Need A Custom Backdrop? We Do That!

I think we can all agree that a professionally created backdrop can determine the tone, mood, and setting of a performance, whether it’s on Broadway or your local dance school recital. 

We shared in one of our recent blogs the impact of backdrops. We stated that scenery such as a backdrop can, “truly set the stage for every performance or presentation. The effect is that a backdrop can create a mood that ranges from a dark, scary tone to a bright, happy one and everything in between.”

Knowing the importance of backdrops is one thing, finding one that fits your specific needs is another. What if your performance is not a typical one? What if you have scoured all your resources and can’t seem to find one that fits your musical, performance, dance recital, or business needs? 

Backdrops by Charles Stewart can create a custom backdrop that suits all of your needs. 

Why Are Custom Backdrops Needed? 

We are often asked why a custom backdrop would be needed if we have so many in our inventory. The answer is two fold. 

One main reason an organization may need a custom made backdrop would be to make the scene and color palette fit the brand of the company being presented. 

Another reason a group may want a custom backdrop includes the idea that the show may be unique or have special needs like being held outdoors as many performances have shifted to in this age of coronavirus. 

A Word About Our Custom Backdrops 

We have the production capabilities to create any backdrop you can imagine. We do not, however, design the backdrops. We leave that artistic aspect to our clients. 

We will take your designs and give some input, if needed. But, in general, we will create an exact duplicate of the design you submit. We caution all of our clients to be sure the design is exactly as you want it before making your final decision on production. 

Our backdrops will include a 2” jute webbing with grommets across the top, hemmed sides, and a small pipe pocket across the bottom. Ties are optional ($25 fee to include them).

The cost of our custom backdrops really depends on a few factors including size, speed at which you need it completed, and the complexity of the design. Most of our 18×42 custom backdrops are priced at $3000 and up. For larger backdrops, 20×42, the prices begin at $3500. 

To start the process of getting your custom backdrop underway, we offer a free quote and then will start work once we have received a 50% down payment on the work to be completed. 

Talk to our team about starting your custom backdrop and see how it can positively impact your next performance.