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Small Town Street

Cue the Music for Your Production of Music Man

“We’ve got trouble! Right here in River City.” Can you hear the music? Feel the beat? If so, then you are as big a fan as we are of the Broadway classic – The Music Man.  

Does your school or theater group have the perfect fast-talking salesman to portray Harold Hill? If you’re putting on a production of the Music Man, you may be interested in the many backdrops we offer specific to this production. From Midwest town backdrops, to parks and quiet streets, Backdrops by Charles H Stewart is nationally recognized for its incredible design, high-quality durability, and ease of use.

River City from the Music Man

A Little Background on Music Man 

Set in rural Midwest America in the 20th Century, the Music Man follows the story of traveling salesman Harold Hill, who targets the innocent and naïve residents of a small midwest town in the 1910s. 

Hill turns out to be a con artist who travels from town to town pretending to be a professor of music from the Gary (Indiana) Conservatory of Music, class of ’05. His plan is to convince the townspeople that they need a boys marching band that will solve all of their problems. 

He takes money from the townsfolk to buy instruments, music, instructional materials, and uniforms for their young sons. However, in reality, he has no degree and knows nothing about music, and after all the materials arrive and are distributed, he absconds with all the money, never to be seen again.

Harold inadvertently falls for the town’s music teacher and faces the difficult decision to remain in town where he enriches the townsfolk with music. 

Small Town StreetAct I – River City, Iowa

Act I of Music Man is set mainly in the Town Square of River City, Iowa, where swindler Harold Hill begins his duplicitous journey to bilk the townspeople of their hard earned savings. It also takes place outside the town’s library and on the quiet streets of this tranquil midwest city. 

This River City Backdrop #2380 shows a quaint midwestern town with Victorian buildings lining the streets.  

RAdditionally, the River City Traveler Backdrop # 1260 shows the Barber Shop, Billiard Hall, and Bank of a typical American town. 

For scenes both inside and outside the town library, there are several backdrops to choose from including this backdrop with books, shelves, and beautiful windows. Library Backdrop #0351B

Library Backdrop

Act II River City High School Gym

Our meticulously-designed Music Man backdrop eloquently captures the midwest setting, transporting audiences through time.

Gymnasium backdropCheck out these school gymnasium backdrops and along the Small Town Streets #1014