Alternative Backdrops for the Nutcracker Suite 

One of the most popular performances that we provide backdrops for is the annual showing of the Nutcracker Suite across the country. With more than 132 options of backdrops, it is no wonder our organization is one of the top suppliers for performances of this beloved holiday show. 

In past blogs, we have explored some of our most popular backdrops for the Nutcracker Suite. In this blog, we would like to take a look at some of the alternative backdrops that some groups like to rent for their performances. 

The Acts and Alternative Sets of Nutcracker Suite 

The Nutcracker has three acts with the first act being the “Party Scene” which commonly is depicted by a Victorian home scene. Some organizations, however, choose palace backdrops instead of a Victorian home appearance. 

Act Two involves the “Land of Sweets” in which many theater organizations choose to use fairyland palace backdrops rather than a candy palace. And lastly, Act Three is the “Snow Forest” scene with multiple options from our comprehensive inventory. 

Let’s take a look at some of these alternative backdrops that may help your theater group this year. 

The Party Scene Alternatives

If your set designers are looking for an alternative to the Victorian home set, these palace backdrops may work for your performance. 

palace interior

This Palace Interior Backdrop #2363 shows a stunning yellow interior of a mansion with a center window, columns, balustrades, sculptures, and a balcony. 

Another alternative option that organizations lean toward includes this Palace Grand Staircase Backdrop #2054 which shows a main foyer staircase with statues and three large windows.

The Land of Sweets 

As the Nutcracker performance progresses, the scene changes to the “Land of Sweets” in Act Two. Instead of choosing one of the candy palace backdrops, some groups instead choose the fairyland look of a palace such as Palace Interior Backdrop #2358. This backdrop shows an ornate palace interior with gold chandeliers and purple draperies

Gold arches with pink and blue stripes

This candy-colored palace backdrop would also be a great choice for the “Land of Sweets” Act. This Palace Interior Backdrop #2542 displays a pink and blue wall with ornate gold arches and shields.

This Palace Interior Backdrop #2350 is also a wonderful option for the “Land of Sweets” scenes as it shows an ornate palace interior with gold chandeliers and pink draperies. 

The Snow Forest 

For the scenes that take place in the snowy forest during Act Three, there are a few options that will have you debating which might be best for your performance. These include the Snow Village Backdrop #3168 which depicts a winter landscape with a town nestled in the valley.

Additionally, organizations have used Ice Palace Backdrop #3089 which depicts a beautiful winter landscape at night showing a large snow and ice palace.

NutcrackerFor a complete inventory list of Nutcracker Suite backdrops, visit our show suggestion page under Nutcracker