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Novelty & Dance Backdrops For Rent

Add Unique & Eclectic Flair to Your Production

Our high-quality backdrop rentals are perfect for novelty theatrical aesthetics and dance recitals. Many of our backdrops’ abstract nature lends itself to creative endeavors, expressing artistry and eliciting emotion from audiences and guests alike. At Charles H. Stewart, you’ll find the perfect backdrop rental to help capture the meaning behind your performance, bringing artistic flair to every moment in your production.

A Backdrop for Any Occasion

From children’s dance recitals to full-fledged musicals, we have the right backdrop for your production. Bring back 70s disco, take a trip to Las Vegas, speed down Rt. 66, or gaze across a wondrous star-filled sky. Our backdrops can accommodate any need, any production, any party, and any creative endeavor from photoshoots to birthday parties and even weddings and bar or bat mitzvahs, adding a little magic to your party rentals.

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125 Years of Backdrop Rental Service

Whether you seek dance-themed backdrops for rental or simply an artistic background for your party or event, Charles H. Stewart has you covered. Our high-quality backdrops are durable and built to last from setup through performance. Through dedicated quality design, we have created easy to carry backdrops that are simple and quick to hang up, ensuring that your production, dance recital, or party breaks a leg.