Sound of Music

The Hills Are Alive! Backdrops for the Sound of Music 

Set in the turbulent 1930s in Austria during the rise of Hitler in nearby Germany, the Sound of Music tells the story of the famous Von Trapp family’s escape from the Third Reich’s expansion across Europe. 

The Story of the Von Trapp Family 

The original production of the Sound of Music opened on Broadway in 1959 and has experienced several revivals since that time. Based upon real-life events, the story follows a young woman named Maria who was failing miserably in her attempts to become a nun. The Sisters at her convent placed her in a home with seven children who had lost their mother and were being raised by their father, ​​Navy Captain George Von Trapp. 

As a governess, Maria was (at first) tested by the children who were mischievous and often ran off the previous governesses. She eventually won over the children with her playful spirit and kind-heartedness. 

During her tenure as caretaker for the children, she found herself falling in love with Captain Von Trapp even though he was already engaged to a Baroness named Elsa. The romance makes them both start questioning the decisions they have made, the Barron regarding his engagement, and Maria on her vows to the church. 

Their budding romance is overshadowed by the growing threat of German leader Adolph Hitler in neighboring Germany. Austria is about to come under Germany’s control, and the Captain may soon find himself drafted into the German Navy and forced to fight against his own country. The family eventually flees mere hours before the border to Austria is shut down by Hitler. 

Backdrops For The Sound of Music

The Von Trapp family’s story is a classic; many still watch this show on television annually. The Broadway production follows a similar storyline and setting in the hills of the beautiful Austrian countryside as well as in the exquisite home of the Von Trapp family. 

CHS Backdrops offers more than 40 options of backdrops for your production of the Sound of Music. Take a look at several of the options that we can ship directly to you in time for your spring performance. 

Mountain Landscape

This Mountain Landscape Backdrop #3058 depicts a snow-covered mountain top against a blue sky with clouds. We all remember the scene where Maria sings to the children as well as alone on these hills outside both her convent and the Von Trapp family home. 

For interior scenes with the family, this Victorian Red Curtain Backdrop #2534 which shows a living room interior with a center fireplace, bookshelves, and windows on the left and right may be perfect. 

For scenes in the garden or just outside the home, this Garden Backdrop #1155 with a stone staircase in a garden with balustrades and a large urn could set the scene well. 

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