The 411 on Backdrop Rentals at Charles Stewart 

For over 100 years Backdrops By Charles Stewart has been a leading-edge scenic design and backdrop rental company. Many theater groups, production companies, dance productions, and Broadway shows have featured some of our high-quality backdrops. 

Many of our clients choose to buy our backdrops and reuse them for annual performances of shows such as the Nutcracker, or a Christmas Story. Other clients take advantage of our rental options to use a backdrop for a specified amount of time during their performance schedule. 

For those clients wondering about our rental options here is the 411 on how this works for our loyal customers. 


Rental Prices 

Our rental prices are affordable. For our painted backdrops, stripes and solids, the rate is based on how long you will need the backdrop. The current rate is $330 for the first week, $245 for the second week, and $175 for each additional week. 

For scrims, our rates go as follows: $425 for the first week, $245 for the second week, and $175 for each additional week. Our legs and tabs rent at $180 per week and our borders are priced at $125 per week. 

We ask that backdrops be rented for a minimum of one week and if you have any custom requests, talk to our team for custom pricing or special request pricing. 

Rental Terms 

In order to rent one of our scrims, backdrops, legs, tables, or borders, we ask that a $100 per drop per week non-refundable deposit is due at the time of order. A confirmation invoice form will be e-mailed on the day you order. The full payment must be received 14  days prior to shipping. If by chance you are ordering the backdrop within that 14-day time window, full payment should be received at the time of ordering. 

Please make sure that your order is accurate, including the name of the show, dates of the show, backdrop numbers, and shipping address. The timeframe of a one-week rental is 7 days. The eighth day begins the second week of rental. All drops must be returned on time either in person or via UPS (United Parcel Service) under the shipping program specified by Charles H. Stewart. 

Care of the backdrops should be paramount while they are in your possession. Please do not nail, staple, tack, pin, cut, or alter in any way the items on this contract.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our team if this is your first time renting or if you have questions or concerns about care, shipping, or returning the items on your order. We look forward to working closely with your group!