Scandinavian rock group ABBA, then you probably already love the musical Mamma Mia! From the lyrics of “Dancing Queen” and “Take a Chance On Me” to the scenic setting on the fictional Greek island of Kalokairi, Mamma Mia fans are delighted with performances that have audiences singing along and relating to the characters in some fun and interesting ways. 

In our extensive inventory here at Backdrops By Charles Stewart, we have quite a few backdrops for rent that will surely bring your Mamma Mia production to life.

The Story of Mamma Mia 

Mamma Mia tells the story of a 20 year old bride-to-be, Sophie Sheridan, who is trying to find her real father using her mother’s diary. Without the support of her mother, Sophie uses the personal and dated diary which indicates there are three men who could potentially be her biological father. 

With dreams of her father walking her down the aisle on her wedding day, Sophie invites all three men, without her mother’s knowledge, to the stunning Greek island to determine which is the actual father! 

As Sophie embarks on her journey to discover her true father, her mom and best friends join her as they spend the days leading up to the wedding unraveling the mystery. 

As the performance unfolds, it is clear that Sophie’s paternity will remain undetermined, but everyone involved agrees that they want to be a part of Sophie’s life.

Scenic Backdrops for Mama Mia 

Since the main portion of the story of Sophie, her mother, and her potential fathers takes place on a Greek island, many of our backdrops that show tropical beaches, sunset skies, and rocky shorelines would be perfect for the vast majority of the show. 

tropical island

Tropical Islands and Beaches

This Tropical Beach backdrop #2391 shows an ocean with blue skies, and tropical palms shading the beach below. 

Our Rocky Coastline backdrop #2410 shows a translucent seacoast and sky surrounded by rocky landscape. 

tropical beach

In addition to those options for an island scene, we offer many sky scenes such as Sunray Clouds Backdrop #2302, a Clouds Backdrop #2221, and a quiet Tropical Beach Backdrop #2317

Acropolis Greece

Greece Background 

To solidify the audience’s belief that the events of Mamma Mia are happening on a small Greek Isle, this backdrop of the Athens Acropolis is perfect for many of the scenes when the three fathers arrive at the island. 

The Acropolis Backdrop #2376 shows both the ruins of the building and a stunning blue sky. 

Greek home and streets

Greek Streets and Homes 

When the storyline brings us to the home of Sophie and her single mother, our Spanish Exterior is an obvious choice with its European and Spanish features common on many of the Mediterranean homes. This Spanish Exterior #0776 or Spanish Street #NO678  featuring stucco buildings are perfect for these scenes. 

If your theater group is planning a performance of Mamma Mia in the near future, talk to our team about which backdrops would be right for your needs.