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Cycloramas or cyc walls have been used in theatre and photography since the 19th-century. By incorporating curved surfaces, these backdrops give the illusion of infinite space. This allows creative flexibility within various scenes or with how actors or objects of attention are presented to the audience. These types of backdrops are often solid-colored, adding to the illusion, presenting the audience with a much-wider feel of space than may actually be there.

Cycloramas Are Multi-Functional

The use of cyclorama rentals doesn’t end at the theatre. Photographers have long-used cycloramas for photoshoots, as these backdrop rentals can significantly put a creative amount of focus on the shooting subject. Cyc walls are also the best backdrops for corporate use, especially in product photography and commercial video productions. The lean, solid-color features on cyc walls flourish in professional settings.

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The last thing that anyone wants when putting on a production, hosting a photo shoot, filming a commercial or short film, or hosting an event is to be meddling with backdrops all day/night. At Charles H. Stewart, we understand that handling backdrops or cycloramas can be a tedious, frustrating task, so we’ve created the most durable, easy-to-setup backdrops available on the market. This allows you to focus on your goals, not fixing the backdrop.