Popular High School Musicals For Drama Clubs

While meeting people in college and reminiscing on the high school era of our lives, musical productions played by our high school drama clubs are always a piece of those memories that come into conversation.

When conversing about it, you may have noticed that your roommate’s high school, towns or even states away also performed the same production done by your own high school.

The truth is that there are many plays known to be popular in high school drama productions. The Educational Theatre Association recently released their survey of the most produced plays in U.S. high schools. We thought it would be fun to take a look at the top 10 musicals here.

1. The Addams Family
After the book series of The Adams Family was released, the T.V. series began production in the early 1960s.

2. Shrek the Musical
This musical is based off of DreamWorks 2001 Animation film Shrek.

3. Legally Blonde
This musical is famously known for its hit 2001 film and original novel. The Broadway musical was first previewed in 2007.

4. Cinderella
This musical is based out of the retold story by Charles Perrault’s tale Cendrillon from the 17th century. The Broadway musical was based off of Douglas Carter Beane’s Cinderella book.

5. Little Shop of Horrors
Based on the 1960s cult horror film, this musical was written by Howard Ashman with music by Alan Menken in 2003

6. Anything Goes
According to an article written by NPR, this musical has been ranked in the top most popular high school musicals since the 1970s, ranking as number 9 in the 1990s

7. Guys and Dolls
This musical was first previewed on Broadway in 1950 and has won various Tony Awards in the following years.

8. You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown
Like Anything Goes, this musical has ranked in the top high school musicals since 1970s where it ranked as number three and number eight in 2010s.

9. The Wizard of Oz
This musical has had various adaptations from L. Frank Baum and has ranked in top high school musicals since 1960s except for the 2000s where it was not used in high school productions.

10. Hairspray
This one was first previewed in Broadway in 2002 and had won various Tony awards the following year.

This makes it fun to connect with theater lovers alike. When you discuss the plays you’ve done, your experiences, and share your knowledge, it can be a moment that truly brings people together, bonding over their love for the stage. Discussing theater with other thespians can allow you to learn something new about a director or author, or bring your attention to a specific technique in which you want to enhance on the stage.

When it comes to high school musicals, some schools are limited on what they’re school system allows them to present. Other high school drama clubs may not have a huge budget to order full scripts for everyone. It’s interesting to see the types of shows presented by schools across the US.

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