Theater Superstitions: Part One

If you have been following us on Facebook, you’re probably already aware of some of the many theater superstitions that exist. Today we will be going over all the superstitions we could find, or have heard of. In fact, there are so many that we will have to split this post into two parts.


Keeping a Ghost Light Lit

Many, if not all theaters have a light on, usually upstage center. The superstition behind this is to keep away mischievous ghosts like that of the Ghost of Thespies, the first known actor in Ancient Greece, who was known for causing disruption in theaters around the world.

There is actual logic behind this of course, and that’s to help the actors and crew see throughout the dark theater! Might as well keep some ghosts out while you’re at it!


The Rule of 3

Having three candles lit on stage can bring a show bad luck. The superstition is that the person who stands closest to the shortest candle will be the next person to either get married or die.

Of course, the logic behind this candle rule dates back to when theaters were lit with torches causing many of them to catch fire and burn down.


Banned from the Stage:

Peacock Feathers- The evil eye on the peacock feathers brings a curse upon productions.

Mirrors- If a mirror is on stage, it could interfere with the stage lighting and if a performer or crew member broke it, it would bring bad luck.

Bible- The bible was not allowed on stage in order to avoid disrespecting the holy text.

Real Jewelry & Money- These bring bad luck to a production since they could be stolen! Stage jewelry only!


Flowers Only Allowed After a Performance

It is believed that flowers given to actors before their performance causes a dull performance, so hold your horses and wait til the show is over!


Avoiding the Color Blue

This superstition dates back to the early theater days where blue was the most expensive color dye. Failing stage companies would use the color blue in order to trick the audience into thinking the producers were wealthy. The only way to decipher a phony from the real deal was if silver was incorporated into the blue.


Sleeping with a Script Under the Pillow

It is believed that sleeping with your script under your pillow will help with remembering your lines. Or, you know, you could practice!


Stay tuned for part two of Theater Superstitions!

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