Featuring Our Frozen-Themed Backdrops 

It’s almost hard to believe that it was ten years ago that “Let It Go” became a household song and that the ice princess, Elsa from Arandale, would become a hit overnight. The 2013 Walt Disney World film captured the imagination of the young and old alike with its unforgettable songs, adorable characters, and scenery of a fairytale land nestled in the mountains. 

This heartwarming story of two orphaned sisters who learn to become best friends again will delight your audiences and have viewers singing along with your actors. With more than 50 backdrops designed for this film-turned-musical, you will set the scene for your audiences and amaze them with your performance. 

What Is The Story of Frozen

Frozen tells the story of sisters Elsa and Anna who grew up in the beautiful land of Arendale surrounded by regal mountains and lush green grass along the fjords of Scandinavia. While the sisters grew up best friends enjoying magic and songs with their parents, the secrecy of Elsa’s icy abilities was kept quiet from the rest of the town for fear of the magic that lay within her. 

Sadly, Elsa and Anna’s parents die in a tragic shipwreck, and Elsa is left to rule the kingdom on her coronation day. Elsa has successfully kept her ice powers a secret with the help of trolls and other magical figures from the woods, but the stress of her coronation day causes her secret to be revealed and her greatest fears come true. As her secret becomes known, she flees the town and heads for the mountains where she conjures a glorious ice castle. 

Even though her powers are no longer secret, they are no less potent as her powerful emotions and ice cause the town to become trapped in eternal winter. Princess Anna sets off to find her sister and make everything right in Arendale. She teams up with an iceman named Kristoff, his reindeer, and a snowman named Olaf, to find her estranged sister Elsa and stop the snow from falling. 

Scenes and Backdrops of Frozen 

As the story of Elsa and Anna’s love for each other unfolds, there are many scenes to set for your audiences including the castle they grew up in, the town of Arendale, and of course, the ice castle set in the mountains. Here are some of our favorite backdrops that will help create the fairytale land in Frozen

European City Scenes 

The city of Arendale is meant to look like a quaint European village with cobblestone streets and distinctly European architectural homes. These options are just a few of the 53 backdrops we have designed for Frozen

This European Village backdrop #2360 is perfect for scenes when Anna enjoys a walk around town and meets the citizens of the kingdom. The Tudor-style buildings showcase a European town and distant mountains.

This Dickens Style backdrop # 2310 is also perfect for Frozen as it portrays a snow-covered London street with Tudor-style buildings. 


Ice Castle and Mountain Scenes 

Much of the storyline between Elsa and Anna takes place along the journey from Arendale to the ice castle deep in the mountains. These options for snow-covered woods and the ice castle are perfect for the heart of this production. 

This Snow Forest Backdrop #2351 shows fir trees covered in heavy snow against a grey sky perfect for the journey to the ice castle where Anna meets Olaf along the way. 

This backdrop aptly called the Ice Palace Backdrop #2469 shows the interior of a large palace covered in ice with columns and cathedral-like windows.

Check out all of our Frozen backdrops here and get started setting the scene for your performance of Frozen, the musical.