Experience the Magic of Aladdin

Haven’t we all longed for the opportunity to rub a magic lamp and be given three wishes to make our lives easier, happier, and more fulfilled at some point? The story of a poor street urchin, Aladdin, and his monkey Abu, follows just such a tale of magic wishes set in a Middle Eastern city where Sultans rule and the magic of a genie can help true love flourish. 

The story of Aladdin may sound exotic, but it plays out through history over and over. The power struggle between good and evil, the challenges of those with wealth and those without, and the desire to find true love that will last a lifetime are all themes found in this popular musical. 

A Little Background on Aladdin the Musical

The musical Aladdin has all the hallmarks of an amazing show – a magical genie, the power of true love, and of course a comedic genie! 

The story of Aladdin starts by introducing a young boy who must live by his street smarts and wit. He steals from street vendors in the Middle Eastern city of Agrabah to survive but always cares for his faithful friend, a monkey named Abu. 

During one of his visits to the streets, he happens to meet a beautiful Princess named Jasmine who is being forced to marry a man she does not love, the Sultan’s evil assistant Jafar. 

Aladdin falls in love at first sight and uses his three wishes from a genie bottle he found in the Cave of Wonders to help him become a man worthy of her love. 

During many comedic adventures, Aladdin and his sidekick the genie must woo the princess, save the kingdom, and expose Jafar for the evil that he is. The musical is fun, exciting, and filled with laughs for the audience members, both old and young. 

Backdrop & Setting Options for Aladdin 

The backdrops needed to make this popular theater production come to life include components of a Middle Eastern city, a palace, and a busy street market. Here are a few of the options Charles Stewart has for your next production of Aladdin the Musical

An Arabian Street Market 

This backdrop is aptly named Arabian Market Backdrop #2462. It provides the typical appearance of a Middle Eastern street with bazaar tents, turrets, and landscape fitting this region of the world.

Arabian StreetWe also have other options such as this Arabian Market Backdrop# 2311 which provides a desert look with tents and regional architecture.

Desert Landscapes 

The setting of this musical requires a belief that Aladdin and his genie live in the city of Agrabah along the desert and near a palatial palace owned by the Sultan. We have several backdrops to help cultivate this setting including Arabian Desert Palace Backdrop #2546 which shows sands, palm trees, and a palace in the distance. 

Additionally, we also have a lush setting showing palm trees, flowers, and stucco buildings with a pink sky. This backdrop is called Moroccan Oasis Backdrop # N0059. 

Check out our comprehensive list of backdrops for Aladdin on our site and talk to our team about our easy shipping and setup procedures.