Building the World of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

Winning a ticket to visit a chocolate factory has got to be every child’s ultimate dream! Well, this dream comes true in the play and associated movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, based upon the book of the same name by Ronald Dahl. 

This popular show tells the tale of a young boy and his grandfather in their adventure within the walls of the Chocolate Factory. Read on to learn more about the plot and setting options for this production for your theater group. 

A Little Background on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 

The story of Charlie and his famed and crazy visit to the Chocolate Factory begins when Willy Wonka decides to let five children into his chocolate factory. The contest he sponsors offers five golden tickets for admission in five separate chocolate bars, causing complete mayhem. 

A young boy named Charlie Bucket is eager to win one of the coveted tickets if only to meet his idol, none other than Mr. Wonka himself! By some miracle, Charlie gathers enough money to purchase a Wonka bar and secures the fifth and last golden ticket. 

On the day of the tour, Wonka welcomes the five children and their parents inside the factory including Charlie and his grandfather. The building itself is created from treats and confections that seem to defy logic and reality. For instance, Oompa-Loompas seem to help run the factory and are constantly singing about the owner and his delightful treats. 

During the tour, the other four children give in to their impulses and are ejected from the tour in darkly comical ways. With only Charlie remaining, Wonka congratulates him for “winning” the factory as he was the only child whose inherent goodness allowed him to pass the test. 

The storyline is both rooted in lessons of life but also comically amazing right down to the last ride in the elevator to Charlie’s home. 

Backdrops and Setting Options 

Over the years the book was adapted into two main productions which follow the same plot for the most part: titled “Willy Wonka” or “Willy Wonka Jr.”

The settings often take place in the home of Charlie Bucket, a poor boy who often has no money to purchase even one candy bar, the inside of the chocolate factory, and the exterior of the factory. 

Charlie Bucket’s Home 

Heartfelt conversations take place at the beginning of the plot of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They often happen in the home of young and poor Charlie Bucket who eventually wins the final ticket to tour the factory with his grandfather. 

This Tenement Street Backdrop # 1727 is a great piece that can display the poverty that Charlie comes from while still allowing for a city setting. 


If you are seeking a more rustic scene this Rustic House Exterior Tab Backdrop # 1596 would also do well as Charlie’s home.

The Chocolate Factory 

Obviously, a large amount of the production takes place in the Chocolate Factory and we have several options for this as well. rustic home

A Chocolate Factory Backdrop #2406 shows the inside of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory showing a chocolate river, chocolate waterfall, and candy landscape.

This bold, stylized city street portrays a brick building and factory with smokestacks called the Factory Street Traveler Backdrop # 0147