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The Best Backdrops for Beauty & The Beast 

The story is “old as time” and the theatrical adaptation of the love story of Beauty and the Beast will captivate audience members young and old. Whether it is your theater group, community theater, or a Broadway performance, Backdrops by Charles Stewart has you covered with more than 50 backdrop options for this Disney favorite. 

What Is the Story of Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast tells the unlikely and mysterious story of how a fair young maiden meets a grotesque beast and how they eventually fall in love. 

The story begins with the plight of a young and arrogant prince who is cursed by a mysterious enchantress until he can love and be loved by another person. His curse is to appear as an ugly and monstrous beast. He has until a magical rose loses its last petal to convince another to love him or he will remain a beast forever. 

Many years after he is cursed, Maurice, an inventor from a nearby village, wanders into the woods and accidentally trespasses on the Beast’s property. The Beast immediately imprisons him rather than choosing to help this older man who is simply lost. 

Bell, Maurice’s daughter, becomes aware of her father’s predicament and offers to take the place of her sickly father in the prison to save him from what would surely be a death sentence. 

The Beast agrees to her promise to stay with him in the castle forever, where she eventually gets to know the Beast for who he really is rather than just what he appears to be on the outside. Their love blossoms and they fall in with the help of some unlikely household items named Mrs. Potts (the teapot), Cogsworth (the clock), Chip, the teacup), and Lumiere (the candlestick). 

Backdrops for Beauty and the Beast 

Whether you are hoping to portray a European village where young Belle lives or the castle the Beast calls home, we have more than 50 beautiful drops that can set the stage perfectly for your performance. Let’s explore a few of our options. 

This Tavern Interior Backdrop #2502 shows a rustic tavern interior with a stone fireplace, tables, wooden barrels, hunting trophies, and wagon wheel chandeliers. This is where we first meet Gaston, a huntsman and suitor for Belle, who continues to pursue her after a gentle rejection.

As Belle and the Beast get to know each other, they spend lots of time in his castle. This Palace Ballroom Backdrop #3102 shows an ornate ballroom with gold leaf, a red ceiling, and large windows.

Or depending on the aesthetic you are seeking, this Palace Ballroom Backdrop #2505

Depicts a grand ballroom with rows of large glass windows, marble columns, and fancy drapery.

Check out all of our Beauty and the Beast backdrops for your next production. 

Interior Victorian Home

Best Backdrops for Beauty & the Beast

It’s hard to imagine that anyone has not heard of the timeless story Beauty and the Beast. As the song says, it’s a ‘tale as old as time.’ From school and theater groups, to community theaters and the bright lights of Broadway, everyone can enjoy the magical world of Disney characters and an expertly written score. 

Check out our entire collection of Beauty and the Beast backdrops that are perfect for your next performance. 

If your theater group is planning a spring musical featuring Beauty and the Beast, it may be time to explore the wide assortment of backdrops that we have here at Charles Stewart. Let’s  take a closer look at the backdrop options that your group may be interested in to make your magical French Village and Mysterious Castle of the Beast come to life. 

The Story of Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast tells the tale of two unlikely love interests; a cursed prince doomed to live his days in his castle in the form of a hideous beast, and Belle, a spirited and intelligent young maiden who lives in a nearby village with her father, Maurice. 

The prince, we know as the Beast, was once a spoiled and selfish man who showed great disdain for anyone who did not fit his standard of beauty. His selfishness knew no bounds as he refused a haggardly older woman safe shelter at the castle one cold night in return for a single red rose. The woman was an Enchantress who told the Prince “not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within.”  

She then set a curse on the prince who would be doomed to live as a beastly figure until he could learn to love and be loved. And that is how he lived for years as he waited for each petal of the enchanted rose to fall, which signaled he would remain a beast forever. 

Years later, the volatile prince took Maurice (Belle’s elderly and infirmed father) as his prisoner for trespassing on his castle grounds. When Belle hears of this she offers to take her father’s place as prisoner in the castle. It is during her time with the Beast that she learns to appreciate him and eventually fall deeply in love. She is captivated by the enchanted servants; Mrs. Potts, the tea pot, the magical wardrobe, Madame de la Grande Bouche, Lumiere, the candlesticks, and Cogsworth, the mantle clock. 

The story culminates with the giving and acceptance of love between Belle and the Beast. They also learn the valuable lesson that it’s never too late to change. 

Our Favorite Beauty & The Beast Backdrops 

From the French provincial village where Belle, her father, and the conceited Gaston live, to the cavernous castle that is the Beast’s home for years, Backdrops by Charles Stewart has a wide assortment of backdrops that can make your performance come alive for your characters and audiences alike. 

European street backdropVillage Scenes: The French Village Outside the Beast’s Castle 

Create that quaint village feel with our European Village Backdrop # 2360. This whimsical European village features Tudor style buildings in the center of a European town and distant mountains. You can almost envision Belle as she happily sings while stopping at the shops and visiting with villagers. 

Castle in the Clouds

Forest Scenes 

Discover an enchanted forest right at the doorstep of the Beast’s castle with this Castle in the Clouds Backdrop #2485 with its winding dirt road to an elusive castle in the clouds. 

Palace Ballroom Backdrop

Castle Scenes 

Can you picture Belle as she makes her dramatic entrance down the grand staircase or how Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, or Cogsworth look on as she begins to fall in love with the Beast? This Palace Ballroom Backdrop #3263 is perfect for those moments when Belle and the Beast begin their romance. 

The interior and exterior backdrops for the castle scenes can help make your performance come to life and create a sense of magic as Belle and Beast have their first dance under the twinkling lights of the crystal chandelier. (Palace Ballroom Backdrop #2525)