Frozen Fans Don’t Have to “Let It Go” With Our Favorite Backdrops 

If you or your children are Frozen fans, you know that theater lovers will come from far and wide to see their favorite performance come to life right in front of their eyes. The 2013 Disney blockbuster is still as popular today as it was 8 years ago when it first held us spellbound in the magical Kingdom of Arendelle. 

Whether you are an Anna or Elsa fan, it won’t matter when your theater group performs your rendition of this classic. From Queen Elsa’s ice castle to the streets of Arendelle where Anna longs to be among the people, our backdrops can make your set design realistic and professional. 

Backdrops By Charles H. Stewart is also a superfan of the hit show. We have 52 unique backdrops to help your show come to life. Take a look at the choices we have organized for you today. 

Queen Elsa's Ice Castle

Queen Elsa’s Magical Ice Castle

One of the most iconic moments of any Frozen show is the mountaintop ice castle built by none other than Elsa herself. Some of our most popular backdrops include the snowy forests and the ice castle. 

Our Ice Palace Backdrop # 2469 depicts the interior of a large palace covered in ice with columns and cathedral-like windows. These drops are 18×42 and both for rent or for purchase. Imagine Elsa singing “Let It Go” as she builds her castle with her fingertips. 

Your show will absolutely come to life in the snowy forest as Olaf, the snowman, Anna, and Cristof travel up the North Mountain to talk to Elsa. Some of your favorite scenes are where Olaf sings “Summertime” or Anna falls frozen in the snow and needs the help of the Trolls to revive her. 

Our Snow Forest backdrops #2531 or Winter Trees Tab Backdrop #2392 would make an excellent snowy setting for your forest scene. 

European streets

European Street Backdrops 

Our main characters, Anna and Elsa live in a sheltered mountain kingdom in the city of Arendelle. It is there that we first meet our main characters and hear their family story that leaves them shuttered inside the cold, stony castle. The cobblestone streets are where Anna longs to be on Coronation day and our backdrops deliver just that aesthetic! 

Streets of London

We have several options for just such a setting that looks European and majestic. Our Dickens Street #2310 or European Village backdrop #2359 would be perfect additions to your show! 

Check out all of our options for sale or rent for your next performance of Disney’s Frozen