Mary Poppins

Life Lessons of Mary Poppins the Musical 

Mary Poppins has been a popular movie and musical since it found its way into Americans’ hearts and onto screens in the 1960s. Today, the life lessons of Mary Poppins still reverberate in our world today. 

At Backdrops by Charles Stewart, we offer more than 33 backdrops perfect for your performance of Mary Poppins. Let’s take a closer look at some of our favorites and the lessons Mary Poppins can teach all of us. 

Mary Poppins Background 

Set in London during the Edwardian Age, a cheery and kind Miss Mary Poppins becomes a nanny to an upper-crust English family with two young and mischievous children, Jane and Michael Banks. 

Prior to her joining the Banks family, a series of nannies had resigned in the face of the boisterousness of the children. While the Banks family is fairly traditional, they seem to be missing the component of fun and togetherness. Mary Poppins brings them all a little fun, and some life lessons to follow, and her unique ways of managing the children quickly become a pleasant surprise to both the children and the parents. 

With serious parents, including a father who is a financial banker, Jane and Michael are accustomed to being second fiddle in the home when work and family business takes priority. Upon the arrival of Mary Poppins and her good friend Bert, the children set off on regular outings that become a series of fantastical adventures meant to teach them what really matters in the world. 

Some of the lessons Mary Poppins teaches her charges include the idea of lightening up and having a little fun, and that life is too short to be too serious. She also explains more important life lessons in songs such as “A Spoonful of Sugar,” where she teaches them that when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade and that laughter can be the best medicine for anything. 

Through the children’s adventures with their nanny, the home becomes happier and lighter. Even the preoccupied and serious parents begin to see what’s important in life – Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Our Favorite Mary Poppins Backdrops 

The Banks Home

Drawing Room

The iconic scene in Mary Poppins where she teaches the children the importance of cleaning up after themselves and being tidy would be well suited in this Drawing Room Backdrop #1842 which depicts a Victorian interior with a sitting room decorated with blue draperies and a large wood archway. This shows the opulence of the upper-class family and the era in London, England. 

The Gardens 


This Garden Backdrop #N0117 shows a Victorian garden with trees, hedges, urns, and flowers done in pastel tones. This backdrop is excellent for the magical horse race, the street drawings coming to life, or any of the outdoor adventures Mary Poppins takes the children on. 

The Rooftops 

European Rooftops

This European Rooftop Backdrop #2516 shows a typical London rooftop. It highlights Victorian chimneys, St Paul’s Cathedral and a magical purple sky. Imagine the scene with Bert singing “Chim Chim Cheree” as he works as a chimney sweep! 

Looking to peruse all the Mary Poppins backdrops? Visit our show suggestion page and get started – you’ll be singing along soon enough…“in the most delightful way.”