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Music Inspired Backdrops for Rent

Musical Visuals for Astounding Performances

At Charles H. Stewart, we believe that music and live performance brings diverse groups of people from all walks of life together in a positive, inspirational manner. Through music, audiences and listeners alike experience a range of emotions and energy. Our goal is to set vibrant, energetic, and engaging scenes for theatrical productions, concerts, and other musical performances through unique and captivating imagery with our beautiful backdrops.

A Backdrop for All Themes & Occasions

Our music-inspired backdrops are made with all the artistry and flair you would find in a broadway musical, elegant musical, or dance performance, or high-energy concerts. From modern club-inspired backdrops to 1920s jazz, and even orchestral designs, we have just the backdrop you need to complete your production available for rent. We also rent backdrops out to various events such as weddings, birthday parties, Sweet 16 Birthday parties, bar or bat mitzvahs, and more, adding musical flair to any event.

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Quality Backdrops Available For Rent

At Charles H. Stewart, we’ve specialized in creating and renting our high-quality backdrops for over 125 years. Offering our backdrops for rent allows us to spread the incredible effect and atmosphere of live performance across New England. Through artistic design using only the best material, our backdrops are durable and easy to set up, ensuring that your performance goes off without a hitch.

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