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Backdrops Perfect for Dance Recitals 

Spring and summer are full of special events such as graduations and the annual dance recital. Whether you are looking to add a little more sparkle to your event or portray a specific setting, decade, scene, or location for your dance recital, look no further than our extensive backdrops available to rent. 

From toddlers in pink fluffy tutus to teens displaying their emerging talent in hip hop, ballet, or tap, dance recitals are a much-anticipated event every year. It’s where dreams become reality and young dancers come into their own right in front of our eyes on stage. 

Backdrops By Charles Stewart has over 1,500 backdrops available for rent. For a full listing by show, style, and theme, check out our custom backdrop listings as well as our backdrops listed by category and show on our site. But for now, here are some of our favorite backdrops that we find to be perfect for your unique dance recital. 


gold stars

Some of our most popular backdrops for dance recitals include the category we call “Abstract.” They are great for a wide variety of performances that can incorporate younger dancers and older, more experienced dancers. 

The Gold Sparkle Backdrop  #2551 features a black background with shiny gold falling sparkles. This is a painted backdrop with no metallic material. It is perfect for dances, disco themes events, and general background for stars in the making. 


The Abstract Circles Backdrop #3158 is perfect for adding some excitement to a dance recital with large colorful circles. The contrasting background colors with large circles can be used for a variety of purposes such as a retro feel, psychedelic mood, fantasy, or a dream world theme. 

points of light

The Points of Light Backdrop # 2525 is another of our favorites for dance recitals. This smoky purple background has points of light shining above dancers. The colors can change with lighting. This particular backdrop is great for hip hop or more modern dance styles and themes. If you are looking for a vibrant color and a little spark of flair in your dance recital we have the backdrops for you. 

Novelty & Dance Backdrops 

Check out our novelty and dance backdrops that span many categories including foreign lands, patriotic, schools, music notes, and much much more. Here are two of our favorite novelty backdrops for your child’s dance recital. 


The Gala Awards Backdrop #3271 embraces an awards night theme with its red curtains framing the stage with purple background and spotlights.

danceIf you’re looking to go a little more bold try this ​​Dance Backdrop #3236 with silhouettes of dancers in front of a kaleidoscope background. We love how the dancers featured show classic ballroom dancing and more modern free-flowing dancers! 

Check out all of our amazing backdrops on our site for your next dance recital. With our wide selection, we are sure to have the option you are looking for this year.