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Follow The Yellow Brick Road in The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz is an iconic musical conceived and written by Lyman Frank Baum in 1900. For over a hundred years, this classic and modern fairy tale has taken theaters by storm as a beloved choice for professionals and amateur theater groups across the nation. 

With songs such as “Follow The Yellow Brick Road,” “Ding Dong The Witch is Dead” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” it is no wonder that the Wizard of Oz is a timeless classic. Our more than 40 backdrops can help your organization create the mood and setting for your production. 

The Chronicle of Dorothy’s Trip To The Wizard

The Wizard of Oz follows the story of Dorothy, a young Kansas girl who lives with her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry. Unfortunately, Dorothy and her loyal dog, Toto, get swept up in a tornado and find themselves transported to a strange land called Oz. 

Upon crash landing her home on top of a witch, Dorothy meets the Witch of the North who thanks her for killing her sister, the Witch of the East. She also meets the inhabitants of Oz called Munchkins who advise her to follow the yellow brick road to the Wizard who may be able to get her back to Kansas. 

As she begins her trip to see the Wizard, she encounters three characters who join her on the journey – a cowardly Lion, a Scarecrow who longs for brains, and a Tinman who yearns for a heart. The group sets off to see the Wizard as they navigate their own challenges along the route. 

Upon finding the Emerald City, where the Wizard resides, they realize that even without his help, they are able to use their own strengths to help each other. This strength of friendship and kindness is a common theme as the new-found friends fight off Flying Monkeys and other trials along the way. 

Set the Stage For The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz has a certain whimsical flair and the backdrops should portray that as well. Here are a few of our favorites from the cornfields of Kansas to the castle in the Emerald City. 

This Farm Landscape Backdrop #2379 shows a rolling hill farm with corn fields, a fence and blue skies. This backdrop would be perfect for the opening act of the musical as Dorothy, unable to seek shelter in the storm cellar, gets swept up into the tornado that brings her to Oz. 

This Wizard of Oz Backdrop #3098 is an ideal depiction of the story of the Wizard of Oz including Dorothy, Toto and friends. The yellow brick road is clearly seen and the road to the Emerald City is visible in the background. 

Once the friends arrive at the Emerald City, this Emerald City Backdrop #2507 shows the land of Oz with the yellow brick road winding through poppy fields up to the Emerald City!

To view all 40 of the amazing backdrops we offer for the Wizard of Oz, please visit our website and start planning your performance today. 


Wizard of Oz

Making the Wizard of Oz Come to Life

Well-developed characters, props, and lighting sure can make any performance come to life. You know what else can? Our show-specific backdrops can transform a theater into an enchanted yellow brick road, the Emerald City of Oz, or the tornado ravaged fields of Kansas. 

Our Wizard of Oz themed backdrops can take audience members from a simple theater, into the world of  ‘lions and tigers, and bears… oh my!’ 

Let’s take a closer look at this fan favorite musical and how Backdrops by Charles Stewart can make your spring performance come to life. 

The Story of the Wizard of Oz 

While every theater group or community theater may perform different adaptations of this time-honored favorite, the story remains basically the same in each. 

The traditional story of the Wizard of Oz chronicles the adventures of a young Kansas farm girl, Dorothy, and her beloved dog, Toto, as they are swept up in a tornado that destroys her house and carries them to the mysterious Land of Oz. 

Upon her arrival, she is shocked to find out that she must travel to the Emerald City to seek the help of the great and powerful Wizard of Oz in order to return to her beloved aunt and uncle and her prairie home. 

During her trip along the yellow brick road she is joined by Glenda, the Good Witch, and three unlikely friends: the Scarecrow, the Lion, and the Tinman. Dorothy, along with the Munchkin people encourage them to join her on her journey to see the Wizard, in the hopes that they can find the things they desire the most: the Scarecrow wants a brain, the Tinman wants a heart, and the Lion wants courage. 

The four travelers are met with challenges from the Wicked Witch of the West and some flying monkeys, as well as help from Glinda, the Good Witch. Upon meeting the Wizard, they are shocked to find out that he is not as he appears. 

Wizard of Oz Farm Scrim

Kansas Prairie Scene 

The musical both starts and finishes at the farm on which Dorothy lives with her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry. We have several options for which to choose the depict these scenes including a Black and White Farm Scrim Backdrop #2370

Or, if you should prefer to remain in color, we offer several Cornfield Backdrops #2315 and a more traditional Farm Backdrop #1541

Wizard of Oz

Land of Oz Scene

The Land of Oz is made up of whimsical creatures who speak including a Lion, Scarecrow, and Tinman. It is also surrounded by a well-known trail called the yellow brick road. We offer several different Yellow Brick Road backdrops #3098 including this colorful path to the Wizard. 

Emerald City

Emerald City Scene

They are “off to see the Wizard” and finally reach their destination when the storyline reaches its conclusion in the Emerald City. The climax of the story takes the audience to the famous Wizard at the heart of the city where they find out he is not all he is made out to be. Our Emerald City backdrops transport the audience right into this sparkling world with one of our most popular backdrops: The Emerald City #2507

Do you have a Wizard of Oz performance scheduled for this spring? Check out our full menu of Wizard backdrops on our site.