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The Lion King

Popular Backdrops for Lion King – the Musical 

The Lion King is a beloved musical based on the 1994 Disney animated film of the same name with music by Elton John and lyrics by Tim Rice. This award-winning “Best Musical” follows the story and adventures of the young lion, Simba who is heir to the throne of the jungle kingdom. 

One of Broadway’s longest-running shows, The Lion King is beloved by children and adults alike as they follow the “Circle of Life” with awe-inspiring costumes, settings, lighting, and music. 

The Lion King Storyline 

The Lion King opens with the birth of King Mufasa’s lion cub, Simba, who is heir to the throne. Simba has an innocent youth growing up as a carefree cub until his evil uncle, Scar, plots to take over the jungle kingdom and murders Mufasa while simultaneously making Simba take the blame for the death. 

Simba flees Pride Rock to the jungle where he grieves and makes new friends Timon and Pumba. Scar assumes the throne and wants to make Nala, Simba’s young friend, his queen. Nala flees to the jungle as well to seek help against Scar and the evil hyenas. 

Simba is encouraged to return to Pride Rock when he hears of the famine and cruel rule of his uncle. Upon his return he challenges Scar and faces his guilt of his father’s death, only to hear Scar admit that he killed Mufasa. 

The story ends with Simba rightfully taking the throne and the kingdom coming back to life with food enough for everyone including his new jungle friends. 

Lion King Backdrop Options 

The Lion King is set in several outdoor environments including a desert, jungle, and tropical forest. Here are a few of the backdrops popular for the production of Lion King the Musical

DesertDesert Backdrops 

Our Serengeti Backdrop #2486 shows an ​​African landscape with a setting sun, red sky, and Acacia trees.

Additionally, we also have the option of a setting sun over the ocean on the coast of Africa that could show the contrasts of climates and environments typical of the Lion King set. This backdrop is called Sunset Backdrop #2405

The Jungle or Tropical Rainforest 

Simba meets two of his closest friends and does his best soul searching in the jungles adjacent to the desert. Here’s one of the potential backdrops you may want to use during this portion of the musical. 

Jungle Backdrop #2211 shows a rainforest with palm trees and large tropical plants.

forestYou’ll find lush green vegetation and colorful plants in this Forest Backdrop # 2501. The green grass and foliage create the perfect place for Simba to meet his friends and learn what courage really means in the “Circle of Life.”