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High School Musical

Our Favorite Backdrops For High School Musical 

High School Musical is unique in that it began as a 2006 American television film created by Peter Barsocchini and directed by Kenny Ortega before becoming a Broadway hit sensation. 

It was so popular and beloved that Disney Channel produced a sequel the next year! In fact, yet another feature film High School Musical III was produced the following year to great acclaim. So, to say that the High School Musical franchise is a successful one would be a huge understatement. 

The film was adapted to a stage musical starting in early 2006 with two versions: a 70-minute one-act play and a full-length two-act musical. 

The Plot of High School Musical 

High School Musical chronicles the story of two teens who run in completely different social circles; Troy Bolton, an athletically gifted basketball player, and Gabriella Montez, an academic scholar who is smart and a true science geek. These two characters compete for roles in the high school musical and eventually develop a friendship that challenges the social pecking order at East High School. 

The story hits on many themes such as being true to yourself and who you are, having the courage to try new things, how to be a good friend, and the importance of standing up to peer pressure. 

As the two main characters try out for the musical they draw the ire of drama queen Sharpay Evans and her brother Ryan. Their actions also cause questions and resentment among the basketball players who feel the musical is distracting their top player. The Decathlon Team also feels similarly about their teammate. Troy and Gabriella resist peer pressure and rivalry, inspiring others along the way not to “stick to the status quo.”

Backdrops For High School Musical 

Most of the film and adapted Broadway musicals occur in settings typical to teenagers – a high school, the gym and outdoor areas. Here are a few of the many Charles Stewart backdrops that would work well for your production of High School Musical

East High School Exterior 

For scenes where the cast performs catchy songs, dances and engages in pithy dialog at the high school, this Building Exterior Backdrop #2224 displays a typical American high school with images of a brick building, columns and an entryway. 

Gymnasium backdrop

Gym & School Hallway Scenes

For many scenes when the main characters, Troy and Gabriella, interact with their peer groups in the gym and the school hallways the following options are also a good choice. Choose from Gym Backdrop #1457 which depicts a plain gymnasium interior with three large windows and bunting overhead or a School Corridor Backdrop #2351 which shows lockers, a checkerboard floor and classroom doors. 

Outdoor Scenes 

For scenes that take Troy, Gabriella, and the cast outdoors this Golf Course backdrop # 2341 shows a fairway looking over a putting green. 

For more options please visit the High School Musical backdrops suggestion page online.