Finding Scholarships for the Theater-bound Grads

So when you told your parents you were heading to college to study theater and hoped to make it on Broadway or in some other stage production city, did they gasp in horror? Did they ask how you would support yourself or pay off those college loans you were sure to have? Well, I guess it all depends on the type of parents you have. Hopefully they are (or will be) supportive. Unfortunately, support sometimes can only go so far and you may need financial help to make your theater dream come true.

Being a theater major, you are passionate about your craft, so take some time to be passionate about funding your way through school and training. A theater degree can be expensive (heck, headshots can be expensive), and starting jobs right out of school can be low-paying or even non-existent for some. That is where theater scholarships come in handy. You will, however, need professional training to help you reach your goals of being a star, so take a look at some of these ideas to find scholarships to make your dream a reality:

  • Federal Aid – Always check out the federal aid applications to see what you may qualify for depending upon your specific financial situation. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, is the main application for federal aid programs. The FAFSA determines an individual’s ability to pay for college. According to the Department of Education, tax information from the previous year yields the most accurate assessments. You will need both your 1040 and W-2 to complete the FAFSA. A quick online search will help you with this.
  • Individual College and Universities – Check with the colleges or universities to which you are applying to see if they offer scholarships specific to your major. Many theater schools are aware of the huge burden of paying for college and will offer some amazing scholarships to their own students. Call the financial aid office at the schools to which you are applying to inquire further.
  • Private Scholarships – These types of scholarships take a little digging and hard research on your own. Here is a great resource that may help you get started looking for private scholarships in the theater field.

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