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Wizard of Oz Backdrop Rentals

Majestic Wizard of Oz Backdrops For Rental

Head off to see the wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz with these transportive Wizard of Oz backdrop rentals by Charles H. Stewart. With backdrop rentals designed explicitly for Wizard of Oz live productions and performances, you’ll be sure to find precisely the backdrop needed for your interpretation of this ageless classic.

Capture the Classic Magic With Charles H. Stewart Rentals

The Wizard of Oz requires a certain whimsical flair and magical finesse when it comes to capturing Oz’s unique aesthetic. Our incredible Wizard of Oz backdrops are highly durable and easy to set up for all occasions, ensuring that you and your performance do indeed capture the fantasy of Oz.

Follow The Yellow Brick Road to Emerald City!

However, the fun doesn’t end at live performances. Our Wizard of Oz backdrops are perfect for any themed birthday parties and social gatherings, as well as fantasy photo and video shoots for indie-filmmakers, photographers, and cosplayers alike. From Kansas cornfields to yellow brick roads and the famed Emerald City, our Wizard of Oz backdrops fit every scene, completing your creative endeavor.

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More About Wizard of Oz The Musical

The Wizard of Oz was first a musical from 1902 based on the original Wonderful Wizard of Oz published in 1900. From Chicago to Broadway and then touring all over the world, the story details Dorothy’s quest to visit the Wizard in Emerald City. We have a wide selection of Wizard of Oz backdrops to rent that are sure to create an amazing musical!

If you’re taking on the Wizard of Oz as your next production in your school, drama club, or other organization, you are likely thinking about which Wizard of Oz backdrops to choose and what your set design requires. Our Backdrops for the Wizard of Oz highlight specific and recognizable scenes from the original show! You can choose to feature the Emerald City in your set design with our various Emerald City backdrops for rent, or choose a beautiful wooded landscape to set the scene. You can include a village street scene in your set or even a cornfield for the scene where Dorothy meets the scarecrow. We know you’ll love these backdrops, made specifically for the Wizard of Oz.