When Theater Sets Dazzle the Show

Some theater productions become famous because of the brilliant acting or singing. Other shows become well-known because the dialogue is sublime or the score is exceptional. Still others are distinguished due to the relevancy of the topic or issue that is discussed in the production. And then there are the shows that simply dazzle because the set design leaves the audience amazed and inspired, and, in some cases, wondering, “How did they make that look so real?”

What can a phenomenal set do for a play or musical production? Here are just a few of the ways a set can make a production a “must-see” event.

  • A Window into the World on Stage – Great sets have the ability to take the audience into the world that is being portrayed on the stage. When an audience truly feels as though they are right in the play with the actors, the set design crew has done their job well.


  • Balance out a Weak Performance – A dazzling set can actually disguise weak material and/or acting. When an audience is focused on how a stage is designed or how realistic things appear, they are, many times, willing to forgive weak content or acting.


  • Support for the Main Characters or Message  – A set that changes seamlessly, supports the characters, and gives depth to the theme or meaning of the show can make a production come to life, and, in the end, become wildly successful financially.


So next time you are at a show that you are raving about consider what aspects made you love it so. Was it the acting, the score, the story line or . . . maybe, just maybe, you were drawn into it by the set design?

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