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Tips For Spring & Summer Auditions

Spring and summer pose awesome opportunities for actors. When spring musicals come around, and new shows are being cast in the summer, there are some awesome tips and tricks actors can use to practice and rehearse to help them during auditions.

Warm Up Properly

raw honey

The seasonal change brings about so many different temperatures in the air. You’ll want to make sure you warm up your body and your voice properly. Going from rainy days to hot days, and in and out of cold, air-conditioned environments, you’ll notice this takes a toll on your vocal cords, throat muscles, and your diaphragm. Pay attention to how your body feels during each season to make sure you’re warming up properly and safely.

Steam for Your Throat & Vocal Chords

One really helpful warm-up tip is to use steam or a vaporizer before auditions and productions. Steam clears your nasal passages and relaxes your body. It allows you to breathe deeply and purely. You will notice clarity in your pronunciation and dictation when you’re rehearsing, warming up, or preparing for auditions.


Honey helps to coat your throat with a smooth sweetness. It’s used often by actors and vocalists. With the pollen in the air and all airborne allergies, honey can help you build your immune system while keeping your throat safe and strong. Put honey in some hot tea, iced tea, or try some honey sticks.

Water & Hydration

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Drinking water, eating well, and staying hydrated are important. Throughout the spring and summer, you will notice your body is drained from the weather and the sunshine. Eat foods with lots of vitamins and calcium. You will already be getting vitamins from the sun, so be sure your water and food intake matches the same level.

Exercise & Stretch

Stretching your body and exercising helps maintain a healthy immune system during the spring and summer. When you stretch your muscles, full body, and especially your upper body and diaphragm, preparing for auditions will come naturally for you.

exercising and stretching outsid


During auditions, you want to show your best skills and features, and be the best actor you can be. Despite the allergies and the up and down changing temps of the weather, you can still prepare and take care of yourself. Stay up to date with our blogs to read about all things theater.