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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lin-Manuel Miranda

Based on historian Ron Chernow’s acclaimed biography of American Statesman Alexander Hamilton, the musical by the same name has taken Broadway and theaters across the globe by storm. Hamilton premiered in January 2015 with its catchy blend of hip-hop, jazz, and R&B. This story of the American Founder, Alexander Hamilton, has been a revolutionary moment in theater. It not only had a profound impact on American culture, politics, and education, but the name Lin-Manuel Miranda has become a household name. 

Some would say that Lin-Manuel is a modern-day Broadway legend, a Renaissance Man of the theater industry. We would agree wholeheartedly! 

It is in that spirit that we set out to discover some interesting facts and little-known knowledge about the life and experiences of this amazing actor, singer, songwriter, rapper, director, producer, and playwright. 

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#1 He Went Viral Long Before Hamilton

While many theater-lovers would like to believe that Miranda was discovered in this performance as Alexander Hamilton, he was creating a stir long before the debut of Hamilton. According to Hollywood Insider online, “Miranda brought his Broadway nerdiness to the next level when he performed an old school flash-mob during his wedding ceremony to the song ‘To Life!’ from Fiddler on the Roof. The moment was captured on video and went viral not long after that time. 

#2 Miranda Is Super Smart 

This should come as no surprise to people that follow this multi talented actor, but did you know that he was awarded the MacArthur Genius Grant in 2015? He is a real smarty pants! 

# 3 The Live Recording of Hamilton Was Not Done in One Take 

For those of us who enjoyed Disney+’s live recording of Hamilton while in lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic, we may all be surprised at how long that recording took to make. Even though Lin-Manuel Miranda is near flawless during all live performances, it took three days to film the actual live performance. The filming began during a Sunday matinee, close-ups were captured during rehearsals right after the performance, and more filming took place over the next two days.

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#4 Miranda Is a Pulitzer Prize Winner 

It should come as no shock that Hamilton the Musical has won its share of Grammys and Tony Awards, but did you know that Miranda won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for Hamilton in 2016.

#5 Miranda Named His Son After A Crustacean

Yes, it’s true. Miranda named his son, Sebastian after the animated (and somewhat neurotic) lobster in the Little Mermaid. The creature’s reggae-belting pipes impressed Miranda so much that the name became one of his favorites! 

#6 Miranda Was a Teacher

While the hip-hop songs and educationally jam-packed musical may have taught many of us a thing or two about American history, Miranda once taught classes himself. For a very brief period Miranda was a teacher assistant at Carson High School in California. 

#7 He Married His High School Sweetheart

True love hit early for Miranda as he met his one-and-only when he was only 14. He married his high school crush, Vanessa Nadal in 2010.

#8 His Name Comes From a Poem 

With a fairly unique name like Lin-Mauel Miranda, it’s often asked where it comes from. His name comes from a Vietnam era poem (and lullaby) named, “Nana Roja para mi Hijo Lin Manuel.” The author is from Miranda’s native home of Puerto Rico. 

#9 Miranda Is a Part of A Hip Hop Comedy Troupe 

During his time as a student at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, Miranda and a group of friends started the improvisational hip-hop comedy group Freestyle Love Supreme with Chris Sullivan, Bill Sherman, and Chris Jackson.

#10 His Love of Acting & Writing Began In High School 

Miranda showed early talent in acting, dancing, and singing. In fact, he began writing musicals while he was still in high school. He wrote “In the Heights” while he was just a sophomore in college!