Backdrops For Sale 

Theater and dance groups work hard all year practicing their craft to perform amazing shows, concerts, and musicals. The stage setup, lighting and sound design are a huge part of a flawless and professional performance. 

Backdrops By Charles H. Stewart can help make your performance your best yet with professionally crafted backdrops that coordinate with your theme, show, or musical. We also offer backdrops for sale that your organization can own for your annual shows. 

Why Purchase Rather Than Rent? 

Purchasing a backdrop is a cost-effective way to own a backdrop and avoid the regular rental charges. It is especially financially advantageous if your drama club, theater group or dance organization needs a simple design year after year or a plain backdrop that can be used for multiple performances. By repurposing and reusing a backdrop that your group owns, you will be able to get the most out of that backdrop for years to come. 

Here are some of our backdrops that are for sale that you may want to consider for your organization. 

Cyclorama Blue

Blue Backdrop For Sale

Dance organizations, theater groups, and schools could use this New Blue Cyclorama for all sorts of performances from musicals and plays to graduations, dance performances and band concerts. With two currently in stock, your group could have a permanent backdrop that could be used during all sorts of performances, ceremonies and presentations. 

This backdrop measures 17.5 X 42 and can be shipped directly to your organization for use. 

Cyclorama White

White Backdrops For Sale 

This New White Cyclorama/Blank Muslin Backdrop is yet another option that is both neutral and appropriate for a multitude of performances. We also have a New Seamless White Cyclorama/Blank Muslin Backdrop. Both are in stock and come in 18 x 42 sizing. 

Victorian Backdrop For Sale 

This Victorian Courtyard Backdrop depicts a courtyard and a cottage exterior with rocking chairs and benches and would be appropriate for any musical or play that involves exterior scenes. In size 20 x 40 this backdrop would be an excellent addition to any group’s inventory for plays, musicals and performances. 

Jazz Musicians Backdrop For Sale 

Musical groups may want to consider adding this backdrop currently for sale. The Jazz Musicians Backdrop #3221 shows a black and white depiction of some of the greatest jazz musicians and singers in 20 x 40 size. This sale option would be perfect for bands, recitals, concerts, dances, Jazz groups and music performances. 

Patriotic Backdrop 

This Patriotic Backdrop #3018 featuring the faces found on Mount Rushmore and the hanging American flag may be a great option for school performances, Flag Day celebrations, Memorial Day ceremonies, or Fourth of July presentations. 

To view the hundreds of sale options on our site visit Backdrops For Sale and scroll through the many options that could be right for your organization.